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  1. The awful NBC coverage of the Olympics is hardly a news story.
    American television is the absolute worst in the Western World. It is appalling.


    1. Perhaps the NBC mindset is; If it is not NFL or NBA it don’t exist and watching guys competing while wearing speedos, tights and short shorts is just so gay,

    2. Honestly I think the Olympics Committee should chose a different network to broadcast the Olympics on. I know I could do without that moron Matt Lauer’s (or however the hell his name’s spelled) thoughts on just about anything.

      If NBC can’t even be bothered to show the opening ceremonies in full, why should they be rewarded with ratings for showing the rest of it. I’m sure CBS, ABC, and FOX would all jump at the chance to be the ones to air the Olympics.

      1. It’s not about who the IOC chooses to have as their U.S. broadcaster, but a matter who pays the IOC the most money. And I can assure you that CBS, ABC, and FOX would be just as bad as NBC, if not worse.

        I agree that Lauer, Costas, and Viera were stupendously bad, but they are merely a reflection of our entire corporatist media – all fluff, no substance.

    3. dare an American news channel tailor an American broadcast for an American audience!

      The opening ceremonies were god-awful anyway.

      1. Never mind the Olympics.
        It’s how to tell the difference between ‘tailoring’ and ‘manipulating’.

        News channels across the USA most certainly do not provide any measure of unbiased foreign news reporting. I always feel a sense of unease watching television in the USA. It’s like a mild but all pervasive kind of brainwashing. The American public are likely the most uninformed ‘free people’ in the world.

        And yet you have really good ‘freedom of information’ laws. It’s all a bit of a paradox.

        1. I cannot help but think that the hyper-christain influence on most americans has encouraged an anti-intellectual if not an anti-curiosity world view despite our access to higher education and freedom of information laws and yes it is a paradox.

  2. “The parents, who wish to remain anonymous, said they wanted their son to receive a ‘good faith-based’ education.”

    Meaning they wanted to continue the brainwashing of their child in yet another religious school. By the way, what did they expect from a religious school if it was offered they are a same-sex couple raising this child?

    “They added the letter also quoted the Bible book Romans. The passage read: ‘The men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.’ ”

    If that alone is not enough to convert them from that insidious and stupid religion, then they deserved to be discriminated against. That school actually did them a favor — they should look to a secular school to actually teach their child and not brainwash him/her.

    “The school will receive more than $60,000 (£38, 146, €48, 717) in federal tax dollars this school year. . . . American Civil Liberties Union spokesman Peter Simonson said: ‘We don’t think agencies that discriminate or use religion to discriminate should be receiving our federal or government funds.’”

    This school should receive at least a cursory investigation if this is true, and if it is, ALL FEDERAL FUNDING SHOULD BE CUT OFF IMMEDIATELY (and they should pay back the government IN FULL).

    1. At least it’s misguided people who are trying to instill these ideas into the younger generation and not the government. The more educated are able to lobby for changes.

      Hong Kong youths on the other hand are facing mass brainwashing by the government! Patriotism classes? What BS!
      Even though China promised not to meddle in any of our affairs, our chief executives (the equivalent of a mayor) are hand picked and approved by the government. It’s only a matter of time before we become centrally governed. And us, a mere city can do nothing to prevent the whole might of the Red Army.

    2. I fully agree and I share your sentiments on religion. All of my life long friends are highly religious (christian) and consider themselves as “herteronormal” and republican. So I usually keep my thoughts to myself at least with them. Cowardly perhaps but why frustrate myself.

      I find it hard to comprehend how intelligent, GLBT people can defend religion. Although I am not a big fan of classical psychology and very distrustful of the APA. there are several personality tests that demonstrate a high correlation of elavated of mixed masculinity and feminanity scores with higher intelligence and with causal significance. The MMPI is an example.

      1. You have a very limited perspective on life Bruce. I might be inclined to call it 21st century witchcraft, with a touch of whine.

