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  1. But Saturday’s Italian newspapers quoted her as saying: “For once, I would like to see gay associations, instead of ‘ghettoising’ themselves… say something to condemn the recent spate of killings of women (in Italy)… All they do is defend their own interests.”

    That is something I’ve often heard being said about gay activists. Could there be some food for thought here?

    1. Sure, but every group defends it’s own interests. That’s why groups form. If people were defending each other, there would be no need for a “civil rights” movement, because they would already exist. This would, of course, be ideal. Unfortunately it’s not the world we live in. You have to fight the battles that you feel are most important, because after all, you can’t fight every battle.

      We can, and should, empathize with women, but unfortunately the LGBT groups have enough of a battle on their hands.

      Also – The anti spam checks are getting more difficult. X + 9 = 15? Who am I? Pythagoras?

  2. The UK proposed “Snoopers Charter” Bill is dead. The Lib Dems squashed it ( one of the only times they have shown some spine in the Coalition)

  3. A 5-year-old-boy shot and killed his 2-year-old sister with a .22 caliber rifle he received for his birthday.. I don’t think I’ll ever understand American mentality when it comes to guns. Kids die because of adult’s “rights”. WTF?

    Yep, it’s sad that we still have people being persecuted at schools and work for being gay, or even sounding gay. At least that Mc Ds worker won’t have to put up with that tosser any more, but as he says, he’ll just go persecute someone else in the next place. He should lose his job, IMHO.

    1. The case with the 5 year old has nothing to do with gun rights. It was bad parenting and irresponsibility, plain and simple.

      A. That model gun has 2 or 3 separate safeties, even a lock that requires a key, none of which were used.
      B. The gun was kept loaded when not in use, which is not responsible.
      C. It was just laying around rather than being in a gun safe, which is not responsible.

      You can’t stop people from being stupid. And sadly, there are plenty of stupid parents all over the world.

      1. Well, when one creates a context favourable to accidents, accidents happen. One may consider the lives of a few kids are not so important compared to the right of having weapons at home, that’s your choice and the choice of the US.

        But you can’t just accuse the fate. This is all a matter of probability, and the more weapons at home, the higher the probability of a killing. So the only question is: is it worth it? Can’t your society work without the permanent threat of violence?

        1. You can say the same thing about cars….and the death rate of teens in cars. By that logic, we should take cars off the road so as not to tempt teens into killing themselves with them. Which do you think kills more children overall, guns or cars?

          1. That’s a ridiculous comparison. Cars are useful, they have a purpose, people need cars.

            No one, except maybe cops, needs guns, their only purpose is killing people so why the fuck would you give a child a gun!?

            And don’t come at me with this stupid self defense argument. The countries with extremely strict gun laws (Germany, Northern Europe, Japan etc.) have a lot less crimes than America even though no one there has a gun. Guns don’t prevent crimes, they make it easier to commit them!

            1. “only purpose is killing”
              That is hardly accurate. In fact, the vast majority of guns owned by law biding citizens have never and will never be used against someone. The gun isn’t designed to kill it is designed to fire a projectile. What the gun is fired at is the responsibility of the person holding it. Just as a knife is designed to slice and cut, it is the person holding it that makes it a murder weapon. The vast…vast majority of guns will only ever be shot at targets. Shooting competitions are common. Hunting game animals is also popular.

              As for the crime element of it. According to the FBI Uniform Crime Report, table 20, there are more murders with knives in just California and New York than there are murders across the entire nation with rifles. Having worked in law enforcement for 7 years now I can tell you that the vast majority of guns used in crimes are illegally obtained by people who are already banned from owning them.

          2. Swimming pools too. According to economist Steven Levitt, nothing in the home is more dangerous for a child than a swimming pool.

            It would be nice if Yanks could rid themselves of their irrational sense of entitlement to possess firearms, but it’s deeply embedded in their culture, poor things, so there’s no sense in arguing with them about it.

