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  1. Wow. The Queer News contains three massively good stories about marriage equality, and one not very surprising story about the U.S. alternative to the right wing’s stranglehold on the Boy Scouts here.

    In the Other News, the U.S.’s child welfare rating being so low is not surprising. If you break down the figures state-by-state, the very liberal states such as Massachusetts and Vermont always have the best scores, and the very right wing states such as Mississippi and Alabama always have the worst scores. The saddest thing about right wingers, however, is that if you try to point out to them that maybe their precious right wing beliefs are the cause of the problem, not the solution, you get a wall of denial, misinformation, and shouting down. They don’t really care about children, or anyone else for that matter. They have to constantly repeat to themselves the “truth” of their ridiculous fundamentalist religion, and constantly deny their underlying racism, because if they stop and maybe listen and learn from other people that are obviously doing a better job, their whole so called “value system” would come crashing down.

    I surprised that Canada is only 17th, behind Britain. I thought they would be higher.

    1. “I surprised that Canada is only 17th, behind Britain. I thought they would be higher.”

      I was surprised too. Some of the political news from Canada seems like the government is moving too the right, which is wrong. Go back Canada, Go back to the light…er I mean left.

      1. Sadly at the moment we’re stuck with a rather Machiavellian version of Bush. He’s pushing all the typical buttons but the best he can poll is about 40% and currently is around 30%. If the opposition can get its act together we might be able to get rid of him. Until then all we can do is hang our heads in shame. In the meantime don’t sew any Cdn flags on your bags … the word is out on us unfortunately.

        1. Gah…. Canada’s not so great. I’m not even allowed to afford a 300$/mo mortgage as a first time homebuyer, even though renting a bedroom will run you 400$. Heck, they even increased the min. monthly payments that I would be allowed to pay by roughly 200$/mo. due to their wanting to prevent a housing bubble.

          Sadly, I’m in the top 4% of the world for annual wages too. I’ve increased my wage by a good 14% over the last 4 years and I’ve only had 1 year so far that has seen an increase in my take home pay. And this will happen for another 2 or 3 years with more money being removed for income taxes and increased income tax.

          More cutbacks on the rise too. Another few hundred teachers to be cut from budget… among other things.

  2. you know i say the entire world community needs a deep evaluation . . In it’s constitutions. . And human rights. . Period not only canada even the states need. .leave one side the bombing that happened earlier. .

  3. “France legalises same-sex marriage & same-sex couple adoption”, that’s not true. Nothing is done yet.
    The proposition of this law is being discussed and proposed to vote at the Assembly and Senate, but the “no” has his chance again… LGBT from France have never been so closed to marriage and adoption rights, but the problem is that the French government includes, in one law, marriage, adoption, assisted-reproduction and surrogacy. A high step has been crossed, but everything is yet to do.

  4. Well Guys it all passed here in New Zealand, I can now Wed my partner of 5 years! Feels sooo Great to be a Kiwi TodaY!

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