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  • Yet another study confirms global warming is indeed human-caused
  • ACTA rejected by committee in crucial blow before final EU Parliament vote
  • Canadian version of draconian SOPA copyright rules close to becoming law
  • Egyptian Military grants itself sweeping powers; effectively military coup
  • Men outnumber women among American rape victims due to prison rape
  • WikiLeaks founder & whistle-blower Julian Assange requests asylum in Ecuador


This Saturday, June 23rd, would have marked the 100th birthday of Alan Turing. A visionary mathematician, logician and code breaker, Turing was a pioneer in the fields of computer science and artificial intelligence. A linchpin member of Ultra, Britain’s World War II counterintelligence team, Turing created the electro-mechanical, code-decrypting "bombe" that deciphered countless intercepted Nazi communications.

Turing’s involvement in the war effort saved thousands of lives — and his contributions to science, technology, philosophy and literature have touched billions. It’s time to celebrate his amazing legacy.

Despite his myriad contributions to society, in 1952, Turing was imprisoned for the same reason Oscar Wilde was once dragged into a court for. He was forced to choose between imprisonment and chemical castration, when investigations into his personal life brought his homosexuality to light. He opted for the latter. Two years later he committed suicide. "The debt of gratitude he is owed makes it all the more horrifying, therefore, that he was treated so inhumanely," said British Prime Minster Gordon Brown, in a posthumous apology delivered in 2009. "We’re sorry, you deserved so much better." Read on…


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  1. Noticed a 14 year old was blinded in a gay attack in middle school. The biggest danger to kids today are from other kids who most think are “innocent”. Yeah… sure.

  2. Turing commit suicide eating an apple laced with cyanide. Maybe we will all soon be praying for some apples.

    1. Andre wrote:
      ‘Turing commit suicide eating an apple laced with cyanide.’

      That is an assumption made by the inquest. Turing was apparently in the habit of eating an apple in bed and didn’t always finish it before going to sleep. When Turing’s body was discovered, nobody thought of checking it for traces of cyanide.

      According to Professor Jack Copeland of New Zealand, whose biography of Turing will shortly be published, it is more likely that he succumbed to cyanide fumes from an experiment he was conducting in his private laboratory next to his bedroom.

      1. OK, so then we will be praying for a private laboratory filled with cyanide fumes next to our bedrooms. I think Andre was only trying to say things are not much better today and a lot of us feel we would be better of dead in places like America.

        1. Vlad Kosseveczcshy wrote:
          ‘I think Andre was only trying to say things are not much better today and a lot of us feel we would be better of dead in places like America.’

          Not a thought to be encouraged. There is too much negativity about.

        2. Vlad, you’re suggesting that we’d be “better off dead in places like America” might encourage a reader of your post to actually kill themselves. Please think about what you write. Things do get better.

  3. Regarding prison rape in U.S. prisons. Unfortunately too many U.S. citizens consider prison rape justly deserved for those who are there. Kind of an added bonus punishment. We are a blood thirsty, and vengeful people.

    1. We’re not even close to being bloodthirsty or vengeful. Take the Romans – now THEY were bloodthirsty. If we were as they were, we’d enroll our convicts into linistas to be trained as gladiators, and then force them to fight as halftime entertainment in NFL stadiums -complete with paramuteul wagering. That, or just crucify them.

      Hmm, those terrorist detainees we have warehoused at Guantanamo, I wonder if they would make good gladiators…..just a thought.

      1. Give them a vote and I guarantee you more than 50% of Americans would agree with that torture for prisoners. Your 18th century constitution is not blood thirsty, your average 21st century American is.

        1. American Constitution is a piece of used toilet paper nobody is paying attention to anymore. Real intellectual founders of modern America are Bismark and Mussolini. Horselip’s post is a good evidence. He names those guys in Guantamamo ( the place stolen from Cuba btw) terrorists although their guilt was never proven. Why does he think they are terrorists? Because his lovely Fuhrers say so.

  4. Re: Kiev. I often wonder if the much increased popularity of christianity has fueled much of the Russian hostility toward homosexuality.

