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  1. Little boy beaten to death for not reading the bible

    You already know what I think about this. We need a raging mad icon.

  2. this israel-bashing is boring and embarassing josh.
    people like leon poliakov or irwin cotler often referr to the term “Israel is the Jew among the nations” to show how structural anti-semitism or new anti-semitism projects old prejudices and incorporated hate onto the first jewish shelter ever.
    i don’t want to tell you not to criticize israel but i have never seen a criticle article about palestinian politics, attacks or lgbtq-rights on your blog…

    1. I very much agree with you Adorno.
      It is pretty funny actually to see only these kind of posts, cause the worst and most terrible crimes against the Palestinians are done inside Gaza by Hamas and such other organizations who are terrorizing their own people. However I don’t see that being discuses so much, only the faults of the “inhumane” Israel.
      We are talking about a hot zone, the conflict is more complex than that and you know – wars are never pretty.
      Like Adorno I don’t say there isn’t what to criticize, there’s a lot, but definitely not only the Israeli party.
      I find it indeed embarrassing to see one sided voice here from a not quite objective source.

      1. these are news, not opinion pieces. just look up “operation pillar of defence”. it’s one thing to be mad about the content of some news but being mad at the person or blog delivering them is useless.

        1. it’s not just about news. it’s about how they are presentet and what news make it in the media.

          1. Israel is treated the same as any other entity: when it does good, that gets reported, when it does bad, that gets reported. It is hardly the fault of journalists if most of the news about Israel these days is bad.

            1. sorry to say that, but you’re living in a dream world.
              israel has the hardest laws for their army for hurting or killing civillians in the world and every violation causes proceedings. yet everybody talks about those bad israelis who kill the innocent palestinians.
              it’s ridiculous to believe journalists work objective. they are human individuals, socialized in a structural anti-semitic society.

    2. It’s time for America to stop supporting Israel which is no more than it’s puppet in the middle east. The rest of the world is watching.

      1. what about iran, syria and jordan supporting hamas which is no more than it’s puppet.

        ps: nie wieder deutschland

    3. I’m not anti-Israel, and I’m definitely as shit not pro-Hamas but I oppose the occupation.

      Getting mad at Israeli war crimes doesn’t mean you hate Jews, it means you hate war crimes. This should be obvious.

    4. The more I read about that Israeli-Palestinian squabble I want to kick the shit out of the British and the French for allowing this to happen when they divided the Ottoman lands.

      Also I think Jordan could use a Mediterranean coast. Just like bickering children fighting over a playground bickering peoples should all be chastised and be put in some corner to think about what they’re doing.

  3. I live in Israel
    people seem to critisize israel all the time and they seem to ignore how violent the other side is.

    see, Hamas use children as human shields and placing his rocket launchers near schools and hospitals. over the years over 15,000 rockets were fired into israel from gaza… and the ridiculus thing about it is that the world expect us to not defened ourselves.

    1. Because targeting journalists is “defending yourself”? Or all the other war crimes Israel was found guilty of.

      No one says Hamas is innocent but just because Hamas does terrible things it doesn’t mean Israel can get away with everything. It’s like saying “oh, when you do something bad it automatically becomes ok for me to do the same thing”.

      I think that Israel has the right to exist in peace but how there’s always a huge outcry whenever there’s ONE bad story about the actions of their government is just stupid. I don’t think there is a single country that wasn’t mentioned in these posts here with something bad but nobody ever complains over them being “bashing” or “onesided” (ok, other than the ridiculous “patriots” from my home country of America of course).

      1. 1. The story was posted on al Jazeera. Frankly I would not believe them if they said the sun will rise in the east tomorrow. *mad*

        2. the last 3 periodical political posts had no Israel bashing story. I was beginning to worry Josh may be ill :)

        3. it is nice to see fellow countrymen posting. Shalom chaverim ;)

        1. So al Jazeera came up with Operation Pillar of Defence? When it’s about every country in the world it’s ‘news’ but as soon as it’s about the country we live in it’s completely undeserved propagandistic ‘bashing’, right ;)

        2. Al Jazeera and RT are the two best sources of news in the world today. Puppets of Israel own most of the media in places such as America.
          A good commentator on the the terror spawned by Israel is Noam Chomsky.

