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  1. I agree with 90% of what this handsome young man has to say.

  2. Converge .. nice musical choice there, but I can’t really agree on all of his points. Meh.

  3. He makes a few good points. Too bad he comes across as an arrogant asshole. And who’s going to run this school for the “elite”? I’m sure Rupert Murdoch and his ilk would be more than happy to take on the responsibility.

  4. Wait until this dreamer runs into a few muslim fundamentalists…they’ll hang his head by the ring in his nose.
    He’s articulate…speaks at least two languages…but wrong on all counts. If he hates nationalism and governments…wait until he’s told what to do by a world government…he’ll change his tune.

  5. Boy, he has it all figured out! Young and idealistic. Love it!

  6. “Arrogant asshole” or self-confident and opinionated? If young people aren’t idealistic then the world will stay fucked up forever.

    And he is so right about nationalism.

  7. I shouldn’t post videos with the PPP’s. Seems like people tend to ignore the rest of the post if I do*sigh*

  8. There’s just so much to comment on…I’m speaking only for myself, though. In regards to the first link concerning Faith Schools, I can recall when as a Catholic school student being repeatedly told about the sinfulness of homosexuality…I could have cared less, yet for those impressionable pupils who might take it to heart, this is most unfortunate, especially if the parents subscribe to such an antiquated way of thinking as well.

  9. Joshy, i looked at the other links and ignored the video. lol

    If you want people to focus on things beside the vid, don’t post vids with cute boys in them. :P

  10. That’s interesting, Bene…granted (if 1971 is when you were born) you’re a little older than me, but I’ve gone through catholic schools K-14 (so far) and haven’t had any of the stereotypical angry witch-nun rhetoric. They did repeatedly push the whole sex-abstention thing pretty damn hard though…didn’t stop me or anyone else. When will the catholics learn.

    His Utopia sounds rather sterile and bland. No mind-broadening cultural and language barriers, no foreseeable literature of great quality (think about all the truly great literature; Homer, Vergil, Dante, Cervantes, and Shakespeare are all writing from nationalistic perspectives), no philly cheese steak sandwiches. That last one would be a particularly bitter pill to swallow…

  11. I completely agree that the abolition of currency is the only way to achieve global economic equality. It is also, of course, impossible. Gene Roddenberry thought the solution was in science: the technology to rearrange the molecular composition of our waste products back into the things that we consume. This is how ‘utopia’ was achieved in his fictional work ‘Star Trek.’

    It’s interesting that he mentions a singular global government and a singular global language, both of which have been the goals of his hated ‘nationalists’ for literally thousands of years (not to mention his global oligarchy idea…I don’t have to tell you who the other men in history are who have had similar thoughts).

    I agree with the soy beans :) If not for corporate greed and a global economy dependent on debt, world hunger would have long ago been solved by many amazing crops such as soy and hemp (although soy bean curd (tofu) is not nearly as healthy as the raw food itself due to the production process).

    What does oil in Norway have to do with starving children in Africa? God he is hot though.

  12. First off, thank you for posting all of the links as usual and helping to keep people aware and informed!

    I don’t believe with what he has to say, not because I disagree with all of his ideas, but because they are simply not plausible.

    But I believe that the spirit of his message is what is constantly bringing the world closer together. The fact that he is from Norway but his opinion reaches me on the other side of the planet and I can digest and comment on it is, in fact, a step towards the eradication of world borders and unity of societies. On the internet, everyone can have an opinion and share no matter where you live or what you do.

    Which is exactly why it is so important to keep the internet nuetral!

  13. Quite a distinct difference between pirating source code and concepts. The former would involve hacking, or a mole, or even physically breaking an entry to access a computer. The latter, anyone can do – on the other hand it is even more absurd that mere concepts can be “owned”.

  14. His utopia is a true dystopia. Look at USA: changes towards the better (such as same-sex marriage) usually happen at the state level whereas changes towards the worse (such as the PATRIOT act) usually happen at the federal level. The same is true elsewhere in the world, here in Sweden we just legalised same-sex marriage, but not in EU as a whole; meanwhile we get tons of new oppressive legislations from EU such as IPRED, the telecom package and the data retention directive. On Earth as a whole, each nation acts as a state and a world government would act as the federal american government or EU. His elite society would be riddled with social conservatism, new and different would be shunned. He is right about the energy efficiency of veganism, though it has problems of its own. A better solution for the future is in vitro meat. I agree about language, I don’t really care if languages “die out” from lack of speakers (but they should be documented and recorded for future studies), though it should not be forced upon people, that is not my idea of a utopia. Democracy is shit in deed, the least bad solution I have found thus far is anarchism. Any other system requires some form of central power and power corrupts, period.

