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  1. The temptation to comment on the two items relating to US trans is great but one or two ‘sensitive’ Americans here have made it clear non-US nationals aren’t allowed to give an opinion on US policies, government, judicial system, etc. as we are all ignorant. For that reason I won’t say anything about how fucked up things are.

    1. “Americans here have made it clear non-US nationals aren’t allowed to give an opinion on US policies, government, judicial system, etc. as we are all ignorant.”

      Well, there are intelligent opinions and then there are ignorant ones who only wish to rant on how America is so bad compared to their or any other country when ALL countries have their problems and bad politics (re: care to rehash about Tony Blair, anyone?).

      Yes, we have our problems and some of them seem to be insurmountable as well, but again, some of recognize that and still refrain from espousing obvious problems in other countries. And, as well, so many of you [Euros, mostly] fail to understand and recognize that our huge population breeds some very corrupt politicians that only think of themselves (while preaching about “loving one another”). You have them as well, just a smaller amount of it.

      Go ahead, post your opinions, but do it with intelligence, and not flaming hatred just to show off your stupidity.

      1. Love the ‘stupidity’ bit. Anybody tell you people in glass houses shouldn’t toss half bricks about? I did say a lot of Americans are paranoid and your ‘flaming hatred’ reference is testimony to that. Why do you think I hate Americans? I have many American friends and have visited many times. I don’t hate ANY nation, just their idiots and idiocy has no borders.

  2. re: What if we admitted to kids that most sex is only for our pleasure?

    Some enlightening articles there and the original if you click on the link inside. Also, there’s another very interesting article here:

    An excerpt:
    “2. We know that gay and lesbian people suffer a lot of discrimination. And in theory, it seems reasonable to try to prevent a child from suffering discrimination. But an approach like prenatal dex** for homosexuality prevention positions gay and lesbian people as the problem to be cured, where we ought to see that it’s our society that’s suffering from a disease. The medical establishment has long recognized that gay and lesbian people are not inherently diseased, even if New and her collaborators didn’t get the memo in 1973.”

    ** The drug: dexamethasone

  3. Here’s another interesting excerpt from one of those articles I posted about:

    “So what does this have to do with Mormons? Well, given the relatively large size of Mormon families, on average, it is highly likely that gay men are relatively more common among Mormons than among the general population, where family size is, on average, smaller. It’s not just that each Mormon family would have, on average, more sons than the average American family; it’s that the population of Mormons would include more gay men per capita than the general American population.”

    I hadn’t thought about this before, but it makes more sense: why those mormons hate homosexuality so damn much — they’re more afraid of having gay offspring that most of the other religious nutcases.

  4. I will await the always comprehensive and succinct post from Horselips.

    He always seems to capture the essence of each topic in these and I almost always agree or laugh with everything he has to say.

    So, I’m a lazy ass today… gonna let Mister Lips do the heavy lifting.

    1. Come on Jiffylips give it a shot, you know we always be waitin on one of your snappy one liners!

      1. Ooh, that should be Jeffylips!
        Jiffy-Jeffy, what’s the diff, huh Buttercup?

          1. “bitch please”

            Sorry, didn’t know you were looking in the mirror I was holding up.

            1. Please Mr. Boy!

              You don’t have to be Cruella everyday of the week.

            2. Think I should point out my riposte about the mirror was aimed at the aggressor not you jeffylube

            3. “bitch please”
              ❦Sorry gents but I do believe that lovely term of endearment with entreaty was strictly meant for me though knowing the source it was like candy to my ears…
              Who knows I could be wrong!

            4. Nah, all his mirrors crack before he sees himself. JOKING before mb’s misinterpret my ‘humour’ – I’m not malicious like some and I seriously doubt he is as butt ugly as me anyway..

            5. @Indra
              ” I seriously doubt he is as butt ugly as me anyway..”
              ❦Aaah, so self deprecating on your part but when it comes to the uglyiest in milkboy’s land I truly be the ugliest of the ugly ٩(●̮̃•)۶

            6. I’m going to post some selfies next week on my blog so you can judge for yourself. The only thing in my favour is hard work and sea air has kept my body in trim. A lot of people would fancy me if I put a bag over my head. As for self-deprecating, I have always said if you can’t laugh at yourself you have no right to laugh at others.