          1. even as there are gay Republicans, there are also antisemitic Jews. or maybe a better term is anti-Zionist Jews. But Noam Chomsky is in a league of his own.

            BTW I always love hearing how we are “in control” of the world media.

            As I look at my country’s crumbling economy and deepening class injustices, it gives me a warm feeling inside to know that the government that seemingly can’t even keep down the price of bread, is in fact succeeding in secretly controlling the world.

          2. yeah, israel contols the media, planned 9/11 and jews aöö over the world grub money and poison the wells

    1. Yes well, progress is being made so don’t get all antsy about it.

      306 British and Commonwealth soldiers of the First World War were shot for ‘desertion’ several being just sixteen and perhaps even younger. At the time, the fact that such a thing as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder existed was not recognised or even known about. They were all branded as cowards. Additionally, it seems likely that a good measure of ‘Class Distinction’ took place too as sentences given to commissioned officers were nowhere near as severe.
      These horrific injustices were not officially ameliorated till 2006.

      Alan Turing is doing quite well in comparison. But like everyone, how I wish he could have lived a good and happy life as we all deserve.

    2. The argument is that Turing broke the law. So did Oscar Wilde. They were criminals. The law of today has nothing to do with it. It’s that plain and simple.

      1. Perhaps that’s as good a reason as any to understand that one shouldn’t base their morality on the laws of the land.

  4. Literacy privilege, or, why grammar nazis are dicks

    Considering that it’s a proper noun, Nazis really should have been capitalized.

    1. Funny you say that because after copying the headline I actually did capitalise it but then thought… naaah, I’ll leave it as the author of the post put it ;D

      1. The way I see it is that when I see something that doesn’t deserve capitalizing I simply use lower case. My way of not giving them respect or importance.

    2. “Considering that it’s a proper noun, Nazis really should have been capitalized.”
      and [below], “Funny you say that because after copying the headline I actually did capitalise it but then thought… naaah, I’ll leave it as the author of the post put it”

      Funny. There are so many religious words that are listed in the dictionaries as “proper nouns” and are “always” capitalized. I fully understand that, but, I refuse to offer/show any “respect” to anything religious with the only exception being that word is at the beginning of a sentence so I do it for grammar’s sake, but not for any “respect” to religion.

  5. re: “Little boy beaten to death for not reading the bible”

    Classic example and proof of: 1) Cause and effect; and 2) Brainwashed begat & begets brainwashing.

    In the USA, the religiously brainwashed parents rely on their churches as their “ultimate babysitter” because: 1) they’re too lazy to stay at home with their children and give them the proper attention they really need; and 2) they’re too fucking stupid to understand the psychological trauma children can incur by absorbing the trash from their families churches and their own parents enforcing that same trash but on a more personal level.

    And to make this even worse, our government and other recognized authorities (for the above same reasons) refuse to recognize and correct this obvious child abuse — both (as this case shows) physical and psychological. It’s pathetic how our government, educational system and it seems most parents are so “laissez faire” with regard to religion (and even encourage it to the hilt), but are so concerned how children learn about their own bodies and their sexual growth.

    Children have no business being “taught” [brainwashed] and learning anything of a religious nature (including being inside of a church) before the age of 16 (at the very youngest), but more appropriately, the age of 18 since we (USA) have deemed this age to be a legal “adult.” People need to be of some reasonable age of reason before any of this bullshit is presented to them in any way.

    If we were to have this rule or law, I guarantee you that no less than 95% of people would ever be “religious” and go to any church. And their “membership” would drop to nearly nothing. Because after reaching any sort of “adult, reasoning” age [or, reasonable adult, if you prefer], that 95% (if not more) would never be brainwashed with this bullshit (assuming, of course, there is nothing else to impede their learning ability).

    Humans evolved these last 10s of 1000s of years (probably more) to be the most intelligent animals on this planet. Why can’t/don’t we prove that we are, in fact, more intelligent?

  6. Those parents who killed that little boy for not reading the bible and doing his homework should be hung out right.

    1. I feel the same as you do, Michael. I would probably even be ready to go out and pay for the ropes but I’m against the death penalty. Let go of the anger and think. Which is the worst for those two animals. A fast ending or a long, long time behind bars with absolutely no chance of parole? Personally I chose the second option. It also has the side benefit of costing less!

