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      1. (Goes and reads the article…) Yes it is.

        Okay, I’m not really “into” Beiber, so a doll like this probably wouldn’t be to my taste. This does bring to mind something that is one of those grey areas out there, tho: People become public, popular figures, they become part of the overall culture. And then people make likenesses of them, sometimes for satire, sometimes for fun, sometimes out of love or… in this case, to make love TO.

        On the one hand, yes there is a feeling that public people would need and want to control their image…. but at the same time, that sort of thing can only go so far, because once your image is out there, the general population has as much control over your image as you do, in fact they have more control, and they can make you bigger or they can destroy you, their call. Or they can mix and match and remix you like a techno version of a pop rock song to their whim. In short, at one point you get big enough that goofy, fringe stuff like this shows up, and somewhere into this the matter crosses past the point where you SHOULD have any say in the matter. Whether this sexdoll is on the one side or the other side of that border is subjective though. Maybe he can stop it, maybe he can’t. Maybe he *should* be able to stop it, maybe he *shouldn’t*. But I imagine we’re going to see more cultural mashups like this show up as time goes on, good or bad.

  1. SPAIN: Viva!
    US STATES: The worm is turning, the pendulum is swinging, the sea is changing.
    SLOVAKIA: Like who gives a damn what happens in Slovakia? They don’t even make guns there.
    FRANCE: Here come the barricades again.
    ENGLAND: An armed society is a polite society. Learn martial arts – before you come out. E II R
    PASTOR: Who can resist young gay boys? I can’t. Neither could he. Se la vie.
    RUSSIA: And you thought the US was conservative? LOL
    REBELLIOUS CHILDREN: C’mon now, who wants to live in a world where you can’t even kill your own goddam kids. WTF.
    AUSTRALIA: Don’t worry – kids are ingenious – they’ll find some other secret way to express their affection for each other. Maybe they’ll just fuck.
    BBC: The bureaucratic mind at work. Too funny.
    LA CONDOMS: Great! I cordially invite all gay porn companies to shoot their videos at my place here in sunny Arizona! Free parking too!
    BIEBER: Finally! I’m tired of being rode hard and put away wet by my Chuck Norris doll. I need a break!

  2. @horselips; You are a bit on the crazy side but I guess you got to be on that side just to get along in this crazy world. You are so right on so many things but you say it in a way that makes me laugh. We need more laughter in this life. I had to get rid of my Chuck Norris doll. I just counldn,t take that beard any longer. I must get that Bieber doll. He’s 18 now so it well be legal.

    1. Well it is said to be anatomically correct but to what detail? Is it life size? If it is fully functional Justin might own one himself.

  3. Finally, NO MORE BAREBACK ON MOVIES AND PICTURES! Let’s hope this might also change thousands of minds. And let’s hope next step is the suppression of “bug chasers”.

    Oh, and nice one Spain… Just closing in to the achievements within our country

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