  5. [b]New Snowden docs highlight weaknesses in Facebook data security[/b]: I find it interesting that no one is addressing the real problem that is obvious even to Captain Obvious. For ever people just didn’t believe in Echelon, Carnivore and all the rest of those covert programs brought to you by the NSA and such. So, since that kind of belief was considered part to the lunatic tinfoil hat crowd software writers just didn’t do anything to make their software impregnable. Don’t forget that Facebook is just that. Software running on some server somewhere accessible to anyone. The same goes for Windows and, in fact, any software accessible through the internet.

  6. MORE VIOLENT CRIMES – No great societal change happens without violence – look at the civil rights movement in the 1960s. In the fight for gay rights and acceptance, you don’t expect casualties? The pen is mightier than the sword, except when you really, really need a sword. Once again, I implore you teenagers to get fit, get strong, and learn martial arts. If you’re 21, get your CCW permit, buy a few guns, and start carrying. Never, ever leave home without it. Don’t be a victim.

    LUXEMBURG – Parliament will pass this bill, Grand Duke Henri doesn’t even have to approve it, it will become law. Germany is way behind in allowing same-sex marriage, and before Sharia, already a shadow legal system in operation throughout Germany, gets any more influence or power. Missing the Hohenzollerns yet?

    TRANS WOMEN BEATEN – Bitches! – both out of shape, untrained, and unarmed. Time to get fit, get trained, and start packing something in those cavernous cleavages. Welcome to the Animal Kingdom. As for the people cheering – people cheer anytime a fight breaks out. Watch any gladiator movie.

    MOROCCO – WTF is wrong with people? At least they won’t be hanged (Iran) or crushed under a wall of stones (Afghanistan). If civilization is to survive, Islam Delenda Est.

    SOUTH KOREA – Baby steps. As Mao said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins…” One day, 76 trombones will lead the Seoul Gay Pride Parade. You heard it here first.

    FACEBOOK – Settle down everybody – FB apologized and restored the site and now the pic is enjoying even wider distribution. Anybody notice the Marriot Hotel ad next to the story – actively seeking gay travelers. How cool is that! I avoid FB and all social media sites. I have real, live friends, I actually see in person and speak to face to face.. And then I blow them…

    PAKISTAN – This is misleading. Pakistan isn’t ‘getting’ a LGBTI book, some Canadian lady is writing it, and just shipping it to them. The odds of this book making it off the dock or out of the airport are slim. Muslims are funny like that.

    WURST – Concert fans wore fake beards -LOL. Move over “V for Vendetta” (Guy Fawkes) masks, you’ve met your match.

    US INDEFINITE DETENTION – It’s cool to see Daniel Ellsberg, Gun Owners Of America, Noam Chomsky and other groups on the same side for once – united against the NWO of the Bushes and the totalitarian-progressive agenda of Obama. Take Tommy Jefferson’s advice to heart – “when interpreting the Constitution, always ere on the side of LIBERTY.” From Obamacare to the NDAA to gun control to IRS abuses- clearly the progressives are not your friend – inside every liberal is a fascist screaming to get out. “The duty of a patriot is to protect his country from its GOVERNMENT.” – Thomas Paine. “The solution to ‘1984’ is ‘1776.’ – Alex Jones

    NEW ZEALAND DRONES – You can pick your nose, and you can pick your friends – if you don’t want to end up as collateral damage in a drone strike, don’t hang out with Islamo-fascist Jihadists. You’re with us, or you’re against us. Like the knight guarding the Holy Grail in the Indiana Jones movie said, “Choose wisely.”

    SHOOTING WOMEN – WTF is wrong with people? OK, so the girls didn’t want them. Heck, they still had each other. Make you own fun. Any port in a storm. Geeezus.

    TEEN SUICIDE PORN VIDEO – What is the fascination with social media sites? I’m sure if I was on Twitter and Facebook and the others, I’d be getting all kinds of flack for some of the comments I post on the numerous forums I frequent, but I’m not, so I don’t. If they’re raising hell on FB and Twitter, then DUHHH don’t go there. There’s more than Funke’s tits and ass than meets the eye here – she did herself in for reason as yet undisclosed, or unknown.

    TEEN GIRL EJECTED – WTF is wrong with people? You can’t make this stuff up. Too funny. What the hell good is a teenage girl who doesn’t generate impure thoughts? If not then, when? For cryin’ out loud the whole point of the senior and junior proms is getting to dress up like grownups, reserve a hotel room, rent a limo, dance provocatively, get horny, and then go to the hotel to party-n-play. How quickly some dads forget.

