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  1. “Racial minorities” suffer from violations regarding their political rights more often than any other social group, experts claim. In particular, only 62 per cent of African-Americans and only about a half of Latino Americans were included in voting lists throughout the country.

    1. Replying to my own comment:

      The Republicans don’t want any minority groups to vote because they will always loose the election.

      Rick Perry is an IDIOT! ARRRRRG!

    1. Peter Tatchell, Harry Hay and Larry Kramer… these are and were amazingly brilliant and brave people. They are the genuine liberators of mankind. It’s too bad so many of the “main stream” and “normal” gays are repressive puritans and buffoons by comparison.

      1. How many times have I heard from gays in their 20s that you aren’t gay until 18 (or the exact age they can legally take you to bed).

        Too often. Too many queers scared of being called the p-word and not standing up for logic and sense.

        Do wonder if stonewall would happen if men in the 60s acted the same way young men do today. No one gives you rights. You fight for them, and you take the insults.

  2. UK phone operators censor satire, feminism and homosexuality

    I’d have to say that a better title would have been “Your smartphone is censored” because homosexuality is only a small part of what those filters go after. Anyway, I’m starting to miss the good old days of landlines where only Ruth Buzzi would most probably be listening on your call and snickering at the conversation you would be having.

  3. Russia is questioning U.S elections? They should look at themselves before critiquing others.

  4. @Leonidas: that word you used,”critiquing” is kind of out of step. Critique is regarded as just pretentious jargon. As for Russia sticking their nose in our elections, why not. We been sticking our nose in other countrys business when we should be taking care of our own business.

    1. Putting words I used aside, Russia is in no place to criticize U.S elections when their own elections are corrupt.

      1. The whole point here was that the same applies if you switch the roles (as in the US has not right to call other countries out over rigged elections seeing how people in America got caught fixing results not to mention all the laws Republican politicians did and tried to pass to suppress voting of minorities).

        1. The pot calling the kettle black.
          Although it’s true not only for US and Russia but for all democracies.

  5. Why cant the US just make it illegal for criminals to own guns and kill people. If we would just pass some new laws making it a crime to own a gun, and even worse of a crime to kill people I am confident that we could fix all these problem. If we could just get someone to make a speech to all the Chicago gangs and tell them the new rules then the homicide capital of the US would be fixed. Take the guns from the bad people, then go get the ones from everyone else. Easy Peasy. At least New York has made it against the law to have more then 7 bullets per clip, for even the cops. I am certain that will help, and EVERY bad guy be following that one, cause they don’t want to get in trouble or anything.

  6. I can see making a law that any one committing a crime with a gun would get a 10 year sentence on top of what ever crime was done. I see no reason to take guns away from law biding citizens. I’am sure the Chicago gangs or gangs anywhere would listen to some dude give a speech on the new rules. He would most likely get blown off his platform before he finished his speech. Your right,all the bad guys well drop their clips down to 7 bullets. After reading your comment Jay, I can see that you are just funning with me.

  7. It would be nice if you, Milkboys, would just try to stay in the middle of the road. It seems that all things that might be on the conservative side , even just a bit you declare to be wrong. If you looked at American history up to the civil rights act you well fine that there where a great many Democrat politicians against this act. Just because the Republicans want I.D’s at the polls doesn’t mean they want to suppress voting rights. If it where not for the Republicans, President Johnson would never had got his voting rights bill through. Even though Johnson lied about sending not sending more Americans into Vietnam War, at least he did something right with this voting rights bill.

    1. For one thing, this isn’t an American site.

      For another, there’s nothing innately good about moderation. If everyone in history was as obsessed with “reaching across the aisle” there wouldn’t *be* a Civil Rights Act.

      I don’t really like either of the popular positions in the American gun debate BTW.

    2. It would be nice if you, Milkboys, would just try to stay in the middle of the road.

      Michael, the only thing that happens to people sitting on a fence is that more often then not they find themselves falling hard. Look at yourself with you stance on religion. There is no way in hell I’d call it centrist, fence sitting/what ever. Look at my stance on religion. The same description goes for mine as yours. Like it or not, the both of us refuse to sit on a fence and keep quiet. We say what we feel is needed to be said, final. What would seriously worry me is if Milkboys was extremist in its views no matter what that view was or is. Still, I can’t see why he couldn’t express his own opinions as long as he is ready to get blasted :P if people disagree with his opinion.

