Periodical Political Post *115

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  • The EU & Canada are using CETA as backdoor mechanism to revive ACTA
  • Former employees of NSA talk about illegal U.S. mass surveillance program
  • LIBOR info graphic: The largest corruption scandal in history explained
  • Obama’s accomplishments: Most deportations, most drone strikes & more
  • Melinda Gates challenges Vatican, pledges $560 million for contraception
  • U.S. military forcibly injected Guantanamo detainees with mind altering drugs

10 thoughts on “Periodical Political Post *115”

  1. I am not surprized that Vietnam is pondering legislation to leaglise same sex marriage. While stationed in Vietnam during the mid 1960’s it was obvious to many of us GI’s how homosexuality was accepted among the vietnamese. I had joined the army in a desperate effort to self “cure” my homosexuality and I was constantly hit on by young vietnamese men. If only I could go back knowing what I know now.

    1. Maybe it’s time to go live in Russia and get reborn in a boy brothel? Along that line, Vietnam is still a pretty good place to find boys. Why not go have a look Bruce?

  2. Scottish Catholic church spends another £100k on war on gay marriage

    So many things I’d love to do to those bastards.

  3. So homophobic bullying includes the words “poof” and lezza”.

    FFS, you precious little pansies grow a pair and get over it. All teenagers use that language and it’s possibly not even directed at your shirt lifting arse.

    Now the girl being held at knife point suffered real bullying and that, obviously should be stamped out.

    As to the statistics on self harm etc, the claims are laughable.

    This sort of hysterical over-reaction and faux outrage doesn’t help anybody.

    1. I don’t like your language.
      But yes, your sentiments are on the right road of common sense.

  4. For sure homophobia exists in Scotland as it exists everywhere. But this disaster area picture set out by Stonewall is not the Scotland I recognise and live in.

    I would really love to find out exactly the situation in my own country.
    Meanwhile – stuff from Stonewall? Yes, well, any organisation such as Stonewall or Save the Children or any other major charity you can think of does grow to a stage where they have to create an atmosphere where people think ‘Thank God for Stonewall’ ‘If not for them the world will end’ etc.
    Their good works get to be coloured by their politicking. Suchlike organisations do exaggerate facts in an attempt to ensure their ongoing existence.

    So what really is going on in Scotland apart from the nastiness that is the Catholic Church? (Not only Catholics btw)
    Where I grew up and where I still live is just fine. Then again, we don’t have 50 year old men in hotpants and bondage crap parading through the streets. That really makes me wonder if this open display of sexual freakery has anything at all to do with being ‘Gay’.
    ‘Pride’ — proud of that stuff? I don’t think so.

      1. You cannot say that University of Cambridge and such like are exemplars of probity.
        When something about life is stated that jars remarkably with your own everyday experience then surely those statements must be thoroughly questioned?

        1. Well, there is anecdote and there is data. I would trust the boffins in Cambridge to know the difference.

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