    INDIA AND INTERNET PORN – WTF is wrong with people? Everything I really need to know in life I learned from porn.

    SNOWDEN & FACEBOOK – I’ll say it again – stay away from social media sites. They are not your friend, and you’re putting yourself at risk. Besides, Zuckerberg is already a billionaire and doesn’t need any more help from you. You’re safer playing with matches, running with scissors, having unprotected sex, or cleaning a Glock (I hate Glocks).

    SEX IS FOR PLEASURE? – Hmmm, maybe that’s why it feels so good. I mean, if it hurt, and not in a good way, it would be for penance. Imagine – go to confession, spill your guts, the priest says “10 Our Fathers, 10 Hail Marys, and get laid. Go now, and sin no more.” Right.
    We don’t have to tell kids sex is for pleasure. As soon as they start masturbating, usually years before puberty sets in, they’ve already figured that out for themselves.

    NOTE TO JOSH – For some reason, Google won’t take me here anymore. To get to Milkboys, I have to go to a site that links to here first. It’s not a filter or setting – I can go to all my favorite porn sites from Google with no problem and Bing still takes me here. What’s up?

    1. @Horselips
      ” For some reason, Google won’t take me here anymore.”
      I’m using Google Chrome exclusively on my pad.
      Usually through a VPN but primarily because of the fast built in pic search yet it can be problematic at times, sometimes saying site’s not available or closing unexpectedly whilst right in the middle of posting.

      Bing has always been my primary search engine, google’s just too invasive with it’s wanna link everything up and be one big happy chummy family monitored by the good ole NSA! Agree totally on your thoughts re FB & social media sites; too much personal info and too many unexpected leaks and cyber attacks.

      Good thoughts all around per usual!


      As the possessor of a South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP), both the FBI and the SC Law Enforcement Division (SLED) have determined that I meet all the prerequisites and qualifications to own and legally carry a handgun. I am humbled by this privilege and take it very seriously.

      I had to qualify on the firing range to obtain my CWP and regularly keep up my firing skills on the target range. I am a very good shot!

      Of all the topics covered during the extensive all-day classroom portion of the CWP process, a tremendous amount of time was spent on when NOT to fire your weapon. At age 62, I have never been convicted of a crime. I am an ex-military policeman in the United States Army and am of good character. I am not a loose cannon at this stage of my life and will never fire my handgun unless I fear for my life.

      That said, my sub-compact 9mm semi-automatic is always with me when I am out and about. I never go looking for trouble and do not drink. If, however, I were to be confronted with a situation where I felt threatened for my physical safety, or anyone that was with me, my potential assailant would soon find out that they fucked with the wrong faggot!

      1. I understand what you say and in a country with so many guns I would probably want one as well. Still think it would be better if there were no guns though. Over here it is a mandatory 5 year sentence to be in possession of a gun without a licence.

        1. South Carolina is pretty gun-friendly as states here go, but, indra, you ought to see my state – Arizona. We have virtually no gun control here of any kind beyond that enacted by the federal government. There are no bans on so-called assault weapons, no limits on magazine capacity, no restrictions on what can be shipped, and no permit necessary for concealed or open carry (“Constitutional” Carry) on your person, or in your car. Both Tucson and Phoenix host major gun shows practically every month or so, often twice a month. All shows are very well attended. I’ve seen the shows filled to capacity, with waiting lines an hour long to get in. Ammunition is bought by the case (approx. 1000 rounds) and many buyers walk out with hand trucks stacked with cases.

          1. I have been to California several times, I was actually in South Central LA when the riots kicked off and watched it as it happened on television. I’ve been to Virginia and NY as well but most of my Americans friends are in Florida (Jacksonville) and I plan to visit at the end of summer. Despite the riots and many visits I have NEVER even seen a gun. From my limited understanding Arizona is one of the ‘wilderness’ states and possessing firearms is more comprehensible but what you describe sounds excessive. (Been to Hawaii a few times as well but I don’t really class that as America)

  7. jeffylube:

    I will await the always comprehensive and succinct post from Horselips.
    He always seems to capture the essence of each topic in these and I almost always agree or laugh with everything he has to say.
    So, I’m a lazy ass today… gonna let Mister Lips do the heavy lifting.

    Ah, this is the case of the winner of the beauty contest came in third. :-P

  8. @ horselips

    Ah, I knew I could count on you!

    As always, your comments are both enlightening and humorous.

    Thank you.

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