            1. There is nothing irrational about the right to keep and bear arms. It is a personal and political necessity for the protection of self, family, and the state. The notion that Obama, Feinstein and Schumer are wiser than the Founding Fathers is laughable on its face.

              “The duty of a patriot is to protect his country from its government.” – Thomas Paine

              “Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not.” – Thomas Jefferson

              “You cannot invade mainland America. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” – Admiral Yamamoto

              “An armed man is a citizen, an unarmed man is a subject.” – Allen West

              “The great object is that every man be armed, and everyone who is able may have a gun.” – Patrick Henry

              Sorry about the 5 year old shooting the 2 year old. Their parents were stupid almost beyond belief. With Liberty comes responsibility. Not just for firearms, but with everything. People must be held accountable for their bad decisions, and celebrated for their good ones. But LIBERTY must never be blamed.

              Our unalienable rights are a gift of our Creator, and therefore outside the jurisdiction of government to infringe or abridge. That’s why we need God -to keep the state in its place as second to Him, lest the state get overreaching ideas about power.

            2. What a magnificent-self-parodist our “horselips” is!

              I take off my hat. Chapeau, monsieur!

            3. OK let’s have a look at this: Brian (American) says that it’s hardly accurate to say that the only purpose for a gun is killing, and that “the vast majority of guns owned by law biding citizens have never and will never be used against someone.” But Horselips (also American) says that “the right to own a gun is a personal and political necessity for the protection of self, family, and the state”.

              Hmmm … is anyone else confused? If guns are not to be used for killing people, then just what are you needing to protect your families and the state from? Mountain lions?

            4. ” just what are you needing to protect your families and the state from? ”

              Redskins. They’re still afraid of them. ;o)

            5. Nah, they’re afraid that British soldiers will come and make mayhem, burning the White House, as they once did in 1812.

            6. I said the vast majority of guns owned by law biding citizens will never be used to kill. Can guns be used to kill…of course. A knife can kill. A rock can kill. Your hands can kill. It is the person that makes the choice to kill, not the object. A gun in the hand of a responsible law biding citizen is no more dangerous than a rock or a knife.

              I feel safer knowing that my fellow responsible citizens can take care of themselves and those around them if the need should ever arise. If you need to protect yourself and family form criminal attack, foreign invasion, or government overreach it is the best tool to have. If you are attacked, seconds matter, but the police are minutes away.

              The fact is that law biding citizens don’t want to use guns to kill or injure…in fact they seek to avoid being forced into that situation. Sadly that’s not the world we live in. Crazy or criminal people don’t care and have few reservations about hurting or killing to get their way. It’s the gang bangers, felons, people with a history of violence and those with mental disorders that are committing the gun crimes.

              Many of the gun laws already in existence aren’t enforced very well. Enforce these and tackle mental health care if you want to reduce gun crime in America. According to the FBI Uniform Crime Report, violent crime is actually down over 15% compared with a decade ago…this is even with the scary looking tactical rifles being legal.

              Do accidents happen? Yes, but it is because of lack of responsibility and carelessness. Again…the person is to blame, not the object. Why should I be penalized because someone else broke the law or was irresponsible?

          3. As RandyNil said, the utility of cars is a lot more obvious than for guns. But we certainly should ask ourselves about the real usefulness of driving cars. Of course, just banning cars is not realistic, but we could develop alternative transportation and/or cars with AI device that could very effectively prevent accidents. Creating a world with cars and almost no accidents is not a simple task but certainly not out of reach – because cars nature is not to kill, contrary to guns.

            1. So a gun’s nature is to kill? I have had my gun on the table for about an hour now…it still hasn’t killed anyone. People kill. The weapon they choose to use doesn’t matter. Being shot to death is just as dead as being stabbed to death, or being blown up.

            2. “I have had my gun on the table for about an hour now…it still hasn’t killed anyone.”
              Of course, cause guns are cowards, they don’t dare make a move when you watch them…

              Seriously, they is a big difference between shooting someone with a gun and stabbing him. You can kill someone with a gun out of fear, or in a stupid game, cause it’s very easy to pull the trigger, and you keep your distance with your target. Stabbing someone is quite a challenge on the other hand, one needs some nerves to do it. One doesn’t stab anyone without the strongest determination, or some kind of madness.

