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  1. Actually, the idea is just that “the rich” people don’t have to pay the health system for the “poor people”. Which I think is bad enough without exaggerating it like Fefe.

    1. The idea is that everyone pays the same amount (“Kopfpauschale”) regardless of his income. Which means — compared to the situation now — that you have to pay the more the poorer you are and the less the richer you are. There was a nice chart about this on SPON, I guess I can find that again if you wanna see it.

      1. Yes, bad enough. But still the poor don’t pay for the rich. Everyone pays for him-/herself.

        If you find the chart I would be interested in it anyway.

  2. Not to nitpick but Indianapolis is a city. Not a state. It is the capital of Indiana.The biggest bunch of hillbillies north of Kentucky.

  3. This the most complete excerpt of the CNN interview of 10 y/o Will Phillips about his refusal of the pledge of allegiance. Notice that the dad and the reporter are both embarrassed and giggling like little girls. Will, however is dead serious; he takes a much more mature and deliberate posture than the “men”. Also, consider he lives in a small rural town in the south. If you pay attention to him, he indicates that he is already being threatened. He is paying the price for our freedom. He is my personal hero!

    1. They were not giggling because they did not take his arguments seriously but merely because the situation was new to them as well and also, because it is a common to smile when you talk to children. There’s not a traitor behind every smile ;) Quite the contrary, I’m convinced, that his dad, and I bet especially his mother, are extremely proud of their son, becuase he did, what they did not have the guts to do. (He was certainly influenced by them to some extent, thats just obvious, but i doubt that they promted him, to commit this act of rebellion. ) Well done, little boy!

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