      About Israel. They actually admitted bombing a radio(and tv?) station. The excuse was that it could be used as a communication center for the “rebels”. My own personal opinion? There are two sides of the coin, and in this case, both are damn ugly and bloody.

  7. Those people who are always down on Israel well keep being down on Israel. It is a shame that those peace loving Hamas are being persecuted by those bad Israelites. Why should Israel even think about defending her land from those friendly missles that are sent into the land of Israel.

    1. You have it backwards Michael, as usual. Israel is comprised of land taken from the Palestinians and which rendered the Palestinians homeless. It was yet another huge mistake the English made in their haste to decolonize and for which we are paying a horrible price.

      1. “It was yet another huge mistake the English made in their haste to decolonize and for which we are paying a horrible price.”

        You have to outline the steady migration of Jews to ‘Israel’ commencing mid 1800s till present. You have to outline the defeat of the Ottoman Empire by TE Lawrence and the Arab Revolt. You have to outline the shittiness of the French and the betrayal of the Arabs within the Balfour Declaration. You have to outline the utter incompetence and venality of the Arab leaders. You have to outline the total terrorism enacted by the Jews and that has not yet stopped. You have to outline the massive, uncontainable flood of Jews to Israel after WW-II.

        It’s wrong to knock Michael with tabloid sentences that have also become somewhat disingenuous in their brevity.

        Ben = Ben Gurion perchance?

  8. Gay hate crime increase. It would be interesting to know something about the demographics related to the increase in gay hate increase.

  9. If I’m not mistaken Michio Kaku came up with the following types of civilizations. Type Zero, Type One and so on. We are Type Zero. Type One would now be using completely new forms or energy and would be in the first steps of space faring. I wish there was also a description of levels of civilization/evolution on the moral level. Still, I suspect that Weled would be more than right about where we are on that scale.

  10. Literacy privilege, or, why grammar nazis are dicks

    Simply tired of people denouncing those who want to keep the language safe from IGNORANTS. Sorry, but those who bash Grammar “Nazis” are people that destroy the language and feel it’s fair. I can rage against the system or the government or institutions. But letting language be freely manipulated in such wrong ways by morons who have not studied is something I, as a person, won’t ever allow.
    I will keep trolling and disrespecting people who can’t spell properly or have proper grammar, as I feel they already disrespected the language and its speakers.
    For heck’s sake, I have studied English for over 15 years, done all the Cambridge tests I could, all that effort to be disrespected by idiots.

    1. “But letting language be freely manipulated in such wrong ways by morons who have not studied is something I, as a person, won’t ever allow.”

      I hope you know, that’s a lifetime job. But I share many of your feelings. :D

      I love it… Brilliant!!!!

      You’ve really brightened up my day!! Thank you Thank you…

      :) :) :)

  11. Belgium gay crime is increasing? O.o really? Belgium has been so open-minded so far! T-T

    I blame media, but then again, I always do…

  12. @ comment #33; I don’t know how keeping two people in jail for life is cost less then a rope. As for comment# 31. This country was founded on the principals of Judeo-Christian law. Now you wish to replace it with your Atheist law. Well thanks to those founding fathers who saw fit to make these laws so people like yourself can speak out against them we all have a right to speak our minds. I see that what you want is that no child should be taught any Religion or that they should not be in any church or synagogues until they are 16 or 18 years of age. From your side of the fence that makes sense. That would give you Atheist a 16 or 18 time frame to brainwash the children your way. Well you are a cute one. God bless you anyway.

    1. USA founded on principals of judeo-christian law?

      There are no uniquely judeo-christian values in our Constitution or the Declaration of Independence. The Constitution was designed to be fully secular — freedom from religion in government and all public venues (religion was meant to be a private affair for each citizen), no religious test to hold any office in government, etc. The values in the Declaration are humanistic if anything (lLife, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness). More or less every society throughout history considered killing and theft bad, babies good, and so on. The U.S. was founded as a Republic, which is pretty much antithetical to Christian thought for most of history. The U.S. was intended to be a fully secular nation. But there is a movement to create historical falsehoods by certain religious factions.

