Periodical Political Post *117

Queer News

  • The Netherlands say queer asylum seekers from Iraq are welcome
  • 73 people prosecuted in St. Petersburg under gay propaganda ban
  • Attempts to keep gay history out of Californian schools fail again
  • New mental health program takes aim at Australian queer folks
  • Gay sitcom becomes internet surprise sensation in Vietnam
  • [Warning: Mirror] Grindr crashed due to overuse by Olympic athletes?

Other News


17 thoughts on “Periodical Political Post *117”

  1. “The Netherlands say queer asylum seekers from Iraq are welcome”

    This public declaration could be more hazardous than they (Netherlands) could presume.

    “Asylum-seekers will have to prove that they are homosexual before their request is granted.”

    This is what could pose some problems. Iran’s government is so fucked up that they actively seek out anyone who even is suspected that might be gay which means they would actively send “agents” into the Netherlands under the guise of “being gay” just to seek out those who would emigrate from their lying muslim world and laws. And then sabotage any attempts for the real gays to immigrate into Netherlands including murder. This is not an exaggeration — if any gays in Iran might hold “sensitive” positions or are otherwise in their government, they would do it — for Iran, lying about anything and everything the west knows is true has more preference than the well-being of any of their “citizens.”

      1. Oops. I was responding to Penboy’s concern for caution which I think is a worthy consideration. I think you just out did Penboy on exactness.

      2. You’re correct. For some reason, I kept seeing Iran (since their names are so “similar”). And what Bruce said is true. :-)

    1. Ignoring the fact that the article tells about Irak, not Iran as pointed out in the other replies: As dutch myself I think gay’s from Iran are already allowed to enter the country (or from any country where their lives are in jeopardy because of their believes or the believes of others). Although the regime of Iran claims they don’t have gay’s so it’s not an issue I guess.

      To prove that they are gay is not that hard. They are not allowed to bring their wife and children over I think ;)

  2. Re: gay history in schools.

    I find the anti-intelectual stance of the religious to be a fascinating subject that is in keeping with what we know of the dark ages. Gay history is a subject that needs to be taught and from a broad perspective.

    Religion has been likened to OCD with it reliance on denial and avoidance which are fragile defences that can easily be coverted into anxiety.

  3. Re: Facebook

    I tend to avoid posting on a site that has a facebook logo on the page as I once had my comments on Johan Palm posted on both my wall and home page and I did not click on share.

  4. Asylum seekers will have to prove they’re homosexual. Can I watch? Can I join in? I can see the new website now: “Broke Iraqi Asylum Seekers.”

  5. I remember once when the curator of one of the largest gay archives in the world told me that about 80% of gay history involves older men having sex with young boys. Book XII of the Greek Anthology makes a good primer.

  6. “Attempts to keep gay history out of Californian schools fail again”

    Hypocrisy of the religious never ceases. They are so “outraged” about California teachers teaching the truth about gays and their history but turn a blind eye towards the “same” when it’s about straights. Example:

    How much have we heard through the last 3 decades (at least) about the personal situations of JFK with his desire for blonds? None of this had anything to do with his governing which he proved to be very good at.

    But, the mere mention of Harvey Milk and his campaigning to defeat [then] Prop. 6 which was to fire all teachers found to be gay or even gay supportive drives the religious crazy. This Prop. failed for good reason and this reflected very honorably on Milk’s and California’s history.

    Again, religious hypocrisy knows no bounds.


    Also, why aren’t you putting the comments/replies in chronological order as you did before? A reply can lose all context when you put it “out of order.” [My reply above.]

  7. Dutch stupidity reaches foreign heights…
    of course the xenophobes are fearing that the Dutch borders will be overrun by gay faking Iraqis. I bet there are a lot of frusts eagerly fondling their penile plethysmographs (assuming most asylum seekers will be men) so they can check the asylum seekers really get hot n bothered about men.

  8. Some people think Justin Bieber could promote child porn

    This is so fucking stupid.The rolling stone cover is quite tame.If you look up photos of teen magazines of the past, you’ll see images of teen idols like Leif Garrett and others shirtless and posing in a way that could be considered provocative.

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