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  1. ‘U.S. government wants remote control over people’s routers’

    This is a story about Germany, not the US.

    1. Aw, yeah I posted the wrong link, there was a story linked on reddit about the U.S. government considering to do this, I’ll replace the link as soon as I find it again, thanks for the heads up.

      1. Well, if you fail to find the right link, may I suggest you should change the wording of the item to something more descriptive of the article you are actually linking to, like: ‘German researchers propose turning private routers into a public resource’.

  2. Pardon my ignorance, but I thought most people signed their names by spelling them out. I have a good friend called Hunter and I have never heard anyone getting the wrong impression from his name. Oh this world …

  3. @Rusty: It’s not the spelling there so up tight about, it’s the sign that this deaf boy uses to show who he is. The sign is with the hand pointed out like a gun. Now I don’t know how many people this little boy is going to shot with his finger. I do believe we are getting much to carried away with this B.S.

  4. Hunter Spanjer is not going to be required to change his name. The school district is back-pedaling so fast they may set a new speed record! They’ve been bombarded with emails and phone calls supporting Hunter.

  5. Anti-gay activist charged with sexually assaulting boys

    I’m never surprised when anti-gay activist get caught having “gay sex” or molesting children.I just assume that most anti-gay activists are either secretly gay or a child molester. It’s usually one or the other.

    School demands that boy named Hunter must change his name

    This is so stupid I want to scream. In the past, I would have thought this was some kind of joke, perhaps an article in the onion.Honestly, I did check just to make sure it wasn’t an onion article. I hope the parents don’t change his name.Instead, they should change schools.

    1. Hi Leonidas, can you explain that further about anti-gay activists being either gay or child molesters? I think these activists don’t have a healthy sexuality, but that doesn’t make them necessarily to molesters.

      In the post of Aug 21st, “Eek! A Male!” the question was raised if the gay movement was, in their anxiety to be associated with pedophilia, in part responsible for the hysteria about man-boy-contacts, In the link to the LGBT site about this subject one can find some indications for that: in the comments the man in question is condemned to the most horrible and hateful punishments without any knowledge what really has happened.

      1. “Hi Leonidas, can you explain that further about anti-gay activists being either gay or child molesters?”

        I said that because so many anti-gay activists have been caught having sexual rendezvous’s with same sex partners, or molesting kids.Even those who don’t molest kids often know about it and keep it quiet.This is especially true of religious leaders.That’s why when I see anti-gay activists,I assume they’re battling some homosexual desires and they hate themselves for having those desires, so they direct that hatred to those who remind them of themselves.Those with pedophilic desires direct their hatred towards gays because they’ve wrongly associated the 2 in their heads.

  6. “that’s so gay”
    Why not just answer with:
    “Wrong; that’s sooo str8″
    Maybe one could noitice some bullies brains grinding?

  7. - School demands that boy named Hunter must change his name

    Artemis is a good name… :)

  8. Re: Hunter Can’t Say His Name

    Leave it to Americans to go overboard. Being politically correct is also an attempt to abridge their first amendment right granted them by their constitution. It’s a shame many americans are to uninvolved to see “Political Correctness” for what it really is, The Rape Opinion.

    I am glad that the school board finally backed off and left the boy alone. Go Hunter! I hope he grows up to be a revolutionary activist!

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