  15. Hello, again. Dendrophilian (in English, “tree lover”, it’s the young video blogger’s MySpace “display name”) reasons with too narrow and shallow a knowledge base, or blocks to analysis. These are most likely learned through experience and observation (note: from all around him inclusive of “education”). If only one point is addressed, there are nations with large natural oil reserves where people starve and those without in which they’re well fed. And yes, he’s rather easy on the eyes).
    There we segue easilly into “faith schools”. The danger is not so much in official Catholic schools, as they are actually serious about education. There are others that exist primarily to restrict learning to a narrow body of knowledge, much of which will not stand in the face of observation and statistical analysis.
    “Home” (my home is a small group of villages on that same blessed island) truly seems to be evolving into a police state. This is reflected in the referenced articles on ill treatment of children, proposed intrusion on private communication and (if anyone else recalls, it’s illegal to photograph or film police).
    On Nationalism, I shall only draw on personal choice: The obligation to defend the honour of my Nation is quite different than defending the Government. I am, rather, obligated to defend my fellows. As example, consider an hypothetical invation and my response. My side in any battle shall be relative to the identity of an invader; every means at my disposal shall encourage victory on the part of the better run Nation State.
    All apologies if this seemed verbose or impenetrable. I’m not writing “in character”, today.

  16. You’re all such humorless critics who are tearing the boy in the video apart for no good reason. I see far nuttier people around me every day in my overeducated ghetto. This boy has a good heart and I wouldn’t mind having him as part of my family. Better this that some of the straight-laced prune faces who tend to comment here.
    I’m glad you posted him Josh.

  17. What pisses me off about idealistic youngsters like this is that as soon as you take him out of his nice middle-class home he’ll quickly change his mind.

    Living with your parents with no bills to pay, no taxes and few real-world worries makes it easy to chat shit like he does.

    Give his belongings to one of the poor Africans he mentions and he’ll soon lose his ideals. Arrogant little cretin.

    With regards to the links – very interesting. But I am beginning to tire of the excessive political posts. Its less a “periodical” and more a “constant”. I don’t like being preached to and with the increasing frequency of political postings thats exactly what it feels like.

  18. That boy had my hopes up with his critique of nationalism and then…bam, he brought up world government….such idealism wasted on a futile ideal.

  19. Don’t listen to Loki Josh. He’s just another of the straight-laced prune faces that I called attention to above.
    I like your political posts, Josh! Let’s have even more!
    And if it gives the pompous defenders of the status quo, and know-it-all asses who dislike “idealistic youngsters” fits, then all the better!

    “The most prudent and effective method of dealing with the world around us is to assume that it is a complete fiction.” -J. G. Ballard

  20. DeerDance, do people hold you accountable for and linger on every word you use? Most of the crap that people talk about every day is patent nonsense. I like the spirit of this boy. Look past the veil of the words and realize that English is not his native tongue. Properly defined, I could defend every statement that he has made. Why are so many here threated by all this? It’s telling me more about the people who comment here than about the boy who posted the video.

    Hermes and Eric have watched this in a good light. But most are just waiting to pounce on him.

    And Josh, it’s not that I am ignoring the rest of the PPP. Those issues have already been covered in other blogs like boing boing (or elsewhere), and the boy in the video hasn’t. Maybe the boy is better suited to Sidney’s blog with its more radical and accepting readers. I think he’d be a bit hit there.

    Josh, I am really beginning to wonder why you attract so many conservative, straight-laced and even Puritanical followers.

  21. “Democracy is shit in deed, the least bad solution I have found thus far is anarchism. Any other system requires some form of central power and power corrupts, period.”

    Central power also allows for things like roads, schools, hospitals, emergency response, water, sewage, gas lines, electricity, other utilities, the internet you’re accessing, telegraph, telephone, railroads, airlines, shipping, colleges and universities, arts endowments, research grants, pensions, health care, medicare, medicaid, military protection, equality before the law, standards of food and drug safety, proper building codes, disaster relief….et cetera.

    Alas, people don’t care what governments do, they care what they get photographed doing.

  22. I didn’t think I’d find myself saying this but I actually agree with Mr.Chives
    Anybody who thinks anarchy is a good idea hasn’t thought it through properly

  23. Of course AbeOrigine you have a stanglehold on thought. If only I had known!
    And Mr. Chives is soooo fucking American! His “equality before the law” is the biggest joke of all for a Yank to be talking about. The entire history of Amerika has been INequality before the law!!!