  3. Church refuses to marry black couple in U.S. state of Mississippi

    Mississippi+Racist+religious = just another day in bizzaroland

    1. Yea, I was wondering how that was news to…. it’s kind of like reporting that a brother and sister had a kid together in West Virginia.

  4. I am devastated by the loss of Gore Vidal. I wouldn’t be quite so concerned if there were others of his ilk around. But no. It’s a pretty barren landscape now.

  5. Proud to be Argentinian =) … you guys shouldn’t confuse to believe in God and the acts of a church

  6. VIETNAM – who cares what Vietnam does? We still need to nuke ‘em for torturing our POWs. One of these days…
    ARGENTINA – Good for them.
    CHILE – Check out the weekend sex parties the kids are having in Santiago city parks – Google it.
    SCHOOL – That little letter will come back to bite them.
    PROFESSOR – Al-Zoman puts the lie to the liberal myth of cultural equivalence. Nothing is more immoral and degenerate as Islam. Non-western cultures need to be force-fed now and then.
    MATRIX – It’s Hollywood!
    VIDAL – R.I.P.
    CHURCH MARRIAGE – Penboy! Sic ‘em!
    HONG KONG – The good people of HK are still British at heart, and reserve their loyalty and affection for Her Majesty. They’re right of course, the curiculum demanded by the murderour bastards in Peking is nothing but brain-washing propaganda. Quote: “…students will learn…how to “speak cautiously,” practice self-discipline and get along well with others in a rational and respectful manner.” Sounds like the “liberalism” of the EU, where the ‘thought police’ decide if your speech is OK or not. Whatever kind of socialist they are: national, international, or so-called democratic, all socialists are tyrants.
    NORWAY – That mistake probably resulted in a much more effective security drill. Well done. Now, back to work everyone.
    APPLE – If you don’t like Apple’s policies, sell your stuff somewhere else. It’s a free country.
    OLYMPICS – Do not confuse NBC with “US TV.” There is no US TV. NBC is a liberal broadcaster with a long tradition of incompetent, biased and corrupted reporting. Nobody takes anything they do seriously.

    1. I made it as far as your first comment on Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh was a friend of America until they started dropping bombs on his head. America supported the Christian crazies in Saigon until they were finally humiliated, as the Yanks have been everywhere since.

    2. @horselips:

      “VIETNAM – who cares what Vietnam does? We still need to nuke ‘em for torturing our POWs. One of these days…

      Oh yea, such a typical american redneck reaction that is.

      “SCHOOL – That little letter will come back to bite them.”

      Yes, I hope that happens. What total hypocrites.

      “CHURCH MARRIAGE – Penboy! Sic ‘em!”

      LOL xD Would never happen in Canada.

      “HONG KONG – The good people of HK are still British at heart”

      Yes, that is very true to for the most part, and probably sooner or later there will be hell to pay. The Chinese are between a rock and a hard place, either way, over that one.

      “NORWAY – That mistake probably resulted in a much more effective security drill. Well done. Now, back to work everyone.”

      My thoughts exactly, when I saw this in the paper. Gave me quite a chuckle :)

      “OLYMPICS – Do not confuse NBC with “US TV.” There is no US TV”

      Ha. You should check out Canadian TV sometime if you think that’s bad ;P

  7. ‘Queer intellectual and literary giant, Gore Vidal, died Tuesday :(‘

    I don’t believe he would thank you for calling him that. He said there could be homosexual acts but not homosexual people.

    1. I think Josh used the word “queer” to make that distinction. You can be a “queer” anything. It doesn’t have to be made a strictly sexual idiom.

      Gore Vidal was a giant in real life as well as in his works. I wish more of the young would take what he had to say to heart.

      1. Benny Bookster wrote:
        ‘You can be a “queer” anything.’

        Then the word is meaningless, surely, or it means what you want it to mean.

