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  1. Careful Josh! Some of those links look like ‘conspiracy theories’, you might offend your mods and become one of those rare bans.


    Sorry. I couldn’t resist.

    On a serious note, the sex offender list thing has been happening in the UK for nearly a decade. We have many children on this. One of the first people to be put on to it was a 13 year old boy who was trading pictures of himself online. They raided his home and found more than 300 pictures, including baby porn on his PC. This was some years back though.

    The article is here:


    As for the Obama thing. That man is the msot dangerous President in the history of the USA. Of all the Presidents they have had, Obama is the one who is the most owned by the financial element. If you look back at every step of his life, it has been guided by the financial elites. His first job was for Kissinger. Not many people know this, but it has also been proven that Obama is related to George Bush.

    Check the pictures out here:



  2. I’m afraid of things to come. Not because of me reading this blog, but of the general paranoia of decision makers. I’m almost convinced that George Orwell gave us a glimps of our future.

  3. I totally agree though I think Brave New World was a more accurate vision. They want us dumbed down, happy, little mind slaves.

  4. Uncle Sidney’s blog Boiled Ham has been nuked. Josh can’t you help him get a server that won’t take him down? Poor guy. I really like him. We must stand by him and give him all our support.

    1. I know, I do like him too but I honestly don’t know any service he could try :/

      Maybe But there are removed blogs there already too, I don’t know tho if they were removed by the author or the server admin.

  5. What’s happening??? Uncle Sidney’s site “Boiled Ham” has returned from the dead. Can you tell us what happened Josh?

  6. Thanks for these links to relevant news articles. Here in the US both political parties have been bought by industry and Obama is no exception. It is very disconcerting. Love your blog. Keep it up and hopefully you will never be censored.

  7. Watch out Josh since another blogger had his home raided in Germany because he linked to wikileaks with the other censor list concerning alledged child porn.

    Are you sure nothing on the list contains child or youth porn which could jeopardize the user’s safety?

  8. A freaky bit from the first item:

    > “She worries that sexual abuse may go unreported as a result.
    > “If I found my 10-year-old child with my 7-year-old child,
    > I would be very tempted – even after 30 years in the field –
    > not to report my child just to keep them off the registry.”

    AAAaahahahahah… gawd. So now kids “playing doctor” are dangerous criminals. This is just incredible.

  9. ‘We don’t want to believe that children can do the types of horrible things that they do,” she says. “But they do. And whether they’re 13 or 23 years old, they can be as dangerous.’

    “The horrible things they do”… but what did those children actually *do*? Was there some kind of malice or actual abuse involved, or was it just some experimental fondling between kids — perhaps even kids of the same age?

    Don’t get me wrong, this whole thing is ridiculous no matter what, but in one case, this would turn out to be a lot more ridiculous even than it would be otherwise…

  10. Children as young as 10 on public sex offender lists in the USA

    How a child that is under age and under the age of consent can be put on that list? How a child under that age can ever be accused of sex crime? Authorities say that AOC is to protect kids from predators, yea? Bullshit! Kids under AOC can’t consent sex because of what? They don’t know what they do? Another bullshit, this laws shows they can understand what they do, they even can be punished for that!!! This law has to do nothing with protecting children, this law is just to protect sick morality. Down with hypocrites!!!

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