      The *society* embraced christian values, as nearly all citizens were christians. Faith, Hope, Charity were pretty much universally held to be high ‘moral’ values.

      The claim “America was founded on Christian Values” is a slogan used by those who do not favor separation of church and state. That is a shibboleth of the conservative Christian Right, designed to return to the days of mandatory school prayer.

      “Convert or kill all unbelievers” became a christian value that America was certainly founded on. Just ask the Native Americans, or the blacks kidnapped from Africa and force-fed christianity. “Women are less than human” is another christian value America embraced for a very long time. Another would be “we are the chosen people of ‘god’ and anyone who opposes us is a servant of Satan”.

      1. Forget it Penboy.Christians (and muslims) like to pretend that their religions are the center of the universe and that nothing existed before it.They believe any thing that’s good comes from their religion and anything bad comes from other religions or atheism.They have no grasp on reality and view the world through revisionist lenses.Arguing with them is like arguing with an infant.

    2. “I see that what you want is that no child should be taught any Religion or that they should not be in any church or synagogues until they are 16 or 18 years of age. That would give you Atheist a 16 or 18 time frame to brainwash the children your way.”

      Let me present you with 2 concepts for you to think about:

      1. If you and your fellow religious are so secure in your beliefs of “a god, everlasting life and a need to be reborn,” then what do you have to ‘lose’ by waiting until a child becomes 18 years old before he sees the inside of any religious establishment and listens to any of your bullshit? If what you say is so true and factual, then any of-age child would also see things ‘your way’, right?

      Well, here’s the truth: With the only exception of parents force-feeding that crap into their children (that’s brainwashing) in their home, all religions’ followers would drop by no less than 98% of what they are now. It is only because of parental forcing of religion and constantly taking a young child to a church (etc) while they are at they most impressionable that the numbers of religious are today. This is an absolute FACT that can’t be disputed by any one with intelligence (and not already brainwashed with religion). Without impressionable brainwashing between the ages of 3-14 (at least), your religions would not survive in a country such as ours, PERIOD. And parents brainwash their children because they are brainwashed themselves and because their minds are weak of logic and science against the lying religion they have been fed. I know this because of my own family and myself — I was just as brainwashed until around 12 years old when I started asking the obvious questions to myself and my mother and getting no truthful responses of fact — only superstitious gibberish and constant quoting of this fictitious and lying bible and catholic missals, etc.

      2. It is impossible for any Atheist/Agnostic to “brainwash” [indoctrinate] anyone against religion. Sorry, but that is a given.

      Why? Because we have nothing to “brainwash” with except truth and facts presented with common sense, logic and medical/scientific facts. That’s called education and knowledge, not “brainwashing.” That’s why all societies that progress have Colleges and Universities for higher learning — not more brainwashing. Btw, brainwashing [indoctrinating] is the use of false information being psychologically forced into another person’s mind by various means.

      What all religions/religious do is deflect true facts with “double-speak” to make themselves “sound” intelligent and as if it were just like science because they know that science is revered throughout the intelligent world — in all societies on this planet that have the opportunity to actually learn the truth. And if their “double-speak” doesn’t ‘work’ (get absorbed) by the masses, they they just resort to outright lies including just making things up and calling it “science” — ie, “intelligent design” and similar bullshit. Another method is trying to appear to “calm” their subject by going into double-time with their double-speak. This is very effective.

      And who actually believes all this bullshit? Only those who have been brainwashed since they were very young and those who have a weak mind regarding logic and the accepting of factual science — including religious parents.

      (Now is the time, Michael, for you to study your image in your full length or other mirror and ask yourself some serious questions.)

  13. As usual you didn’t do your homework. Here’s a link that says it all.

    I find it fascinating how blood thirsty religious people are, even if “Thou Shalt Not Kill” is in that funny list of commandments, Remember that list? Still it is ironic, isn’t it, that it is in only 6th position in that list. Anyway, your religious leaders have found the perfect loop hole for that pesky law, no matter what religion one looks at. GOD IS ON OUR SIDE, KILL THEM ALL!

    Oh, by the way, I almost forgot that small problem called wrongful executions? I’m sure you’ve heard of those, right? Or was your head deep in … (I’ll let you chose where) so you could avoid knowing and even considering that many people have been wrongly executed? What do you do with those? Say sorry but that’s the cost for justice? That kind of justice is called a dictatorship when a government can execute you so easily Here is an other link to prove my point.

