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9 thoughts on “Periodical Political Post *137”

  1. Your news snippets today seem to prove that most people in positions of power are barking mad!

  2. I would ask more than the simple termination of that vicious cop. I would also ask that he be tasered one time a day for a year. I’m so sick and tired of hearing about cops tasing kids like it was a walk in the park. In this case the kid was lucky because he could have died from being tasered. What really pissed me off is when I heard a representative from the maker of tasers that no one had ever been killed by a taser even after all the reported cases in the news.

    1. Yer, a perfect example of why I’m against cops carrying so called “less then lethal” devices like that. Time and again they prove they’re not mature enough to handle then responsibly.

  3. So Pharma companies are putting profits before people, what else is new? Insurance companies should be non-profit.It should actually be a single payer system. Companies that produce drugs should be non-profit. All hospitals should be non-profit. When it comes to matters regarding health, it should be non-profit. When profit is in play, people lives are put on the line.

    1. “Leonidas” wrote:
      ‘Companies that produce drugs should be non-profit.’

      Drugs cost an awful lot to develop and test, and most experimental products never make it to the market. If drug producers do not have the incentive of earning good profits on a successful product, they will not find it worthwhile to develop new drugs.

      In other words, every product in development is a gamble. From time to time, a gamble has to pay off.

      1. That’s drug company propaganda Asiffeta. What about all the free research the drug companies get through government funded university research and outright taxpayer funded grants. They never talk about that. Face it, the pharmaceutical companies are parasitical at best and crooks at worst. Mostly the latter.

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