        ‘It doesn’t have to be made a strictly sexual idiom.’

        I doubt that anybody who reads the expression ‘queer intellectual and literary giant’ will think that the adjective ‘queer’ refers to one’s taste in wine!

        1. Quite the contrary Asiffeta. If we can’t agree on the dictionary, then there is no point in having a conversation. The dictionary gives us the following definitions:
          Strange or odd from a conventional viewpoint; unusually different; singular: a queer notion of justice.
          Of a questionable nature or character; suspicious; shady.
          Not feeling physically right or well; giddy, faint, or qualmish: to feel queer.
          Mentally unbalanced or deranged.

          1. Teapot wrote:
            ‘If we can’t agree on the dictionary, then there is no point in having a conversation.’

            But all the dictionary definitions you quote are negative. Do we want to say that the late Mr. Vidal was ‘mentally unbalanced or deranged’?

            Vidal himself seems to have preferred the term ‘pansexual’. According to Wikipedia, ‘Vidal always rejected the terms of “homosexual” and “heterosexual” as inherently false, claiming that the vast majority of individuals had the potential to be pansexual.’

      2. I’ve just read the entry for ‘Susie Orbach’, the psychotherapist, on Wikipedia.

        ‘Orbach’s relationship with Joseph Schwartz, the father of her two children, ended after more than 30 years. According to writer Jeanette Winterson, now her partner, Orbach “calls herself post-heterosexual”.[7]‘

        In other words: ‘I used to be heterosexual, but I’ve progressed since then.’ :-)

  8. Apple refuses to carry an ebook because it mentions Amazon

    I can’t wait to see Apple go after a certain part of the American continent to change the name of a certain river. :P

  9. In support of their anti-gay stand, people packed Chik-Fil-A outlets all over America yesterday. Also Wendy’s is supporting them. Sentiment against gays is very negative in Amerika and these people are voting with their pocket books against the LGTBXYZQRT movement. The fun has just begun.

    1. The folks at Chick-Fil-A will, in the long term, realize that they have done themselves irreparable harm by sanctioning such Christo-fascist hatred.

      They’ve recently made a big push to grow beyond the borders of their home base in Crackerstan, expanding in areas generally referred to as the sane part of the United States, and most folks there don’t take too kindly to the crap Chick-Fil-A is peddling(and that means not just the hate, but the food itself-tried it once, it’s crap).

      They may have won the day today with a bunch of knuckle-dragging Hucka-billies, but short of an apology and an about face in policy, they will ultimately see their expansion plans whither away, and will eventually slither back into that cesspool that is the American South.

      Regarding Wendy’s, there was a single franchisee in South Carolina who had his Wendy’s franchises in Charleston, SC use their signboards to declare, “We support Chick-Fil-A”. But after being contacted by Wendy’s corporate office, those signs came down quickly.

      1. Don’t paint everybody with your little nellie panties-in-a-wad brush. The outpouring of support for Chic-Fil-A was not so much in support of their owner’s position on traditional marriage, but against the totalitarian-progressive mayors of Chicago and Boston (known, confessed liberals) who outrageously indicated they would try to deny the restaurant chain access to their markets because the CEO of the company had dared to voice his opinion. Goons like Rahm Emmanuel had the bold-faced nerve to declare his personal values to be the values of the people of the city he so grossly mismanages. (The murder rate in Chicago is up 40% this year. Good job Rahm.)

        America is not a monolithic culture of clones and droids. Nobody has the discernment or the right to speak for anybody else, and to threaten a business with the regulatory and police power of government for no other reason than a personal opinion held by one of its officers, and his choice of causes he supports is not just an abuse of power, but a quintessential illustration of the mindset of today’s totalitarian thought-police liberalism. I don’t think any of us here agrees with what Mr. Cathy said, but as revolutionary patriots, we must all defend to the death his right to say it.