    This one is but a very short list of wrongful executions.

    You would be better informed if you looked into the real biography of your founding fathers.

    About programming. You say that “us atheists” would be busy brainwashing kids for the first 16 years of so to atheistic beliefs. So? But isn’t that what religious “teachers” already do to their flocks of sheeples? Even worse, when’s the last time you saw a group of atheist missionaries going into foreign countries and turn people one against an other because of the teachings they have brought? I won’t even go into the organized genocides through out history because god “told them to do it”.

    Atheist and agnostics simply believe that a human being should have the right to decide if one wants to believe or not in some deity. That decision being based upon the information that he can understand a hell of a lot more than a 3 year old. Don’t believe me? Look at all the adults that have converted to an other religion even after having been “brainwashed” from childhood by a previous religion. It comes down to informed choice and informed consent.

  14. Here’s a fascinating question that came to my mind about that 18 years of brainwashing.

    Imagine a world where no religion existed and all that was taught in schools (beside reading writing and math) was Morality and Philosophy and Science. What kind of people would that produce?

  15. @Leonidas: Penboy well never forget it. I just like to know what do atheist believe is the center of the universe. How did this universe come to be. I would just like to have a answer that one could maybe believe in.

    1. “I just like to know what do atheist believe is the center of the universe.”

      Speaking for myself and about this universe where Earth is located, I’d say our Sun is the center because everything rotates around it, therefore it’s the “center.”

      “How did this universe come to be. I would just like to have a answer that one could maybe believe in.”

      I don’t know but I feel certain it’s no “god.” Why? Because there has never been even an iota of evidence of any “god” through physics and geology and true history of our planet Earth. Again, never any evidence.

      No matter how much you read that fictional bible or koran, you will never see any proof of any “god.” I don’t understand how people can “just believe” in that garbage when there’s never been any proof of it other than that made up story/bullshit in the bible.

      How do I know it’s made up and bullshit? The “creation” story in genesis — not one story, but two because they couldn’t get their shit (LIES) straight. That’s just one example.

      How intelligent do you need to be to recognize that if there “were a god,” there wouldn’t be 2 far-fetched stories about how he “did his work.” If it [he] were “real,” he would have been a hell of a lot more specific and “he” would have only told the story once. (And even that’s going out on a limb.)

      And the most laughable? The “creation” of man and woman (even discounting all the other “creation” bullshit). Pulling a rib from “Adam” and “creating Eve”? Get. Real.

      And here’s the real clincher: Michael, you stated you don’t believe in “Adam & Eve” (ie, essentially purpose of “creation”). So, if you don’t believe in that obvious bullshit, how can you believe in any “everlasting life” along with all that schmuck “jesus” bullshit? If your “god” didn’t “create man & woman”, it stands to reason (oops, that word/concept again) that none of the other “creation” crap happened as well. And, if none of that happened, then this “god” is not powerful at all and so, therefore, can’t grant any “everlasting [after]life”.

      That is pure logic that can’t be penetrated as far as I’m concerned. Which makes every word of that book TOTALLY FALSE AND THEREFORE, NOTHING BUT LIES.

  16. Michael:

    I just like to know what do atheist believe is the center of the universe. How did this universe come to be. I would just like to have a answer that one could maybe believe in.

    Do you want an answer based on astrophysics or on metaphysics? As far as we know, Earth is not the center of the universe and the universe doesn’t revolve around earth or even our solar system. In fact we aren’t even in the center of our galaxy. As for our galaxy we do know the universe doesn’t revolve around it. Just to help you look into the matter here is a link.

    And I didn’t even talk about the theory of the multiverse. :P

    Metaphysical answer? If you believe in a religion you might say that a deity made us the center of the universe but proof of that would be welcomed. Then there is the almost now certainty that Life is to be found all over the universe. Intelligent life? Well just look at the U.F.O. problem. Those have been reported since the dawn of humanity. So, were would that place us relating to that center of the universe when we consider other alien intelligent life forms? Of was god so limited in his creativity that he decided only this planet could be populated by Life?

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