Periodical Political Post *139

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Other News

  • Student suspended for refusing to get spied on by school
  • German record industry thinks that kids should be beaten
  • Anti-gay US Senate candidate faces trial for abusing boy
  • Pro-Life US Congressman pressured mistress to get abortion
  • Studies in US, Europe & China find boys start puberty at 9 

16 thoughts on “Periodical Political Post *139”

  1. Thousands march for marriage equality in Australia

    Finally you have some good news!!

    German record industry thinks that kids should be beaten

    He said this! But the guy is alone with his stupid statement!

    1. “German record industry thinks that kids should be beaten.”
      Thats not only stupid – It even is against German law!!!
      But stupids never seem to care about laws anyway,
      But their greedyness outdoes their Stupidity by far.!!

  2. I think every anti-gay politician/activist should automatically be investigated by the FBI or something. It seems like they’re always the ones that end up getting in trouble for sex with minor boys

    1. I think you may be on to something here. I always thought that Democrates had sex while Republicans laundered money. Is he a mormon?

  3. For some reason, when I saw the second headline under Other News, I read it as kids should be EATEN. oO (Takes off his glasses and cleans them…) I’m glad it wasn’t really that. Being beaten is far less harrowing than being eaten. oo

    Not that being beaten is a good thing, either, mind you.

    On a different note, the article on boys hitting puberty earlier is really interesting.

  4. DELHI- so what.
    Cuba- who cares
    AUSTRALIA- what else is new
    TURKEY- yawn
    LIBYA- whataya expect?
    SCHOOL- same ol’ same ol’
    GERMANS- schadenfreude
    US SENATE- more of the same
    ABORTION- ho hum
    PUBERTY AT 9- O.M. EFFING G.! I can see it now. it’s summer, and I’m in the locker room of my favorite city park pool – the one kids love and school swim teams use for practice. A cute, skinny, 11 year old boy strolls in, he’s 5’7″ and weighs about 95 pounds. He’s already two long years deep into puberty. He picks out a locker and strips down. Both of his tiny, perfectly round cheeks would fit in the palm of my hand. He turns to rummage through his gym bag and – whoa – there it is – swaying in sync with his low-hanging balls is a huge thick member – as big soft as I am hard. Gulp. He finally finds his speedo, but instead of putting it on, he stuffs his gym bag ito the locker, clicks the combination lock, stands up straight, then stretches, being sure to lean way back. He takes a quick glance around the locker room – we’re alone. We make eye contact and he walks over to me. In a cracking half-man-half-boy voice he says, “Hey mister, you’ve stared at it long enough. Where would you like it?” Temporarily paralyzed in delicious indecision, I just stutter. The boy shrugs, smiles, slips into his speedo, adjusts his burgeoning manhood, and strolls out to the pool.
    And then I wake up.

  5. Add Dr. DesJarlais to the long and distinguished list of people who have discovered that the moral high ground is a very slippery place indeed.

    I’ve been following the trend toward early puberty since the beginning of my career, and the study cited in the article has been roundly praised for it’s attention to detail, and also the way that patient and parental rights were respected. It should be noted the study sheds no light on what the cause(s) may be, but some of the data collected could be useful in meta studies that may illuminate the pathology.

    1. Puberty as pathology. I know at least one very important social critic of the 20th century that would have agreed.

      1. Not puberty as such, but early onset. Unfortunately we are far away from discovering what is driving the trend.

  6. Studies in US, Europe & China find boys start puberty at 9.

    Isn’t that nice, yet all the laws that matter are at near 16 or 18, and it will never change in our lifetimes.

    Even 13 – which ought to be reasonable given these numbers and perception of youth in society – will be fought against until the end of time.

  7. About the study revealing that boys begin puberty at age 9….Technically, all children begin puberty at (around) 7-8 years of age. Primary & secondary sex-characteristics do not occur here; however, sex hormones begin to be secreted by the pituitary gland. After this secretion occurs, it takes a few more years for the physical changes of puberty to become apparent. I do believe that this is generalizable to other countries, unless one (or more) of those countries have severe nutritional and health deficits.

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