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  • French President made good on pledge of 75% income tax for the rich 
  • American "Anti-Occupy" law makes protesting easier in China than in U.S.
  • Texas about to execute inmate who’s on the mental level of a 7-year-old
  • In China, the rich & powerful hire body doubles to do their prison time
  • NASA rover Curiosity makes historic Mars landing, beams back photos

14 thoughts on “Periodical Political Post *120”

  1. Socialists just don’t get how to run a country.

    On the plus side, a lot of wealthy French businessmen are going to be heading to the UK to pay 40% tax instead of 75% boosting our economy but the French economy is going to end up worse than Spain or Italy. In the 70’s, the UK had a socialist government who put 80% and 90% tax on the wealthy – and they all went ex-pat to St Tropez until the rules were changed. You’d think they’d learn from examples set.

    Seeing as today you can commute from London to Paris in a couple of hours, why reside in a country that is then going to take three quarters of every euro you earn, when a slightly longer commute saves you 35% of income saved?

    1. But the US does know how to run a country, right? Where the rich get off easier than the regular people. Billionaire hedge fund manager’s only pay a cheap capital gains rate on what is really earned income because through political manipulation got themselves a sweet deal.

      Oh and don’t forget the evil medical system that socialists created in France and almost everywhere else … where everyone can get care no matter how much they earn or don’t earn; where no one goes bankrupt from medical bills and a heart attack or cancer doesn’t mean you lose your house.

      Yes, there’s nothing good about having a bit of social influence in a system.

      1. No, the US is an appalling example of going too far in the other direction. The point is, higher tax rates for high earners means high earners hoard their money in Swiss bank accounts, or complex tax avoidance schemes in tax haven islands. Better to go to a flat / fairer tax.

        Think about it – 20% of something is way more than 75% of nothing! Take away the incentive to avoid high rate tax, and more tax is collected, to spend on health services and other social programs.

      1. I’ve had that argument so many times. People who call things they don’t like socialist will never get it.Some of them really are just that stupid,but others are just dishonest.

  2. Re: “Fast Food chain”

    I’m not sure who the bigger scum bag is in that article, Herman Cain or Cathy..

    “They can’t seem to get enough attention?”

    Pardon my french, but go frack yourself you ignorant bigot.

    1. “I’m not sure who the bigger scum bag is in that article, Herman Cain or Cathy..”

      Easy …. Herman Cain. He’s more full of himself than even Cathy (but he could rank a close second). Not only is he one stupid “candidate,” he’s enough to make you laugh in the creepiest way:
      1. He was taken to task and failed his candidacy by at least 2 women who claimed sexual harrassment in his company, “Godfather’s Pizza.” And here’s the real “funny” part: he is so full of himself that he actually made a “sexual harrassment in the workplace” video:
      ……….. Herman Cain’s 1986 Sexual Harassment Training Video
      (Btw, don’t forget to catch his “nein, nein, nein” rule — so that’s where he came up with that equally stupid “9, 9, 9″ tax policy.)

      2. Here’s the real telling of his idiocy: He wrote a book detailing how he was going to be the next President in the White House: “My Journey To The White House” ……….. I doubt this man will ever see the light of day in the White House.

      3. I’m sure the Italians will have something to say about his way and the name of his pizza.

      Can you imagine this personality in our White House?

  3. Re: protesting in China vs US – I should point out that Hong Kong, for all intents and purposes, isn’t exactly China, despite what it says on paper. That’s pretty much the reason these protests were so strong.

  4. U.S. fast food chain might donate $30 million to anti-gay groups

    $30 million. Think about it. Think about how much hatred it takes to give such a large amount.

    Texas about to execute inmate who’s on the mental level of a 7-year-old

    So? You do realize that a lot of people actually want to see kids executed as in real kids? An other reason to be against the death penalty.

  5. I’m not at all surprised that Chick Fil-A will be making this donation considering they’ve made such contributions on a number of different occasions in the past. In other words, this isn’t new news. However, it’s because of this reason alone that I don’t patronize the establishment. Although his words were hurtful, Cathy is protected by the 1st Ammendment and has every right to express his personal opinions regarding a social matter supported by whatever personal or religious evidence he may deem appropriate. But when you inject these beliefs into the SOP of your business plan, than that’s something completely different. Having your business come out in support of whatever social aspects align with your own personal belief’s don’t necessarily bother me, it’s when you start to infuse money from the income of the said business into the support of those social aspects (i.e.: anti-gay groups). This entire Chick Fil-A controversy had NOTHING to do with free speech and everything to do with the monies of a business account going to contribute to groups that infect hate and ignorance amongst the masses. Truth be told, hate speece does the same thing. However, there are no laws that ban either of the above, so my only power at the moment is to say… “No, I won’t buy your hormone injected, brutaly caged chicken sandwiches and gross, soggy fries.

  6. The Chick Fil-A protests have a problem. It is a franchising business. Each restaurant has a person who has invested probably their life savings to own and run one as their sole income. It also has cooks and waiters/resses who all depend on this for their income. I bet that a percentage of these are gay. The venom needs to be directed at the bigoted CEO of the company. Perhaps talking to fanchise holders to exert pressure. Not at closing down an individual restaurant with the resultant misery that will cause. The CEO will have enough money salted away to walk. (other peoples money). He is protected from all this.

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