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  • Gun lobby makes shooting game for kids after blaming games for violence
  • Inside the terror factory: FBI’s massive efforts to create fake terrorist plots
  • UK Border Agency wants to keep using force on pregnant women & kids
  • Japanese tsunami recovery fund used for controversial whale hunting
  • Al Jazeera America, a test case for an open society and free speech

13 thoughts on “Periodical Political Post *149”

  1. European Court – Fine.
    Italian Court – Fine.
    Chinese Tolerance – Fine.
    Priests – This is what happens when countries don’t have a written Constitution guaranteeing free speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of religion ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Laws supressing “hate speech” are terrifying tools of oppression and persecution that can be counted on to eventually influence, or worse, control, political speech.
    Child Porn – Throw away the key.
    Gun Lobby – ??? – there is no connection between target shooting and violence. And LaPierre was wrong to criticize violent video games. Games don’t kill people, People kill people.
    FBI Terror – Sorry, but every potential terrorist and terrorist sympathizer must be rooted out. It is not entrapment when the suspect is already pre-disposed to jihad. Good job, FBI.
    UK Border – Sorry again -we have the same problem in the USA – criminal illegal invaders using pregnancy as an excuse to avoid detention and deportation, and also to rape the welfare and education system for benefits. Detainees who are completely and peacefully cooperative and compliant with officers are in no danger of mistreatment. Give them a hard time and you can expect one in return.
    Japan – One of these days, a Fukushima-like nuclear disaster is going to awaken and mutate a gigantic fire-breathing dinosaur, and it’s going to rise out of Tokyo Bay and stomp the city flat. BTW, Sea Shepherd is rank piracy regardless of their motives.
    Al Jazeera – The Obama Junta of secret Czars has no intention of censoring Al Jazeera. What private cable companies choose to carry or not carry has nothing to do with free speech. Al Jazeera can say what it wants, but nobody is obligated to listen. Al Jazeera is free to start its own satellite cable company, compete in the marketplace, and sell its product to anyone who cares to buy it.

    1. Impressive. I love this blog, the guys are beautiful, the politics are wrong. Your post is admirable… it’s assuring to know that there is at least one intelligent patriot in every group.

      1. you may have noticed this blog ISN’T american. How can you refer to patriotism when most commenters are from different countries than yours?

    2. Do you really believe in limitless free speech? What about speech that is trying to abolish the right to free speech? Should a constitution grant the rights for people to undo it?

      In Germany, it’s forbidden to speak out against the constitution and the human rights it grants, and any attempt to actively subvert it leads to prosecution. Do you know why we do that?

      Do you think that human rights should be left to public opinion?

      1. donno. what if there is something wrong with the constitution? Like in US states where the constitution defines marriage as between a man and a woman, should any vocal support of gay marriage be a crime since that’s speaking against the exclusive rights the constitution grates hetero couples? I think education/brainwashing may work better than an all-out heresy/hate-speech ban because it serves the same purpose of stabilizing the society at present while leaving open the possibility that currently accepted doctrines/constitution can be modified and improved as the society evolves.

        1. The U.S. Constitution does NOT define marriage in any way:

          Only some STATE Constitutions (Amendments ONLY) “define” marriage in the heterosexual way. And some of those I predict will change in a few years when the right lawsuit gets through the appropriate Appellate Courts and then to the U.S. Supreme Court. It will take time, but it will happen.

  2. U forgot this (new of few minutes ago):
    Italy: Gay marriage, the no of Monti: “The family consists of a man and a woman”

  3. Priests say gay marriage will lead to discrimination against them

    Lie! It won’t be gay marriage but rather their own actions that will lead to discrimination and persecution and the final destruction of their church. And well deserved it will be. Speaking of, the fear they have isn’t surprising when one knows of all the bad karma they have accumulated with what they have done for the last 2000 years. You know, inquisition and such. The “angels” have come back to roost? :P:P:P

  4. Italy again:

    – De Giorgi, a man of the list of Monti in the next election, delete his own gay-porn and gay-escort site after Monti’s declarations against gay-marriage. He was the administrator of site like,, e He also quits his candidacy.

    100% hypocrite pure Italian politician -.-

  5. *Priests say gay marriage will lead to discrimination against them*
    Dear priests – You got it totally wrong. Your radical followers will not discriminate you in the case of gay marriage. I’m quite sure they just did discriminate you because you frequently had sex with little boys without being married to them.
    And even if I should be wrong – no problem. See it positive: If you go to heaven you will have good sex there because Jesus has nothing against gays. And if you go to hell – you at least will have good sex there because you are not the only priest there.

  6. “The European Court of Human Rights said on Tuesday that British Christians may not use their religion as a basis for LGBT discrimination.”

    Good news for sure, as it upholds human rights laws that include LGBT people. Personal beliefs, religious based or not, should never be a reason to infringe on another’s human rights.

    “Anti-gay activist produced child porn of her own daughter”

    Another religious bigot bites the dust.

    “Al Jazeera America, test case for an open society By Neil Macdonald, CBC News”

    This is interesting and something I wasn’t very aware of, but it’s been available here for a while now on the major cable TV outlets. As stated in the article, they’ve made a few inroads but it will be interesting to see how this plays out in the USA.

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