  24. Anarchy wouldn’t work for people because people are nothing more than animals. We need some form of central government to keep our less desirable traits from tearing our species apart and allowing it to grow.

    And if you have some romantic notion of animals being peaceful, happy critters who do no harm to each other then you’re seriously mistaken. You only have to look at the brutal murder, rape, cannibalism and torture that our nearest cousins – chimps – inflict on each other.

    As MrChives has already stated. Central Government has given us many, many things that anarchy certainly wouldn’t. The world isn’t perfect and democracy isn’t either. But its a hell of a lot better than giving a stack of guns to a bunch of apes to play with.

  25. Loki, you say “You only have to look at the brutal murder, rape, cannibalism and torture that our nearest cousins – chimps – inflict on each other.”

    I KNOW all that. But you haven’t told me what the BAD things are that chimps do!!! Tell me the BAD stuff that the chimps do!

  26. Loki, your country must be awash with “nothing more than animals”. I guess all that’s on the average Englishman’s mind is something pretty awful since the English government is spending a fortune to keep an eye on EVERYTHING its citizens do. Yes, indeed, I feel safer already! Keep those fucking creeps under constant surveillance for the good of democracy! You’re right! You must be pretty fucking disgusting people. I’m moving in with the chimps… right now!
    This from the most recent news out of English Central Government:

    “GCHQ, the government’s eavesdropping centre, is developing classified technology to intercept and monitor all e-mails, website visits and social networking sessions in Britain. The agency will also be able to track telephone calls made over the internet, as well as all phone calls to land lines and mobiles.

    The £1 billion snooping project — called Mastering the Internet (MTI) — will rely on thousands of “black box” probes being covertly inserted across online infrastructure.”

  27. Not the entire history, Zupp, just the history you read, the history Josh presents, the history people talk about because it’s so alarming.

  28. Hello. MrChives exposes a few good points, as do Yankee Doodle, Loki and Peter Zupp.

    First, to sidestep Peter’s question, some good things that chimps do: Chimps think nothing about their relatively common bisexuality and find sex a useful tool for gaining a favour or special treat.

    For Yankee Doodle: The US could do with something of an expanded Whiskey Rebellion , both grander in scale, addressing more of the relevant American Constitutional issues, and successful. Your Governments have ignored their written and ratified obligation “to serve the general welfare” for far too long a time. Like weeping Britannia, your public’s hysteria is well on its way to constructing a police state (and I don’t care what your Party affiliation is, both parties are distorting the free market, oppressing the people, and otherwise distorting their sworn allegiance to the afore mentioned Constitution).

    For Loki: When I said “weeping Britannia,” I was referring to such things as giving the police free reign, monitoring private conversation, smoking bans… my former pubs are now private membership clubs (what else I’ve done to protect my tenants does not bear mentioning in a public forum).

    For MrChives: Dig beneath the surface. Look past your public infrastructure which is now receiving some of the renovation required after years of neglect. Look past public order, and define it. Is it targeting teenagers because the voting distribution is distorted in favour of groups that find them suspicious? Is it an ineffective public school system, popular periodicals that must be written at your eighth grade level in order for the public to read?

    I’m very sorry, but the view from the bunker is a potentially prosperous and happy world in the midst of an economic crisis, Mr Brown speaking of a new world order (and the United Nations seem no more fit to govern than the anarchists , corrupt absolute rulers, or democracies controlled by the ignorant and the gullible.

    Though I don’t actually expect anyone will read my post,

    Sincerely yours,

    Giles Paul Arthur Martin.

  29. Giles Paul Arthur Martin, along with Yankee Doodle, I have moved in with the chimps and am having a great time. What an improvement over the likes of Loki, Chives and their police state wet dreams.

    I am only writing to tell you I read your post which I liked. You’re a little too easy on the Puritan bastards who comment here, but that’s OK if you want to be a “nice” guy.

    You are always welcome to come be my neighbor with the chimps in the jungle.

  30. “I’m very sorry, but the view from the bunker is a potentially prosperous and happy world in the midst of an economic crisis, Mr Brown speaking of a new world order (and the United Nations seem no more fit to govern than the anarchists , corrupt absolute rulers, or democracies controlled by the ignorant and the gullible.”

