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  1. Re Arizona School & Hand Holding

    This highlights something that we all know from direct experience as children in school.

    A significant number of people who engage on a career as teachers are often highly immature and not in tune with real world values. Perhaps this can be expected of a system where the common path is to progress directly through higher education to university and then back to a school environment as a teacher not once experiencing life outside of schooling.

    If the story is wholly factual, then this ‘teacher’ is just another dickhead.
    So much for leadership qualities.. he has none.. that’s for sure.

    Meanwhile – UK Schools and Evolution…
    Well Thank God for that!!! LOLzzzzzz
    (But I’m curious why plain common sense becomes a main news item?)

    1. 2nd try:

      I couldn’t agree with you more. But, let me add that I strongly suspect that those in teaching (some, anyway) and school administration are attracted to the authoritarianism — maybe because they were “scolded” a bit too many times in their own education by their teachers/administrators?

      To the teachers who just wish to teach their public, I salute them and I feel they deserve better salaries than they get (certainly more than some of these ignorant administrators).

      (But I’m curious why plain common sense becomes a main news item?)

      And I’m always curious to why common sense and logic is so “difficult” in the first place. I’m sure their parents tell them “it’s only common sense” when something at home is explained to them. But, then they go to some church and toss c.s. and logic in the collection basket and wipe their forehead with it to be later evaporated.

      1. Is common sense really so common anymore? Here in America we have the enormous foreclosure or Christian Supremecy to filter out any natural emotional or logical sense of what is initially percieved.

  2. On this one, the holding hands article, I had to sit back and think about the conclusions I’ve read here and being forced to come to a glaring omission here.

    Yes, the teachers and direction of that school show their total lack of reason. They have found a way of demeaning one of the most human needs we have. The need to feel affection and support and friendship and even love through touch the one expressed by the simple holding of hands. They even have found a way of turning it into an obscene act. Today’s children are herded into this new way of life. It says do not touch, do not hug, do not even show affection to someone in need. Those two kids were in need of serious compassion from the kids around them and all they got was snickers and derision all under the approval of the teachers and the direction. This means I can’t put blame only on those teachers and the direction. The problem runs far deeper. Shades of “Equilibrium”. And the parents of those kids are buying it all, lock stock and barrel.

  3. I was just thinking lately that at this time in history, what with economic bubbles bursting all over the place, it would be very convenient to be Swiss. Such a lovely country, and so wealthy too. Sadly, I’m not. All I have to sustain me is a redwood tree. I hope it floats.

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