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  1. Police in “land of the free” arrest Green Party presidential candidates. Very freaky indeed. Is Amerika a banana republic, to put it mildly?

  2. “Catholic Church spends more than $1 million against marriage equality”

    Isn’t it comforting to know that the religious organizations are spending your donations “wisely?” l mean, it must give you religious idiots a nice warm, fuzzy feeling knowing your church feels that “same-sex marriage” is so much more important and threatening to humanity and society than say, the hundreds of thousands suffering of perpetual hunger and of course, homelessness, right?

    Btw, a great number of those suffering are caused by those wonderful heterosexual marriages that they are “fighting and spending for”— let’s not forget that.

    1. $1 million spent by Catholic Church against same-sex marriage laws is a microscopic sum ( plus, they have a full right to do so, and a lot of their supporters give them money just for it! O horror horror..)
      The main sin of Catholic Church officials ( don’t confuse with Catholic Faith!) is not that they spend money on anti-gay-marriage propaganda ( it’s their right, I repeat), but that they accept government’s money. If Michael’s data are correct ( he says “about $2billion of its budget comes from the Faith-Based InitiativesOffice of the federal goverment”) that means they happily accept the stolen, dirty, bloody money ( so called taxes) from The Mafia ( = the government) and uses them for their advantages.

  3. “Evolution is a Lie”
    For the life of me I cannot believe what I read in that article about republicans in key positions in our government. Someone please tell me this is an alarmist overreaction, on both sides of the isle, during election year. The beliefs and opinions these leaders expressed would really qualify as delusional thinking. I cannot believe the identified beliefs and opinions are really consistant with close to 50% of mainstream America. I think of the religious fanaticism of America as a serious embarrasment but this article is over the top and inflated.

      1. It seems that I am forever struggling with my naivety. The problems associated with the religious fervor are greater than I have imagined and I think of myself as extremely critical of the Christian faith.

        Thanks Josh. Allow me to take the time to thank you for the effort you put into this blog which has been so confirming for me in so many ways. This is just one more example.

      2. Jon Stewart at his best again. I just wish I could get him every day over the air and not just rely on posts like this for enlightenment (I don’t have cable).

  4. @Penboy: Catholic Charities is one of the largest charities in the Uited States.Founded in 1910 as the National Conference of Catholic Charities,the organization changed it’s name in 1986 to Catholic Charities USA. In 2010,Catholic Charities centennial year,more than 1,700 agencies,instituions and organizations composed the Catholic Charities network, including individual organizations of the dioceses,such as the Archdiocese of Chicago, Oklahoma,City,etc.About $2billion of its budget comes from the Faith-Based InitiativesOffice of the federal goverment.Nearly 90 cents of every dollar donated to Catholic Charities agencies goes directly to programs and services. In 2008, Catholic Charities agencies served over 8 million individuals.It is the largest social service provider in the United States, surpassed only by the federal government.

    1. I was more curious about how someone can mistake a cane for the blind with a samurai sword…. have they NEVER seen a samurai sword before?

    2. I’m more curious on how they mistake a cane for the blind for a samurai sword…. have they NEVER seen a sword before?

      1. You can say that again (Haha). Must have thought it was a rather thick, nonclapsible kind of cane that is slightly curved that could be a sheath to conceal such a sord. Naw there is no way.

  5. A candidate has to have at least 15% support to participate in the debates.
    You might think it should be 10% or 5% or whatever. But obviously they can’t let everybody in.

  6. @ How do you mistake a 61 year old BLIND man with a cane for a 27 YEAR OLD man. Its very easy. You simple put a UNIFORM on a TOTAL IDIOT. If the uniform fits the idiot,then we are in business.

    1. “You simple put a UNIFORM on a TOTAL IDIOT.”

      You mean like the robes and collars representing all stupid religions? Then I couldn’t agree more (and even more so since you actually spelled them correctly).

  7. @ pENBOY: { Do } you mean like the robes and collars representing all stupid religions? First of all not all Religions are represented by men/women in robes or collars. Second, you should know that when I say uniform I was talking about the police since it was a policeman who tasered this blind man, not a man of some so called stupid religion. You should check into this, and see if this cop was an atheist or not. It doesn’t really matter because there are bad and good Religious and atheist just because there is good and bad in all humans. Hopefully the good well out weigh the bad. As for my spelling,I’am doing my best. I hope to get a spell checker like you have. I’am working on it.

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