Periodical Political Post *147

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  • Shell beaches oil rig, risks oil disaster just to avoid taxes
  • US Republicans let Violence Against Women Act just die
  • Catholic church gifted billions from illegal tax exemption
  • US airport security is laughing at your naked body pics
  • France offering free birth control for girls from 15-18

5 thoughts on “Periodical Political Post *147”

  1. The “gays aren’t humans” radio host Linda Harvey is fortunately only heard on one little AM radio station. It’s interesting to note that the archives of her show have been pulled. Maybe she went too far for even the evangelists? Or maybe it’s just a technical problem.

  2. US preacher to face court for aiding murder of gay people

    See? It can be done! That’s exactly what I mean by go for the root.

    Uganda pastors pressure politicians to push gay-kill law

    Can’t wait for them to be next in being charged for promoting murder. It’s not like there isn’t any proof after all.

    1. Unfortunately, the Ugandan pastors aren’t within reach of American law, unlike the American pastor who went there to preach hate. I hope they have an airtight case on this guy – losing could have horrible consequences.

  3. That Linda Harvey is somewhat of an as-hole. I never heard of her until just now. I hope she gets kicked off the air. I bet she is wearing clothes and shoes that where designed by some of those inhuman gay folks she so hard on. Glad to see that They are working on that HIV vaccine. Maybe there well be a cure in my life time.

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