            3. Thomas, my good friend, I beg to differ. In a purely academic sense there is more work to be done in accomplishing a stabbing than a shooting. That being said, there is no operational difference. The homicidal maniac and the criminally-minded couldn’t care less. Just as rape is more about power than sex, power is also the underlying psychological foundation for crimes of greed and hate. In fact, stabbing may impart more satisfaction to the criminal than shooting simply because it is so up close and personal.

              I am acutely aware of my potential for mayhem when handling my weapons. Safety and awareness are always the first considerations whether at home, at the range or in the field. Because I’m not insane or criminally disposed, I would be psychologically incapable of either shooting or stabbing. I can’t even point an empty gun at someone. If I had to shoot someone in a self-defense situation, I could only accomplish that out of instinct, never out of intent. Really, I’m a lover, not a fighter.

              The seeming simplicity of shooting over stabbing does not exist. Either one would require “the strongest determination or some kind of madness.” And statistically, that goes for all but a tiny fraction of 1% of law-abiding gun owners.

      1. True. But adult neglect and irresponsibility is going to happen more often in situations where there is no regulation or accountability. The US senator says the problem “is not guns, but parents who do not teach gun safety and responsibility.” Maybe you should remove the minimum age for driver’s licences and let 5 year olds drive? After all, if there’s any problem it won’t be the cars – just the parents who do not teach driving skills and responsibility, right?

        Kids here are allowed to use guns but not to own them. Parents who want a gun must have a licence before they can even buy one, which you cannot get without undergoing firearms training. Parents are far less likely to be negligent and irresponsible when being so could mean confiscation of the firearm, loss of licence, and severe consequences. Yes, accidents occasionally happen, but the system minimises them. The small inconvenience created is worth it if it saves a kid’s life – except in America, obviously.

        1. Kids can’t have guns here either. You have to be 18 to buy a shotgun or rifle. 21 for a handgun. And you have to undergo a background check, conducted by the FBI, before you are allowed to purchase one. Not only that but the store clerk can deny someone if they deem it appropriate, even if they pass the background check.

    2. “A 5-year-old-boy shot and killed his 2-year-old sister with a .22 caliber rifle he received for his birthday.”

      Darwin awards.

  4. Why is there so much homophobia in the Baltic lands?You’d expect Estonia to go with Finland, where the language is similar, but it’doesn’t, at least in this case.

  5. I am ashamed about how backwards my country is thinking. This Varro Vooglaid guy is an active christian and belongs to some church here. And there is belief like gay marriage would threat declining birth number in the future and gay parents adopting children make their children gay. Like childrenless hetero marriage is normal then. Is it? I don’t get what’s in their mind. But equally stupid is to sue such people, it would only do damage to gay lesbian community in the eyes of majority.

  6. Just read this on Yahoo News:
    Pew study: Gun homicides in U.S. dropped nearly 50 percent over 20 years By Eric Pfeiffer, Yahoo! News.

    Huh…so maybe law biding citizens have firearms isn’t the problem…

  7. I was going to post this. Homicides with guns are down by nearly half in the US. It has been said that even though my generation was the ‘peace/love’ generation, it was also the most violent. Now that we are older, the homicides have gone done. It’s just a theory out there to explain the ‘why’ of it all. So unlike the myth that everyone settles arguments with gun in America, we are actually retreating with gun violence. In fact, if you read the research further, most homicides with guns are from suicides.

    As a gun owner, I see nothing wrong with some sort of gun training to own a handgun. We have to take hunter safety courses in most states to get a hunting license. The only thing I would object to is a slow process in which the government disarms American citizens. Given the number of guns already out there, that would be a virtual windfall for criminals. And for the Europeans who don’t understand why we have guns at all, most guns that are discharged in the US are used for hunting. How big is the reality of hunting in the US….HUGE.

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