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5 thoughts on “Periodical Political Post *184”

  1. I really am glad to see those boys arrested in Canada for kiddie porn. The streets there are much safer now and the proper residents of the community can sleep contently now. Just imagine! Boys having sexual thoughts and ideas and using snapchat on top of it all! The nerve of it!

    1. Those poor boys! They’re the victims here! Those nasty girls are the ones producing the porn and distributing it. After all, they took the pics and sent them. Just because the boys asked them to just means they were misled and need better access to online porn.

  2. CROATIA: Missing the Hapsburgs yet?
    TAIWAN: Red China is looming. Pay attention! Time is running out.
    KENYA: Missing the British Empire yet? If ever there was a valid apologetic for colonialism, this is it.
    RUSSIA: Missing the Romanovs yet?
    PUTIN: WOW! As a teenager, Vlad was a HOTTIE. If good looks determine sexual access, he had all he wanted.
    FBI: There’s nothing they want to do, that they can’t do.
    CANADA: You folks need a Bill Of Rights.
    AUSTRALIA: What else can they do with useless information but pass it around?
    NSA & GCHQ: I suspected there was something wrong with the sudden arrival of all the “free to play” games like Grepolis, World of Warplanes, and whatever else. Glad I stayed away. Moral of the story -Learn to love Solitaire, Hearts and Free Cell.
    SNAPCHAT: Note to Gov’t – teenagers are intensely sensual & sexual, and the boys, especially, are intensely visual about it. Porn is fun, especially when made by consenting teens for other consenting teens. Hey, teacher, leave those kids alone!

    1. @ horselips

      As always, excellent observations and succinctly stated.

      My own:

      KENYA: Will Africa ever feed itself? Angola, or was it Zaire (whichever one used to be the Belgian Congo) used to be the bread-basket of Africa, as did Rhodesia in the more recent past. Today, they are both, quite literally, economic and cultural toilets.

      SNAPCHAT: You said it all here horselips! No need for any additional comments! LOL!

      Keep up the good work… always a pleasure to see you unleash your big gun(s).

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