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  1. re: “U.S. TV station bans gay family show for being “not family-friendly”:

    KSL TV run by a bunch of Mormons who also banned All In The Family when it aired on NBC way back when. Archie Bunker and Meathead probably never heard of magic underwear. Whatever, as other stations will pick up the show so it will be available to people in Utah anyway. Not sure how successful it will be though, after watching this preview:

    It might be a bit stereotypical and probably will end up cancelled, but I’ll give it a fair chance. (For Canadians, it will air on Sept. 11th, at 9:30 PM on CTV.)

  2. “TV station: Gay family show banned for being ‘inappropriate during family time’

    OK. Since the mormons define “family time” as only between 5-9 PM in front of their TVs, I hereby decree that all households stop having breakfast together in the morning, “as a family” because by the mormon definition, it’s no longer the “family time,” and while we’re at it, also lunches, vacations during the first 2/3 of the day, again, because it’s no longer the “family time” (as a start).

    The religious stupidity of when [only?] their children can/will watch TV is only surpassed by their equal stupidity that [only?] their children can/will never be exposed to any facet of homosexuality through any other public forum (i.e., schools) at any other time during their day.

    Their notion that they are actually “protecting” their (and other) children from homosexuality is totally absurd. The only thing they are protecting from their children is education and knowledge. This is just like the idea of trying to force our schools to “teach” creationism and “intelligent design” and present known evolution as some “unexplained theory” as an “alternative” means of educating our entire population. And many of them are using this technique to also explain “their history” of this Planet, Earth (only 6,000 years).

    So, they “protect” some children for 3-4 hours each night but have no control over their curiosity and knowledge during the rest of the day. What’s next? REM sleep monitoring so that their precious boys won’t dream about being a princess waiting for a handsome prince? Making laws to prevent boys from wandering over to the girls’ toy areas or (god forbid!) the girls’ clothes in the stores (pun intended)?

    “The new show had come under fire from One Million Moms, who published an article which stated: ‘NBC is using public airwaves to continue to subject families to the decay of morals and values, and the sanctity of marriage in attempting to redefine marriage. These things are harmful to our society, and this program is damaging to our culture.’

    Earlier this year One Million Moms vowed to boycott retailer JC Penney for hiring Ellen Degeneres as a spokesperson. The retailer was thanked by a petition of 22,500 people for hiring Degeneres, and went on to release a pro-gay advertising campaign.”

    If, and no one really knows for sure, this show becomes a hit because of its characters or other reasons, this will just come back and bite them on their mormon asses (right through their magic underwear).

    1. Well I finally searched the net for the infamous magic underwear. I came across Frank Kirkman’s Mountain Massacre Site and knew this would be good. I was not disappointed and learned everything I needed to know about magic underwear. They had interviews of magic testimonials and photos. Much good humor. Highly recommend it for a good laugh.

  3. FRANCE & NEW ZEALAND: Good for them.
    UGANDA: Uganda is the perfect justification for imperialism and colonialism. Not ready for self gov’t.
    UTAH TV” Stations run or don’t run programs at their ratings and advertising revenue peril. Nielson will make the final call here.
    SCARLETT: It’s a freakin’ video game. Who cares? I don’t.
    US GOVERNMENT: Time for a whole new look at the proper interpretation of the 4th Amendment’s qualifier of “reasonable” regarding search and seizure. Usually, in wartime, anything goes. Don’t expect anything frm Obama.
    ISRAEL: Throw a rock at me and I’ll shoot you. Anything short of that is not mistreatment. Don’t like it? Don’t throw stones! Behave yourself. Fighting is a job for grownups. I blame the parents.
    FACEBOOK: At the bottom of the story is a link showing you how to opt out. Best solution? Get a life.
    ARIZONA: Sorry, I’m pro-life. There’s nothing dumber than a pro-choice queer. Don’t you realize that once scientists find the gay gene, and figure out how to diagnose and ‘fix’ it in fetuses, gays will virtually disappear? If you’re happy being the last of your kind, good for you. I like to think we’re a bit special in ways most straights aren’t, and we have a lot to offer and contribute in every sphere of human endeavor that without us would never be seen.
    OBESITY: Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.