        I ate at Chic-Fil-A yesterday. It took an hour and a half and a quarter of a tank of gas to get my meal. I went there not because I oppose gay marriage, (I don’t) but because I support free speech and religious and economic liberty, which more than trumps any self-righteous anger I might have on any other issue.

        And I hope the gay kiss-in at Chic-Fil-A is a big success.

        1. Speaking about someone who has their panties in a bunch, I must commend you on your faux outrage, but your anger is mere projection.

          You’ll have to cite for me what Chicago’s Mayor Emanuel and Boston’s Mayor Menino have DONE regarding this issue, not what they have SAID.

          As a matter of fact, Menino has specifically stated that there is not really anything he can do to stop Chick-Fil-A-Shee-O from entering Boston…

          And Emanuel has stopped short of saying that he would actually DO ANYTHING to block the chain’s further expansion into Chicago.

          So, for all your bloviating about “totalitarian thought-police liberalism”, Emanuel and Menino have DONE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING – except express their opinions. A bit hyperbolic, perhaps, but merely expressed their opinions, just like me, just like you.

          So, if this tempest in a teapot is over what a couple of politicians have SAID, and not what they DID, by rights the conservatives in the U.S. should be living in a never-ending sh*tstorm, all day, every day, with the abominable, vile filth that flows non-stop from their pie holes. Except they couch their corrosive rhetoric with the language of the Bible and “family values”. They use the Old and New Testaments and the cross as cudgels, beating senseless those who disagree with them. But, they get a free pass.

          Now, let’s look at Chick-Fil-A-Shee-O. Dan Cathy has done more than just express his views on marriage equality. He has donated millions to hate groups masking as Christian/family organizations, such as Focus on the Family and the Family Research Council. One stated purpose of these groups, among myriad things, is to actively deny same-sex couples the right to marry, engage in civil unions, or adopt children.

          It’s about what someone DOES, not what they SAY.

          And that right to marry is a CIVIL RIGHT, guaranteed in the 14th Amendment of the Constitution, in the Equal Protection Clause. Yet that denial of civil rights to a segment of the population is looked upon as more than just desirable to the right-wing/Dominionists. Conservatives, who rail on ceaselessly and pound their chests about the Founding Fathers and the Constitution, are gleeful about their ability assign second-class citizenship to same-sex couples, merely because conservatives don’t like one aspect about them-specifically what they do in their bedroom. Who are the “totalitarians” again, horselips?

          It’s about what someone DOES, not what they SAY.

          If Dan Cathy financially supported organizations that actively attempted to deny Blacks and Latinos the right to marry, or Catholics the right to adopt children, and Cathy proudly and publicly espoused those views, how many “revolutionary patriots” do you think would have been eating greasy chicken sandwiches yesterday? I have a feeling you wouldn’t have burned a quarter tank of gas for that. But, I might be wrong about you.

          Even more to the point, what if Chick-Fil-A-Shee-O was owned by a couple of Muslim brothers? And these owners donated millions to the Council on American–Islamic Relations, and openly advocated their mission to all who would listen. And then a couple of politicians did some saber-rattling about making expansion difficult. How many people would have bravely manned the deep-fried ramparts, all in the name of “free speech and religious and economic liberty”? I have a feeling one would have been able to pick any seat in the house yesterday, to enjoy their well-earned “freedom bird sandwiches”.

          I will concede one point. Not everyone in the South is completely out of their minds. But increasingly, those sane Southerners left are the dwindling exception that prove the rule. And as far of Conservatism and Republicans go, the fanatical right-wing is currently engaged in philosophical purity tests, performing political pogroms on anyone who deigns to step out of line, backed up by billionaire oligarchs, who are intent on owning the U.S. government.

          But let’s really be honest about what this whole kerfuffle is all about. It’s nothing but a bright, shiny object the Republicans are using to inflame so-called “values” voters – meaning low-information, single-issue voters. Issues like opposition to marriage equality.