  8. Look J : You may take me for some conservative American junky, but I know this is not American site. I was looking at this site when Milkboys was showing the German flag. I was told some years ago that there is no freedom of speech on this site. Yes I know this is not an American site J. What is your opinion on the gun debate? I don’t like big Government, I don’t like big brother tell my what I can and can’t do. I don’t like some first Lady telling me how to eat. I don’t like some New York Mayor telling me how much I can drink. In other words, stay the hell out of my face and I well do the same. @Old Dan. I’am not talking about sitting on any fence. I’ve read the comments of people on this site and most of it are from Liberals point of view, and that all right. That is there opinions, which they are entitled to. I’am saying that this site is very Liberal in there point of views and it would be nice to get some view from Milk that is not always on the far left. I guess I’am asking for the deck of cards to run in my favor at least once now and again. There is only a few people making comments that seem to be behind my.

    1. “You may take me for some conservative American junky”
      ….. That’s an understatement.


      “I don’t like big Government, I don’t like big brother tell [my] what I can and can’t do.”
      ….. Polly want a cracker? Because you’re nothing but your church’s and Republican’s parrot. You don’t even truly know what those 2 statements mean — you only know how to parrot what your stupid fucking church tells you (and by extension, the entire Republican party).
      ….. You don’t like ‘big brother,’ but you have no problems with government restricting what a woman can do with her own body (it’s none of your [male's] damn business).
      ….. You have no problems with government restricting what you want to do in your own bedroom and with whomever you want.
      ….. You have no problems with government forcing the ignorance of a false ‘god’ and whatever religion on us on a daily, even hourly basis, not to mention forcing it on every school age child — again, daily.
      ….. You have no problems with government doing away with financial regulations so we can have another economy just like with President GW Bush? You know, the one which Obama had to finish bailing out and get going again, and saving General Motors and Chrysler so millions wouldn’t lose any more jobs. His cronies’ deregulations are a huge part of what caused our worst recession in history — almost another depression like the 1930s.
      ….. Yeah, you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about when it comes to even your political party’s “ideals” they keep blabbing about.


      “I don’t like some first Lady telling me how to eat.”
      ….. She doesn’t tell anyone how to eat and if you really think she does to you, then you really have a weak mind (again, your ‘need’ for religion?). She only points out healthy ways what’s been told and shown to her by medical people. Any doubts? Then look at the Obama family and their body weight. Then take a second look at the weights of a huge amount of our population under 16 years old. Some of them actually need to be ‘told,’ but it’s left up to their families.


      “I don’t like some New York Mayor telling me how much I can drink.”
      ….. Again, pure ignorance if you can’t see what sugar and glucose has done to our population (the younger, especially</i), particularly the lower middle class and poor. And, dumb ass, it's not how much you drink, but how large the servings (cups) are sold. If you have the wasteful money, then you can buy all you want. Sheesh …. how much intelligence do you need to understand that? Who really needs a 32 oz. “big gulp?” Can’t you take more “small gulps” instead?


      “I’ve read the comments of people on this site and most of it are from Liberals point of view, and that all right.”
      ….. You mean, from the more intelligent so you can maybe, you know, learn something (
      along with learning how to write also)?


      “There is only a few people making comments that seem to be behind [my?].”
      ….. Gee, I wonder why that is?

      1. *** I meant: Bush’s cronies’ deregulations are a huge part of what caused our worst recession in history — almost another depression like the 1930s. (Not Obama.)