    1. “Uganda is the perfect justification for imperialism and colonialism. Not ready for self gov’t.”
      No, it’s a perfect example why imperialism and colonialism are so destructive and what they have done to this poor country. Every person and every group of persons is able to govern themselves, according to their God-given natural rights. Only self-imposed culturtreggers and good-doers turn things into nightmares.
      “Israel: Throw a rock at me and I’ll shoot you.”
      Israel has thrown its rock first and going on for decades. But of course nobody ( if he is not an Israeli or American “patriot”) has a right to shoot back. God forbids!
      “There’s nothing dumber than a pro-choice queer.”
      Rather there’s nothing dumber than a pro-so-called-life ( bacteria lover?) queer. To be an ardent supporter of one dogma (pro-life) but to deny another completely ( the sin of homosexuality) of the same teaching is a zenith of hypocrisy. Check your premises my friend! ( as Ayn Rand would say :) )

      1. A cursory examination of Uganda reveals a totally disfunctional state with no one to blame but themselves. They are not victims of imperialism, they are victims of tribalism, socialism, corruption, megalomania, ignorance and superstition. All of which existed there before the arrival of Her Majesty’s administration, and which resurfaced upon independence. V R My own country, the USA, was a victim of British imperialism and colonization, and thank God for it.

        Israel – my comment was meant to apply to ME personally. Rocks can kill or seriously injure. Throw a rock at me and indeed I will shoot you. And I won’t miss. (practice, practice, practice.) I am not interested in starting a debate on Milkboys over the Middle East.

        One need not have a religious foundation for being against abortion. One simply has to have a compelling interest in life. I would be delighted if abortion and infanticide could be separated. I would have no problem with a mother having to carry her fetus until the age of viability, then having her abortion. The baby would be incubated until term and then adopted, the woman gets to walk away free of motherhood. Everybody wins. Nobody dies.

        While I freely admit to having religious reservations against non-therapeutic abortion, excepting egregious circumstances like rape or incest, my principal objection is political. I truly believe that sooner rather than later, medical science will discover a genetic explanation for homosexuality and develop in-utero techniques to correct the ‘defective’ gene. The reduction, or even the extinction of naturally occuring homo and bi sexuality is not in our interest.

        As for the sin of homosexuality, I am, of course, as I have already explained in detail on another thread, conflicted. But that’s my problem. It’s not a perfect world, and I am equally flawed.

        1. Erm, who do you think gave them rabid Christianity and sodomy laws?

          Malaysia/Singapore: Colonized by Britain, have sodomy laws.

          Vietnam/Laos/Cambodia/Gabon: Colonized by France, no laws prohibiting LGBT.

          Uganda/Kenya: Colonized by Britain, have serious sodomy laws.

          See a pattern?

  4. U.S. government has copies of most of your mails says whistleblower

    And not just emails but phone calls too. EVERYTHING electronic is stored. Basically the system scans for key words while recording and then kicks out items to be manually listened to. It’s that listening part of it that is coming under scrutiny.

    1. Yep, if you have something dissenting to say, write it on paper and then destroy the paper.

      And that is totally serious, anything online lasts forever.

  5. @horselips: Again you have come through with some very intelligent comments to the Political post#124. Nielson always makes the final call,sometimes its good sometimes not so good. I’am pro-life too and I’am wondering what happens when the scientists find the gay gene. There are places that can give woman a choice for a male or female baby. If it”s not what you want terminate it. Just think if it has a gay gene. Do we let it go.or pull the plug. Israel is through with the rocks being thrown at them. They well fight back,and I hope this country backs them with more then words.

  6. UPDATE: The marriage equality bill in NZ just passed its first reading in parliament 80-40. One step closer to awesomeness.

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