          The Republicans have a presumptive Presidential candidate, in Willard Romney, who is a total disaster. Here is a man that has taken ten positions on every issue, and denies he took the first nine positions he did.

          -He denounces a health care reform plan that is identical to the one he pushed in Massachusetts, and is now trying to pretend that the Massachusetts plan never happened on his watch.

          -Here is a man, who was given $1,000,000 by his dad, and used it to start a vulture capital company that specialized in stripping healthy companies of their assets, and picking clean the bones of at-risk ones.

          -The obscene profits made were stashed away in Swiss bank accounts, and trusts and blind trusts in Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, Ireland, Germany, Luxembourg, and Australia. And those are the ones we know about.

          -He refuses to provide tax returns, save one year, and that one year indicated that he paid taxes at a rate of 13.9%, about half the rate that average Americans normally pay. And he wants more tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy, like himself.

          -Any time he is asked about specifics regarding policy, he spins magnificent concoctions of word salad, rambling on, saying nothing. He is one of the most dishonest, secretive, out-of-touch, mealy-mouthed candidates in American history.

          -And there lies the REAL problem for the Republicans – Willard Romney is a walking, talking personification of everything that’s wrong with their party and their political philosophy. And they desperately need that bright, shiny object, in this Chick-Fil-A-Shee-O craziness, to keep these low-information voters from paying attention to the real issues.

          1. Hmmm. After reading your post, and re-reading mine, I have come to the seemingly inescapable conclusion that we disagree. Have a nice day.

            1. Yeah, except that Mister U just handed you your ass in a pretty package, wrapped up in a bow.

            2. Relax. My ass is intact and unmoved. Mr. U’s little nellie rant is founded upon his utter confusion between what is said and done by private citizens exercising freedom of speech and association, which is nobody’s business, and what is said by government officials in their official capacity, which is everybody’s business. Comparing Cathy with Hizoner is apples and oranges. Don’t kid yourself – if the mayors of Chicago, Boston and Philly did have the power to exclude Chic-Fil-A from their cities, they would have. Even the left-wing press – the New York Times among many others – condemned the comments of Emanuel and Menino. The uproar was as much from the pillars of liberalism as it was from Americans.

              As for the rest of his angry rant where he dives head first into anti-Romney Democratic Party electoral talking points – so what. It’s a free country.

            3. Except that his points were well taken and yours are usually to amuse, abhor and shock other posters into your conservative politics. America is anything but “free”-maintaining that position is your fantasy. If by “free” you mean that mouthy conservative characters can walk around spouting their verbiage without being incarcerated while others who do much less are persecuted, then yes, we’re “free” in your eyes.

          2. Mister Uptempo, there’s nothing but spittle coming from horselips mouth after you plugged him right between the eyes. No need to worry though, he has nothing inside that skull anyway.

            1. I woke this morning feeling grumpy..
              Then I read ‘Utempo’.. so now I feel rather good. :)

              An American speaking intelligently? YIKES!
              There is someone out there after all.

              Way to go! As you guys says it….

            2. First of all, Bravo on Uptempo’s post. Second, i agree with your assessment of horselips.Like most right-wingers, he’s all mouth and no brain.He accuses the left of doing what the right is doing,which is acting in a totalitarian manner.Add to that the right-wingers refusing to vote for tax cuts for 98% of the population,including tax breaks for small businesses,because they only care about tax cuts/breaks for the wealthy and for corporations. Actions speak louder than words.

  10. Wow. Well it was a good periodical political post, in my opinion. But as usual, it’s the Yanks that have the most to say about what’s going on in their own corner of the world, with all the political kibitzing and fist-shaking comments. What about the far reaching consequences about trying to brainwash the school children in Hong Kong? If Beijing continues to try to brainwash their younger citizens, isn’t that a much bigger issue than what NBC cut out of the opening ceremonies? I vote we re-name the United States the Excited States. :P

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