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  1. Queer News

    Cameroon trader stoned to death by lynch mob for gay sex

    Jamaica to introduce law banning LGBT discrimination soon

    Mexico no longer banning gay men from donating blood

    Berlusconi says he supports gay marriage, LGBT groups sceptical

    US pundit compares gay marriage to paedophilia normalisation

    And the only country in that list that is backward moving is still the U.S.

      1. Apologies. I misread that list. Even worse, the Cameroon event now enters my list of people killed because they are gay.

        From the Cameroon article.

        According to the report, the fact that Goche was an Islamic teacher and described himself as a man of god, yet was caught having gay sex, particularly infuriated the fellow Muslim traders in the market.

        Also religiously based murder. As for Limbaugh he shines like a burned out candle. Hell, did he ever shine like a lit candle anyway?

  2. OMG, Limbaugh strikes again… But i think he should change his script. I mean, the “gays and paedos are conspiring to bring western civilization to an end” thing is so old, that even the most fanatical right-wing morons must be tired of it.

    1. Scroll down and watch the video below. The poor guy believes that only gays engage in the sexual acts he alluded to. But then if you’re an extreme far right wing Evangelical Christian, only the missionary position (between a man and a women) is acceptable and only for procreation of course.

  3. Old Dan: If you think Mexico is forward moving your looking through the wrong end. Mexico is about as forward moving as any 3rd world country. You should ask that ex-marine who just got out of a mexican prison a few weeks ago. I’am sure he’ll tell you how forward they are going.

    1. Michael, did you at least take a minute to read that article? Look, Mexico and any other country on the planet isn’t perfect but at least it’s taking the first steps in having a positive attitude toward gays. Oh, do you know why Mexico is or was so bad about gays?

      Here’s why.

      Religion in Mexico (2010)[1]

      Catholic Church (82.7%)
      Other Christians (9.7%)
      Other religions (2.9%)
      Non-religious (4.7%)


  4. I don’t give a jolly fu-ck if Mexico opens all their doors to gay people and their gay rights. Mexico is corrupt in all of its affairs. I don’t care if it is 100% Catholic. The Government and its law inforcement are all corrupt. You just can’t keep blaming Religion for all the wrongs. There where and still a number of countrys that have no religion and they are not so hot to love in. If a party or candidate throws some candy to the gay community many gays well fall over backwards to get some more candy, even if it comes from a corrupt candidate or party. You must look at the complete picture,not just a gay picture. I know I’am going to get a lot of sh-t back on this, so save your comments. This is what I know and believe.

  5. Michael, your comment just made me smile. First of all, I won’t give you shit. Why should I when you do it all by yourself? Yes, Mexico has a corrupt system but did you ever look in your own back yard?

    Hell, I know that in my own country we have a never ending series of serious corruption scandals on the business and political front. I guess that what separates “us” from the others is we try to to keep the corruption undercover while in many countries like Mexico corruption is basically done in the open. Asian countries are also a good example on that point.

    Still, when gays are gone after with ropes and guns and machetes it is most usually approved by the local religions, not because gays voted for a wrong party or didn’t pay protection fees.

    Anyway,Michael, like I said in an above reply, I have started to create a list that will include title and link of each articles that will be about the bullying, suicide or murder of any LGBT person. When possible I will also add a quote from those articles that will either back up my arguments but even those that might prove you right. Now all I’m hoping for is that this year,2013, will be a far shorter list than former years.

  6. I’am hoping that the year 2013 has a far shorter list of names of anyone who is Bullied, Murdered,or driven to suicide. There are people who are bullied, comment suicide, and murdered because they are in the wrong place at the wrong time, are not understood, or are just different. There are kids who are killed because the killer wants their new sneaks, or because they are an easy mark. No one should be murdered, or bullied, or driven to suicide, straight or gay, male or female. Everyone has the right to life,but those who think they have the right to take a life just for the want of taking a life.

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