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  1. Hey, Josh, I just want to say that I find these periodical political posts very informative and educating. They give me the opportunity to read blips that are interesting, without having to troll all over the internet at dozens of sites just to find out what of interest and importance is happening that people like us want to know. Thanks for the service to us “milkies”!

    As an aside, do you mean the title of the posts to be “periodic”, as in occasional, or “periodical”, as in a magazine? I’ve often wondered about that. I think the grammatically correct title is “Periodic Political Post”.

    Just curious, just a thought.

    0846 16.9.12

    1. “DeutscheMarkus” wrote:
      ‘As an aside, do you mean the title of the posts to be “periodic”, as in occasional, or “periodical”, as in a magazine? I’ve often wondered about that. I think the grammatically correct title is “Periodic Political Post”.’

      From the Oxford Dictionary of English, which can also be consulted on-line:

      periodical |pɪərɪˈɒdɪk(ə)l|
      a magazine or newspaper published at regular intervals.
      adjective [ attrib. ]
      occurring or appearing at intervals; occasional: she took periodical gulps of her tea.
      • (of a magazine or newspaper) published at regular intervals: Britain’s best periodical art magazine.

      So it seems that “milkboys” is in accordance with normal usage.

    2. And talking of correct English, I think you mean ‘trawl all over the internet’, not ‘troll’ which is something else entirely!

  2. RE : End of porn. I do agree porn is addictive and a bit out of control. In the mid 90s my soul purpose to go online was to watch porn. Now I go online to read news

    1. I think it would be more worthwhile and even intelligent if Mr. Romney expressed a desire to limit the realistic depiction of horrific violence within films and games.

    2. While I’m sure the porn you watched “energized your soul,” I’m pretty sure you meant it was the sole reason for going online (in the 90s). :D

        1. None. I didn’t use laptops during the 90s — only desktops. :D Didn’t use laptops/notebooks until 2004. And for both, I kept my anti-viruses up to date. Not sure why you’re asking me about this.

  3. Above one reads:

    ‘Australia’s most read newspaper claims molestation makes you gay’

    When one clicks on the link, the headline that appears is:

    ‘Major newspaper prints ‘molestation makes you gay’ claim’

    The two statements do not say the same thing; I presume the second is more correct. When a newspaper prints an opinion piece, it does not necessarily endorse the opinions therein. Is it too much to ask that “Milkboys” adheres to generally accepted rules of journalistic integrity?

    1. ‘The Australian’ (a Murdoch rag with zero journalistic integrity) has previously sternly argued that anything it’s competitors print, even letters to the editor are statements by its owners so no, by rights, by their own standards they own it :-).

  4. Re: Molestation makes you Gay

    Do people still read that yellow rag? Dr David van Gend is a quack, “in my humble opinion”, who is trying to resurrect a dying career without a single hurrah to be mentioned, “in my humble opinion!”

    All the preceding are opinions and not based on fact. Got to say that to keep from being sued.

  5. Re: Texas school shuts down

    This article made me really mad. If I were he I would get a lawyer. I would want to know through an audit if that school received any type of Federal Aid. Then I would call the ACLU and beg them to take my case. Lastly, I would hire a private detective and find as much dirt on that principal as possible. I would use whatever info I collect to destroy him personally and privately. No one deserves that kind of treatment.

    1. Let the asshole have it boys and girls!

      He really is an idiot. By saying that he shut the program down to prevent a possibly gay student from attending, he set himself up for a discimination lawsuit. That’s the nice thing about idiots – they’re usually very helpful in providing enough rope to hang themselves.

  6. Re: Man Killed His Rapist Gets the Death Penalty

    There is a constant sickness going on in American courts today. The sickness is that persecutors and judges do not believe in our system—-or do and want to circumvent justice by keeping evidence away from jurors. This is not the first time. The American people have a right to know.

    One other thing… If a judge breaks the law, using his influence as a judge to break the law, and that defendant is killed in the execution of the death penalty, that was later determined to be unjust and illegal—does the judge get charged with 1st Degree Murder? No? Our courts need to hear such an argument and weigh the law.

    1. March 2012 — Guardian News Quote

      “There is a singularly brutal quality to this aspect of US justice. America is the only country in the world, bar none, that is known to sentence children to die in prison without any hope of release. Even in a country that practices the death penalty it has the ability to shock, because this is a living death.”

      Way to go USA — Leader of the West — Upholder of Christian Values — MEGA LOLzzzz

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