  9. Penboy: You can’t get off of the Bush track. Obama has been in office over 4 years and you still blame Bush. Talk about polly wanting a cracker. Penboy is still stuck in the Bush. Why are liberals the only ones with intelligence? You are just a one sided book Penboy. Yes Penboy, I do make mistakes and I’am not afraid to own up to. You seem to not be able to get over it. There are other comments that are written with spelling mistakes also but they seem to slide past those eyes of yours. Does this mean that you only have eyes for me. Boy,I’am lucky. Oh your wondering about my remark “that seem to be behind {my} ME. Well when your in a liberal post and most of the viewers are of the liberal mind frame then I’am going to get liberal comments, but then there are a few times I don’t. I assume that a liberal cracker such as yourself would know that. Government doesn’t force God on anyone, that is why we have this Government set up the way it is, long before your kind where here. When you say something like that it shows that your intelligences meter is not all that high. As for the bail out money that saved the so called auto industry, most of that so called bail out went to the unions who in turn spent it on their higher ups and then put it back into the Obama campaign fund but you know that anyway. Ford was in the bad way that General Motors and Chrysler where but they refused to take any bail out money, but again you know that. If any thing proves that the first lady is right with her food message is just looking at her thin family for proof. Now that’s a winnig statement.Now I’am suppose to believe that all the people who have listen to the first Ladys remarks are thin people. Maybe it’s those cigarettes The president is smoking that keeps him thin.Maybe the families should take responsiblity for their children, not State or Federal Government. As for learning something Penboy, I have learn that there are some liberal comments that, even if I disagree with, are written without harshness as yours are. You are a very harsh person but I guess that can’t be helped. It must be in your genes.

    1. Michael, I hope that I won’t give you a heart attack but I’m going to take your side on this one, but to a point. :P

      Penboy, it’s true that you show a hell of a lot of anger, even more than I do and believe me you have no idea how much anger I have when it comes to gay rights. Still that kind of anger leads to only self defeatism. While you say that we don’t need a certain size of drink the fact is that we also don’t need a god damn law to force us not to drink beyond a certain amount. New York passed a law saying you can’t buy a 32 ounce drink. Take school diners. In some schools they are punishing kids because they refuse the horrible meals that are “offered” to them in school. Where’s the freedom to choose then? Isn’t it the same as ramming down our throat(ironic isn’t it?) what we can or can’t eat or drink? When you say “ Some of them actually need to be ‘told,’ but it’s left up to their is exactly as it should be. In the end, responsibility should land on the door step of each and everyone. True freedom of choice is what it’s all about. Laws have noting to do with freedom of choice.

      And this is where I address the both of you, Michael and Penboy. It always come down to the roots and nothing more.

      Take politics. A long time ago I realized that politics is just like the surface of an ocean on a windless day. As much as you try to fight against it, or change it it’s like hitting the surface of that water with a sword. Even ripples aren’t eternal. It’s pointless. Pointless also in trying to use it to get a better life. Politics is about people that love power and even worse about using it to have power over the people. Even more pointless when you hear about all the dead people that vote at each elections… So, when I see people starting to fight over what political party was better or worse all I see is a waste of time and energy. Persig says it best in the following quote.

      “”“But to tear down a factory or to revolt against a government or to avoid repair of a motorcycle because it is a system is to attack effects rather than causes; and as long as the attack is upon effects only, no change is possible. The true system, the real system, is our present construction of systematic thought itself, rationality itself, and if a factory is torn down but the rationality which produced it is left standing, then that rationality will simply produce another factory. If a revolution destroys a systematic government, but the systematic patterns of thought that produced that government are left intact, then those patterns will repeat themselves in the succeeding government. There’s so much talk about the system. And so little understanding.”
      ― Robert M. Pirsig, Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry Into Values “”

      The both of you can either choose to go on fighting each other or to choose to find some common ground. Being gay is one, being human is an other, wanting the freedom to love and be loved is an other. See? Me? All I ask is that you, Michael, finally wake up and take back your religion from those that have stolen it from you by using it to hurt you. Oh, and also stop accusing me of trying to take away your religion. As for you Penboy? Chill, man, chill!

  10. “Terrorists” in Mali were trained by US military for $600 million

    What you mean is: The US provided aid to the Malian military, parts of which later defected to the terrorists. Terrorists, not “terrorists”. You can shove your scare quotes right up your arse.

  11. How is sex defined regarding the 14 or 16-year-old age of consent debate? I’m not sure we have any laws banning same age kids having sex in the US. It seems so absurd. I remember engaging in “sex exploration” with playmates from about the age of 6. By the time I was 14 I was fairly experienced. It never even occurred to me to think it might be illegal. But what fond memories!

  12. @Old Dan: Loved your comment, but I’am running out of time and space to really reply. I don’t thinkyour trying to take my religion away,and you couldn’t anyway, but you do make the most sensible remarks of most anyone on the left of center side. Those people who hurt people in the name of religion are 100% wrong and they only hurt themselves as well as others. Oh, I’ll get over my heart attack in a few weeks.

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