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13 thoughts on “Periodical Political Post *144”

  1. Asia gets more free while the USA becomes more of a prison state?

    Bring on the rise of Asia and fall of the US I say.

  2. That last one is a bit iffy, in my opinion, particularly because I’ve read about a lot of studies that show there are harmful, permanent effects to smoking pot during puberty.

    1. As usual the study just focusses on one aspect and journalists pull it out of context to make it sound interesting.
      But at least not as nonsensical as the text about the connection of computergames and gun casualties. Sometimes I wonder whether Josh selectively turns of his brain when collecting these links in order to find something which fits his ideologies.

  3. re: ACTA is completely and finally dead-and-buried in Europe

    Thank you, European Parliament and European Commission for outright rejecting this U.S. corporate trash. Hopefully with these formal rejections, U.S. corporations and lobbyists will drop this idiotic and very hopefully unattainable pursuit.

    I’m surprised at Japan for accepting this but I’m not at all surprised at Australia for doing it — they’re getting even more right-wing and ‘religious’ than they ever were.

  4. Not only does the pope act evil, he always looks like Emperor Palpatine. It’s like he’s not even trying to appear friendly.

  5. The indefinite detention without charge or trial thing is already in effect. Also the US is officially a warzone (drastically changing what police and military can do within US borders), meaningful protest is all but banned (HR 347), and private property rights are revocable at the whim of the government (Exec Order NDRP). People outside the US should stay away…they can be locked up the same way…for good. No charge, no trial.

  6. Pope seeks alliances with other religions against the gays

    I expect nothing more of this church! SAD!!!!!!!!!!!
    I quit for 10 years from this club!I do not regret it!

    The church’s totally outdated and unworldly

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