    1. Yet some of the best gay porn of the last 20 years has come out of Russia. Also a lot of amazing homoerotic art with boys is also being done there.

        1. Russian porn is not very “underground”. In particular I love its diversity where you can find young beauties getting it on with rotund bald guys in their 60s.

  5. The article on Alan Turing is really disgusting. Most ot those (if not all) with combind high creativity together with high intelligence will have a significantly high degree of same sex interests. So common that it is expected. How many people like Alan Turing have been lost to the world for the same ignorant (religious inspired) reason? So here we have an adult man who was assualted by bullies (chemical castration) and bullied into suicide.

    1. So many Bruce, that it’s more to bear for anyone with sensibilities. Barbarism against LGBTQI folks is alive and well. Eventually, I think it will stop, but not in this lifetime. I shudder to think what it will be replaced with however, as humans seem to ‘need’ a scapegoat group of some sort to exist….at least that’s what history tells us. Any sort of historical, near utopian societies have either died out by their own excesses or where invaded by barbarians. I think we all know that the potential for a free, hate-less society is within is all, but few want to work on bringing it out.

  6. I feel related to turing, I share his passion for science especially computer science. The fact that he was a homosexual also adds to this feeling, also his live not being centered around his sexuality is something I find very comfortable and similar to myself, although I hold the freedom to express my sexuality today, my life is not centered around it.

    1. To think that Turing’s life was not centered around his sexuality is delusional, and comparing yourself to him is freaky at the very least.

  7. I certainly hope that Ecuador grants asylum to Julian Assange. This guy should be in some place that appreciates him and is willing to protect him from demonic states like England, Sweden and Amerika.

    1. I don’t know. I think I’d rather trust the Swedes, myself. And I don’t see how the Yanks can put together a credible charge for him to be extradited. The way things look at the moment is that Assange does not want to face the allegations of sexually molesting the two Swedish women.

      1. He DID NOT molest two Swedish women. He had consensual sex without a condom and that is illegal in Sweden. Some country! They also gave Karl Andersson, a Swede, lots of trouble over his magazine “Destroyer”.

        1. Well,according to Wikipedia:

          ‘ There are four charges: that on 14 August 2010 he committed “unlawful coercion” when he held complainant 1 down with his body weight in a sexual manner; that he “sexually molested” complainant 1 when he had condom-less sex with her after she insisted that he use one; that he had condom-less sex with complainant 2 on the morning of 17 August while she was asleep; and that he “deliberately molested” complainant 1 on 18 August 2010 by pressing his erect penis against her body.’

          Wikipedia is not quite accurate: Assange has not been charged with anything, only accused. However, it does seem to me that he has a case to answer, and he should go to Sweden, if only to clear his name.

          1. Why should Assange go anywhere to face a kangaroo court? The charges have all been trumped up by powerful forces who want him out the way. He pressed “his erect penis against her body.” Oh my! How many readers here could be accused of that charge. ROTFLMAO

          1. I’m no expert on Swedish law, but it is my understanding that to force your partner to have sex without a condom when the partner resists it is a punishable offence. in other words, the sexual activity is not consensual.

            1. That’s the point. Of course it’s illegal, as it should be, if it’s not consensual.

            2. “Nothing is true; everything is permitted.” ―The Creed’s maxim

  8. I disagree with the report on absent male role models having no effect on children. Obviously, individuals can come from horrific abuse and be fine. But…the chances of a well adjusted male youth (who has had positive male mentoring) having a happy, well adjusted adult life are exponentially higher then a youth without male mentoring.

    Ask any male brought up by a single mom if they would have enjoyed the prospect of bonding with a male role model (assuming they didn’t have that, of course). A boy being brought up by two loving lesbians would have a good chance of being well adjusted to life, but I suspect he would have voted to pal around with a male mentor as well.

    1. Better than 8% of the boys I had worked with in the probation system came from fatherless homes with over indulgent mothers. They would find their male role models on the streets.

      1. That was 80%. I have difficulty accessing the editing feature as my computer has back butten problems.

  9. I don’t know about the Salvation Army, but I’ve heard the Salvation Navy throws some pretty wild parties.

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