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  1. Sorry, but that is not a very reliable source. The story is basically copied…but I think you should remain impartial in news storys. The average sentence for murder is life in prison in the US…not ~20 years as the unreliable source implies.. It also depends on the degree of murder. The author of Sankuku complex or whatever it was needs to stop watching TV.

  2. Oh you got to be kidding me !! People in Canada can’t even talk to kids anymore?! Woah .. Next thing you know we will have parents in court because they were talking to their kids on msn!

  3. “Almost half of Americans believe being gay is a choice according to poll ”

    – The poll consisted of 1,001 participants. Sorry, we’re a little bigger than that. The poll was taken over a two day period.
    – There is no link to the poll by Angus-Reid. Regions matter in the US. Was it a national poll? Statewide? Phone? Person? A web survey? Context, man! We need context!
    – The article is full of errors, typographical grammatical, and factual.
    – You left off the first part of the headline – “POLL SUGGESTS almost half of Americans believe being gay is a choice…” – the article is spun heavily enough without you spinning it too, Josh :)

  4. ALMOST HALF: Some say it’s nature, some say it’s nurture – who really cares. The essence of a free country is making free choices anyway.
    AUSTRALIA CENSORS INTERNET: Liberalism marches on! People get the governments they deserve.
    CANADA TALKING TO KIDS: Liberalism marches on! Every time you vote for any liberal, you vote for this.
    LITHUANIA: Xenophon was right. They really are barbarians.
    ENGLISH COPS: Give radicalized 4 year olds 10 more years and VOILA – yur next generation of suicide bombers. Why Britain tolerates Islamism is a mystery to me. Political Correctness is a death cult.
    US WOMAN: WTF! What boy rats out an older babe after fucking him for a year? Where were these women when I was 12? Hell, even my parish priest never abused anyone. I want my childhood back! So it can be stolen by experienced hot women. Who can I sue for NOT being molested?
    HEAVY ILLEGAL DOWNLOADERS: It doesn’t matter. They want our hides anyway.
    STRANGER DANGER: Ihad the run of my entire town growing up. Nowadays kids are lucky to make it to their property line. Maybe its time to kill all the predators. Right after we kill all the lawyers. An overly supervised childhood is worthless. What kind of useless adults will we be raising under these circumstances?

    GERMAN STORIES – I don’t read German, but tghe stories just seem different. Something about a 14yo and the police? I dunno. maybe somebody can translate for us.

    JOSH – Nudist John blog (my kinda guys) survived the Nibblebit Inquisition – will he be back on our linjk list?

  5. Well anyway Kinsey’s study found most men behave bisexually at some point in their lives, so I guess for them it is a choice. And, they represent a MUCH MUCH MUCH larger group than self-identified gay men by an order of magnitude. “Gay” men are mostly Kinsey 7’s (no heterosexual desire at all) and that’s a small percent of the population. So if half of Americans think homosexuality is a choice, it turns out they are probably right!

  6. I know that I live in a liberal state, but even my conservative friends don’t believe being gay is a choice.

  7. On the one hand it is encouraging to see women being punished for sexual offences against children. On the other hand SIXTY YEARS!!!!! The boys were 11 and 12 year olds admittedly but SIXTY YEARS.

    What impact would this have had on their lives? Unless I am freak, very little I would imagine. If that is so then this sentence beggars belief.

    I lost my virginity at 14 to a 42 year old and although I was a little nervous and couldn’t face her for a while 6 months later I went back for seconds (unfortunately she moved).

    Courts should get psychiatric evaluations of the victims and make their rulings accordingly. Did they in this case? It all happened over a one year period which seems to rule out any intimidation.

  8. “Australia plans to censor internet”
    Englands already done this :(

    “◦English anti-terror cops ask nursery school workers to watch for 4 year old terrorists”
    Yes, our goverment IS that paraniod.

  9. These new updates get me deeply depressed ….. :-( .

    And the canadian thing about adults -( as in over 18 year olds?) , forbidden to talk with under 18 y.o. via

    phone,internet, in person + other messageing mediums .
    Act ?! of doing this a crime punishable by prison , fines + god knows what.
    The whole concept of human interaction is going to go down !

    Thank god i threw out my tv set/sat dish about 5 years ago . And i don’t get a newspaper either.

    All neccesary ‘news’ is aveilable online – but for how long …..

  10. josh, these ppps are certainly heart-felt and much engaged, but ..sigh .. not much informed mostly but just moving furniture in pre-defined spaces. open up!

  11. “A poll of 1,001 American voters has found that almost half believe being gay is something people choose.”

    Who knows whether it is a choice or not? As far as I know, it has not been established that homosexuality has a cause. The “question” can be “deconstructed” yet further, and one can even ask if there is such a thing as the “homosexual” (except where “homosexuality” means “sexual activity with someone of the same sex”). Whether these questions are even ASKABLE depends on which fundamentalism you subscribe to. (Some) “Gays” think they are a genetic “sub-species” == Genes. The Grays think they are perverts who turn away from God’s word == Choice. Antagonise someone from either camp and you will suffer wrath!

    “◦English anti-terror cops ask nursery school workers to watch for 4 year old terrorists”

    Well, after seeing an ~4 year old bring total chaos to an airport departure lounge recently, I can well understand!!! Control the little bastards please!

  12. “Almost half of Americans believe being gay is a choice according to poll”

    Being from the USA, I find this poll believable, I am gay with 1 brother and 2 sisters,
    even they can’t seem to get it through their heads that I didn’t chose to be gay.

    Many Americans will believe whatever you tell them

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