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  1. Josh,
    Thanks for making these links available to us. I would never know about 80% of them if not for your website. As a retired physician, I am skeptical about the listing that claims “Obesity killing 3 times as many as malnutrition”. Children with malnutrition may have a death certificate that says pneumonia, dysentery, etc- all of which can be traced to a nutritionally poor diet.

    On the other hand, I have a son that just finished a 4 year pediatric residency in Texas. He said that 65% of their hospital admissions were obese kids that had fecal impactions/blockages due to a diet of Hot Cheetos & Big Red (a regional strawberry flavored soft drink. This specific hospital serves a primarily Hispanic population. Even though these kids are obese, they are also malnourished, as there is no nutritional value in the diet/calories they consume. They must be hospitalized & receive laxatives & enemas (sometime surgery is required) to literally get the “crap” cleaned out of them!

    These kids deserve better.

    1. this is a very important question and i sadly believe the answer is yes.
      i have to admit that i’m personally very skinny and i find skinny guys more attractive, BUT i also know that this is socialized and people with a higher BMI are discriminated against by society. though i’,m very privileged and reproduce those body-norms myself i try to make it better and not to pathologise their body!

    2. I’m all for a healthy life style. I have ran most every day for the past 50 years and have always eaten a conservative diet. However, now that I live in Eugene Oregon, the price of fruit and vegetables is over the top and inflated by the term “organic.” But beer is cheaper than soda pop.

      1. I prefer genetically modified produce anyway. Not only is it far less expensive, but is usually larger, more colorful, better tasting and longer lasting. And now that “science” has revealed that “organic” stuff is really no better for you, why pay more?

        Vegetables are disgusting anyway. They are grown in DIRT mixed with POOP. If that sounds appealing, fine, YOU eat them. I am primarilly a carnivore, only eating veggies when it’s socially expected.

        Remember, BACON is meat candy!

          1. Not all gun nuts are retards but I wonder about organic farmers. Like Carlo Rossi use to say,”If you can’t taste the difference why pay the difference?”

  2. Pope gives blessing to Ugandan anti-gay activist

    Can’t wait to read how Michael will spin that one.

    School for boys tortured, murdered boys for decades

    If only the true level of horror and the number of people that knew about it and decided to shut up would come out it could make the catholic church look like amateurs.

    Atheism third-largest group of “religions” world-wide

    I find that description not only wrong but also insulting.

      1. Hi Michael! The Holy Father is only “infallible” when speaking Ex Cathedra regarding faith and morals.

      1. that is an awful piece of design work straight from 1995.

        Just pointing out no one has ever actually been charged over the beatings and murders, which continued long after 1994 when the Department of Justice took over.

        Most of those juveniles housed in later years were convicted of “lewd acts with other juveniles” so they were “sex criminals” who the greater portion of the American population would probably approve of being raped.

        Whereas that Sandusky guy is serving a 30 year sentence for sexual advances that were neither violent, nor did they involve murder.

        I guess the lesson here is murder your victims, pick on boys who have a criminal record and – most importantly – work for the state, and you can get away with much worse evils than anyone else.

        1. Oh, in 2007 two employees were fired for raping the juveniles. But they never faced jail. Because their underage victims were no good “sex criminals” and therefore not deserving of protection.

          Expect to read about this more often with private prisons growing.

      2. Just took a look at the website. The pictures of the search for bodies? The last time I saw that kind of pictures was those involving genocides in South America and in Eastern Europe.

        Maybe the parents of those kids will do the following.

    1. Well, clearly the pope had no idea who he was blessing. This kind of “mass event” is nothing but a personal relationship, you know. And blessing doesn’t mean approval, anyway. It’s ok to blame the Church for its outdated and intolerant positions, but no need to make them look worse than they really are. Or what are our objectives, fighting for our rights, or just bashing Christianity no matter what ? Let’s beware of fighting a strawman, I’d say.

      1. There is no way in hell that the pope could NOT have known what that woman’s agenda was all about. Don’t forget that as a “leader” he is surrounded by people that have to keep him informed as tho whom he is meeting and what they have as an agenda. As for bashing christianity I don’t give a damn about it. It’s the people within that religion and within other religions that use their positions to promote homophobia all the way to even promoting the executions of gays. Islam is also guilty of the same crime as many other religions are also guilty.

        So, not enough gay kids and gay teens and gay adults dead to make you wake up and smell the roses blood they lost?

  3. To a degree, I find that news link you were talking about to be poorly formulated too. ”Unaffiliated” to me means ”likely atheist, but not necessarily”. Atheism means complete rejection of any kind of spiritual belief or, say, vague pseudo-scientific mumbo-jumbo. So to speak, some unaffiliated people believe in a form of god or other, or UFOs, ghosts, reiki and visit psychics. So much for being an atheist! Seriously, I think those census should include atheism and agnosticism directly in the listing. That would avoid a lot of confusion since agnostics ARE theists/spiritual when atheists are not. I don’t understand what’s the point of excluding atheists from the census if not out of discomfort with the irreligious or anti-atheist bias – and that is a pet-peeve of mine, no matter how much I believe in a certain form of unproved mumbo-jumbo of spiritual vagueness. Some of us theists are downright exasperating, I’d like that to change.

  4. Josh, I just have to correct one of your title : atheism is clearly not the third-largest religious group, the article speaks of “religiously unaffiliated” people, and claims that “many of the people in this group do hold some religious or spiritual beliefs and may even believe in a deity”.
    Even having no religious belief doesn’t make one an atheist, one may just be agnostic. I believe that atheism is in fact losing ground to religion or spirituality, as both scientism and materialism have long lost their momentum. (temporarily only, I hope)

    Anyway, thanks for the great links.