    I honestly have no idea what you’re trying to convey there. The second half is blocked by a single parenthesis, while the first half is nigh unintelligible. If its clarified I’ll have a better response for you, but…

    I didn’t suggest that governments are or ever can be perfect. They are, however necessary; they will always exist. Even in Peter Zupp’s society of Chimpanzees, there is a leader. In the environment of anarchism, it doesn’t take long before someone realizes that Might equals Right. The “government” in his present society is the 600lb gorilla that just ambled in and made him his bitch.

    I understand that people are disillusioned with their government. I understand that people are disillusioned with MY government. But taken to the extreme of anarchism, it becomes clear that those people don’t understand the nuanced value of their government. Or of MY government.

    Peter Zupp; I find it rather juvenile and pathetic that you call for the abolition of government from behind the protection provided by that government. I’m not saying don’t criticize the government-one should always criticize-but you don’t have to be a child about it.

    *dismounts from high horse*

  31. Chives, I wish you would call me juvenile, pathetic and a child. Why does Zupp get all the glory? Coming from your mouth these are a badge of honor.

  32. Good Morning, all.

    In reply to Herr Zupp:

    I recognize the puritans, and strongly regret selling my Grandfather’s house in Berlin (a new hospital was needed). The nightlife is back in full swing, as you probably know, and I dislike staying at hotels or in others houses.

    Puritans, I fear, are raised rather than born. Their confinement to a narrow and mostly imaginary worldview is not genetic. All our fact based logic, all our observation and analysis, all that we point out is actually happening in plain site will not sway them.

    With help from the natural order of things, whether that is an entity or a self sufficient system of natural law, the oblivious shall fall before us.

    For Mr Chives: I must apologize for the typing error. Yes, no government is perfect, and many people are disillusioned with their own governments. Note, if you please, that those same disillusioned people base their vote on petty or illusory points. Incompatible demands cause crises.

    What Mr. Brown was speaking of where contingency plans in case your country fails as a superpower. The UN was mentioned, and that is an entity that I find more distasteful than your government or the EU.

    Ah, Yankee Doodle: You made a very good point public “security.” If I may quote your Thomas Jefferson, “That government is best which governs least”.

    Cordially yours,

    Giles (and Bonnie, not a chimp but a sleepy, diabetic pug).

  33. Upon rereading my post, I see that I behaved like an ass, and I apologize.

    Yes, Jefferson believed in small government. He was also writing when the population of the United States was primarily rural (only about 5% lived in cities at the time), when any major threat was two weeks away, when people drank the same water they bathed in, when industry was a very small part of the American economy, and, thus, far less potent as a political force, when women and children worked themselves to death in the unregulated labor market, when a militia stood in place of a standing army… and even for that time he was an idealist, as Alexander Hamilton and James Madison pointed out through the Federalist papers.

    Our chief misfortune is that too many people take Thoreau’s emendation to heart, that “that government is best which governs not at all.” They fail to account for the qualification he makes; that “when men are prepared for it, that will be the kind of government which they will have.” He knew as well as anyone should that men will never be prepared for it.

    “Their confinement to a narrow and mostly imaginary worldview is not genetic. All our fact based logic, all our observation and analysis, all that we point out is actually happening in plain site [sic] will not sway them.”
    I sincerely hope you don’t consider that facts and logic are in the corner of the guy who is pretending to live with chimpanzees. To recognize that government is necessary is realism. To call for its abolition? That is the true fantasy.

  34. I really must apologize, Mr. Chives. It was never my intent to infer that government could be done without. It is only a voting populace that reacts too strongly to rare events, has had their head filled with intolerant notions (such as the “religious right”), or simply listens to attractive rhetoric while forgetting that politicians fail to perform as promised once in office.

    That statement suggests no solution. Freedom of the Press is assured by your Constitution. Only market forces govern the privately held media, and most practice what was once called “yellow journalism”, introduced by William Randolph Hearst in order to sell more newspapers.

    You may not agree, but it may be a sign of better things to come that Fox News is increasingly mocked and a fair number of its audience view it for amusement rather than “information”.

    Of course, “living with the chimps” may have been a less than serious proposal. That’s the way I read it, but each of us is an individual and free to interpret what they see in their own way. On my part, my writing hasn’t changed since university (except for care in proofreading!!). So please forgive me if some of what pleased my professors raises your ire.

    Cordially, with a bit of vinegar,


  35. @Herr Zupp glad to hear you’ve moved in with the chimps perhaps you can blind them with ignorance because you state I have a ‘stranglehold on thought’ simply because I, like any rational person, realises anarchy is a bad thing simply because of all the tossers on this planet that would take it to its extreme, which is basically a form of fascism not that you’d know anything about that of course.

  36. The chimps are great! Sorry I don’t have much time to reply to all the goofy dudes here, but a life of orgasm, lust and gluttony leaves room for little else.
    “Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo”

  37. Perhaps it was a ‘less than serious proposal’, Giles, but he has clearly used it as a talking point to block out any genuine thought on the issue. Almost like he has his thumbs jabbed in his ears and is repeatedly shouting LALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALA…

  38. Chives you are one big fucking bore! “Genuine thought” my fucking ass.
    You pile one platitude on another. Maybe that went over big in your Catholic university, but it sucks when you have to listen to that drivel on a blog dedicated to young pretty boys.

  39. My guess is that MrChives is an ugly dude who no one ever paid any attention to and who is threated out of his mind by radical, young, pretty boys.

  40. Thank you, Herr Zupp. “Wir Kinder auf Bahnhoff Zoo”! Excellent song and a good point. Didn’t a sort of society develop among the youth, their? I somehow think it did, exactly as it did long ago among the chimps.

    Are you giving us clues to an analogy that you’ve been drawing all along?


  41. Marcel; Aesthetics equals intelligence, or validity of argument?

    I’m open to listening to your side of the argument, Yankee Doodle, if you’d care to forward one backed by evidence.

  42. Thank you, Herr Zupp. “Wir Kinder auf Bahnhoff Zoo”! Excellent song and a good point. Didn’t a sort of society develop among the youth, their? I somehow think it did, exactly as it did long ago among the chimps.

    Are you giving us clues to an analogy that you’ve been drawing all along?

    As for Yankee Doodles objection to GCHQ’s preparing to intrude on their fellows’ privacy, that was as excellent an example of problems we all face when our government reacts obscenely to largely imagined fear. All governments can and will betray their subjects, if the voice(s) behind those governments so demand. Please note that this applies equally to the demands of an absolute monarch, a junta, or those that vote in a republic or democracy.

    Really, one conclusion one might obtain is that none of us (myself included) knows how a government ought to go about serving its people. Another is that none of us could, as we run out of arguments and insist on filling the void with groundless criticisms, except for the bit about missing punctuation (though no one mentioned the alarming fact that I once misspelled my second name).

    Hello, all: Chimpanzees live in groups, with a large, old and experienced leader (chosen by combat) that barely governs. Their currency is food, favours (delicacies, grooming, sex, defence, etc. They go to war when they need Lebensraum, but not when they only think they do. Shall I go on?

    Now, if I could escape all my duties to provide for my family and pets, ensure the employment of my tenants, and preserve my property to the benefit of all that care about it (God bless Sir John Betjeman, may his current home be as beautiful as those things he defended), then I might very well choose a place governed much as are the chimps.

    Yours, in high spirits,

    Giles KT.

  43. Giles Paul Arthur Martin, thank you for your intuition and high spirits. A breath of fresh air!
    Melbourne and Kensington? Really? Do you have a vacancy?

  44. Evidence Chives? Evidence? Do you really think I am willing to play the role of Giordano Bruno while you play the part of the inquisitor Cardinal Bellarmine? You really believe that, don’t you?

    The high spirits of Giles are more to my taste than the offers you make Chives, for me to climb into a crematorium you have prepared for me after failing to prove that I am not a witch by staying under water. I know the tricks your type is famous for by rote.

    But alas dear Chives, you will have to try harder to lure some hapless fool into that Kangaroo Court you love to preside over, at least in your illusions, always screaming for “more evidence”.

  45. Gentlemen, this little tiff is doing a disservice to Josh and the rest of us. I suggest from here on you expound your erudition and bile via e-mail.

  46. Of course Giles is more to your taste, Doodle, he’s not arguing with you. Never mind that while you criticize me for using ‘platitudes’, he comes in with the Jefferson quote, the most hackneyed expression on government there is, with the possible exception of ‘power corrupts’ offered by donri earlier. But you won’t criticize them, will you? Of course not, because their platitudes are convenient for your argument. I’m not asking for evidence from a paternalistic or authoritative position, I’m asking from a position as equals. If you’re not going to forward evidence, what business do you have in argument? Can you even answer that question without ad hominem attacks, without diversionary allusions and analogies, without well-poisoning rhetoric, without preening under the blanket that Giles provides by saying something remotely intelligent or informative? No? I thought not.

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