  5. Good to see that the lovable old nazi hasn’t changed his spots!

    Where’s a yobsinep rant when you need one ?

    1. kinkynik:

      Good to see that the lovable old nazi hasn’t changed his spots!
      Where’s a yobsinep rant when you need one ?

      Psit!! Is it me or is there a funny typo in there? :P:P

  6. My God horselips: You are a poet, a gunslinger, and a carnivores. Your a man after my own heart.

  7. @ Old Dan: I don’t know how old you are but it seems that with that little brain you have you are pretty old. I well give no spin on the Pope and his Blessing. As for my self I don’t much care who he blesses. He sent President Obama his blessing on Jan 20th on winning his election. I don’t like Obama and his approval of abortions. I didn’t bitch about that blessing because it is his right to bless who ever he wants. It’s not a sign of approval. I must say that gay children and gay teens and gay adults are not the only ones being killed around the world. It is sad that any child or teen is killed because of who they are or that they are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    1. Michael, you are absolutely on target. I am old but not so old as to not see someone that is blessing the agenda of one of the worst homophobes ever. That you would say that her agenda is irrelevant is beyond the pale. She openly promotes killing gays and his blessing leaves you cold? Not caring? Yeah, maybe I’ve lived too long. I never expected that kind of spin. Before you ask I’m passed 60, though I simply can’t see how this could be relevant to the discussion.

  8. @Old Dan: That comment #12 was not put in by this Michael. You should know by now that I’am not one for one liners. Second,after having 12 years of parochial schooling I know that the Pope is infallible only in matters of faith and doctrine. You also should know this horselips. That comment has no meaning towards a blessing. The Pope can bless whomever, what ever, when ever, and it has nothing to do with being infallible. If your going to have someone use my name then you best get someone that knows what they are saying.My comment #27 is how I feel about his blessing. You can call me cold or not caring , that is your right. I feel that a blessing given to someone who is promoting killing gays or a blessing to someone who is promoting abortions of gay and straight babies , there not much I can do about it. There is a somethings that I don’t agree with in the church, so I do what I feel is right. That is why God gave me free will. I’am not some sheep just following along with what some politician says or care about who the Pope blesses. I guess you can just call be a cold hearted, gunslinging,meat eater homo,but I do like vegetables. I guess that must be the gayness in me.

    1. Ok, I’m making this reply specifically for you Michael and Josh.

      I remember making my first post ever here under the nick “Dan”. Then I saw an other post made by someone else also using that nic. So I decided to use “Old Dan” instead just to make sure I wouldn’t be mistaken for the other “Dan” and not step on his toes so to speak.

      So, apologies to you Michale for mistaking you for the other.

      To Josh. Beside the sigpic is there a way of making sure no one can use the same nic an other one uses?

      Now back to you Michael. :P

      The point I was making is when the pope gave his blessing to that disgusting bitch he was sanctioning her agenda. See? THAT is exactly how it was perceived by any wannabe homophobe and bigot. “Hey, look! He agrees with killing fags.” While it may not have been his intent what doesn’t help are his own past comments about gays. That’s why it’s so bad in my eyes. If the pope had had any personal moral integrity he should have refused to even meet that bitch.

      The coldness and uncaring I saw is how you dismissed the deaths of so many. Look. People die every day in car accidents, storms, fires, sickness and on and on but no one goes on a pulpit promoting those kinds of deaths. There are religious people promoting the deaths of gays. Those deaths have no reason to be. No justification at all. None whatsoever. Totally avoidable unlike the other kinds of deaths I listed. And that’s my point.

      As for your parochial shooling I went to chatholic school from first grade to grade 10. So I know damn well about that supposed infallibility base on the following.

      As you can see it never was god or jesus or angels or even demons that decided the pope was infallible. It was men deciding a man was perfect on certain religious matters. It’s the same as one saying he’s the perfect brick layer and he knows all there is to brick laying just so he can shut up anyone that doesn’t like the quality of his work.

      1. Sorry for the multiple typos in that post. I was a bit more tired than I thought. Is it me or is the edit button gone?

        1. For me the edit feature has been gone for over a year. Guess I will blame it on Google (frustrated with Googlefail).

          1. I had to disable it last week because the plugin wasn’t working with the newest version of the blog software.

  9. @Old Dan: No harm done. Its good for us old Goats to blow off steam. At least we can agree to disagree, but its the coward who throws comments out there with out useing his own name. Take care and have a good Holiday.

  10. When a country like France finds it is a good judgment to tax it’s wealthy citizens 75% of their earnings, I don’t put much stock in what other things they do. I myself don’t like Gay marriage because I feel it is a heterosexual creation. I do believe that gay couples should have the same rights as hetersexual couples do,but do we have to call it marriage. I’am not the only one who feels this way. I have some gay couples who are my friends who just what to be a couple with equal rights, same as the straight folks. I believe that with all of the smart people in the gay community, and we do have some very smart people in this community, that we could come up with a name that is just for us. I think that if this was done then we wouldn’t have all this BS coming from the straight side. Let them have there marriage word, Hell about 50% of straight marriages go down the hopper anyway.

  11. “Atheism third-largest group of “religions” world-wide”

    Um….Did you read the article? That description is both misleading, and entirely inaccurate.

    “This makes the “unaffiliated,” as the study calls them, the third-largest group worldwide”

    “Many of the people in this group do hold some religious or spiritual beliefs and may even believe in a deity, but they do not identify with a particular faith. ”

    Last I checked, by definition, holding spiritual beliefs, or for that matter, believing in a deity, disqualifies someone from being described as an atheist.
    I’m not trying to take a stand here for or against one religion or another (and I do consider atheism to be a religion, if a very decentralized one) but I think if someone wishes to report the news, they have an obligation to get their facts straight.

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