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First Chinese Gay Pageant was shut down by police 



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  1. Not surprising. I’ve chatted with boys in mainland China. They are excited to talk to anyone who is gay in the west but on their way to college, they are indoctrinated in the army for their required service and come out spewing the government line. It’s rather sad. But there it is. It the boy does not go to college, and lives in the hinterlands then he may continue to communicate from a shadow server but it is uncertain at best. Clearly the young gays are connecting and trying to exist against terrible odds and horrific consequences. I have to applaud their strength and bravery to do that. Another and different Tiananmen Square… and a historic step forward.

      1. Wow, an impressive article.
        I see a lot of parallels with myself as someone who is relatively young and ‘not-just-only-gay’, despite growing up in a country as ‘liberal’ as The Netherlands.

        Thanks :)

  2. Woah. I just read that article about William Tam and his prejudicial view of gays and gay marriage. Just another example of how the ignorant propagate lies about such things as pedophilia by quoting numbers that are simply wrong, and praying on the fears of parents. They still say porn and now manga, Japanese comics that portray cartoon sexuality as a form of fantasy, cause people to abuse kids. It is total nonsense. It has never been supported by substantial studies. The study of pornography’s effect on people in 1973 showed that it had no effect to incite a person to rape. Studies released between 1999 and 2005 also support that finding and in one, weak instance, suggest pornographic fantasy may even offer an offender relief. I am not sure of that at all, because then it can be reasoned the inverse could be true. In 2007 the government released information stating that pornography is not insightful in and of itself, but because of modern imaging, virtual art of children and even cartoons can be considered child porn because there is no way to determine if the image came from an actual photo. This may be the crack with which they ban all art with children depicted or figures that look like children. Exceptions have been made for art 200 years or older…. thank gods or we could lose a treasure of classic art. Morons. >_>

    1. Randy, I am fast becoming a big fan of yours. You are so intelligent and so well read. You are truely an artist. I would love to see some of your work. Please help me to do that.

      1. While we’re doing ‘thank you’s:
        Thanks for beating the old-lurking-man-on-gay-teen-site stereotype for me; age is not too relevant. That has been a bit of the theme of this site, I know, but I still had some reserves. Life experience grows with age while you lose flexibility; an equilibrium, you might say.

        1. Lurking old man stereotype. Well to be honest I really struggle with that because I truely am an old man who is honestly attracted to beautiful teen boys. Yes I lurk and I admire and privately I lust. As an adult I have not acted on my attraction and most likely never will. But I will reserve the right to look and admire and remember how it use to be when I was a teen boy in love with a most beautiful boy. My beautiful friend would truely have put most every model on this site to shame. He was like a composit of Tait and Johan Palm. So I may very well be the stereotype that concerns you. I percieve your comment to be sincere and I appreciate that.

          1. Aw hon, anyone over 35 years is considered a lurking old troll (troll as in trolling for a catch not as in Billy Goat’s Gruff 9_9 ). My son’s boyfriend thinks it is at 30. It is an attitude that is fairly new… maybe 50 years or so. Most young people of the past saw older men as experienced, intellectually together, and a source of opportunities in society. So don’t put yourselves down because history is with you. Much of the anti-same sex talk in the journals and books in the classical period is based on 1. personal bias, 2. the lack of historical evidence. In most cases it was accepted as a norm, a part of a culture. Marriage has always been the means of ensuring the passage of property and status from generation to another, and the growth of power, status and money/property. This was perpetrated by the religions of the time, and a general desire to have Love last.

            Our society, my friends, is repressive, backward and very sick. That’s my story and I am sticking to it. >^_^<

  3. Comment on Dictionary Restrictions: You can tell the people complaining about dictionary content never opened a dictionary in there life. Every vulgar word on the planet is in there. But that is the College Version. No restriction when your an adult. (An allegedly mature adult) Grade schools have always had abridged editions that exclude material. The problem in this matter is the school board not know what to stock in the library or classroom.

    On an related subject: I noticed my outlook express email programs spell check doesn’t put a red squiggly line under the word “fuck”. Microsoft was fairly liberal minded including this into the office dictionary. Either that or my computer just gave up correcting it. I do tend to use it often. Very universal word. As a verb, adjective, and pronoun. Occasional conjunction too.
    Put that in your Funkenwagnel California!

    1. LOL! I agree…but *grammar nazi* um how the fuck is fuck a fucking pronoun? O.O

      Oh and yeah, when I was in grade school there were special “Student Dictionaries.” It’s ridiculous to complain about content in the dictionary, especially when it is defining something, isn’t that what it’s for? Besides, I find it funny that they think that 5th graders don’t know what oral sex is, haha.

      1. pronoun example:

        1.) What the fuck

        Purest would say it is being used here as an interrogative pronoun.
        An intensive form of what. But, a pronoun still the same.

        Can be used as virtually any word in a sentence (e.g. “Fuck the fucking fuckers”).

  4. Amazing POlitical Posts.

    Seriously, each and every one of them make me more globally aware. For and aspiring journalist, your posts are a great way to see the other, other side of the coin.

    Please keep the good work up.

    1. As a former associate editor, I can assure you Pat, the more you read and, just as importantly, write, the better informed you will be and the better writer you will become.

      What sort of journalist do you want to become? A reporter? If so, which category? (News,ports, business, lifestyle, IT and so on.) It is the day of specialization, even in journalism. Or maybe as a leader writer, opinion writer or columnist (but it needs the needs experience, usually of age!). That is, assuming you want the printed media, which is where I was.

      But journalists are also required on web sites, TV and radio. Which ever you choose, the field is wide, but competitive yet worthwhile. Good luck in your career.

    2. I’m with you. Beauty and politics is what this site is all about. Isn’t that a beautiful combination. Good people leave their comments here both young and old. For me it’s like family. So you like to write. Good for you. I am something of a frustrated writer/wannabe. I suspect you are still very young. It is truely amazing what you can accomplish if you are willing to work. Key on Randy and Nicholas. You will learn a lot from them. Nicholas has already offered you some great advice. I’m amazed with the the bright kids on this site who love to write. Justin, Dan, Oiley to name a few.

    1. Good to see you, Hermes. I am an admirer, although I am almost ready to give up the newsgroups. Pointless any more and for that, expensive.

      It is a sad, cruel and hypocritical world. Strange, it really isn’t. Our world, pre-historically or historically, is anything but nice and safe. We look through rose tinted glasses primarily by our cultural and religious traditions as any person does at anytime. We are seen as the top of the food chain, august and controlling with divine right of ownership over all living creatures, land and sea. We believe our culture is the height of cultural development, the greatest intellectually and technologically. And that our lands are the safest, our lives deserved and protected by the strength of out arms and divine blessing. All cultures would probably make the same claim.

      If you did a study of all the cultures throughout the world and time as far back as we can go, you would find one certain truth. Man has developed from a relatively weak hunter/gatherer (scavenger) to a highly technological and sophisticated cultural animal in a little under 20,000 years (I am pointing to the Younger Dryas and beginning of the Holocene loosely). Man has created some of the most amazing things in the arts and sciences, in architecture and even war. Of all these areas, there is one thing Man has never changed on or improved upon, in general (leaving room for those who do and try to influence the mainstream), his aggressiveness, and brutality. Man has that in common with his closest mammalian relative, Pan troglodytes… the Chimpanzee. Social, bright, tool makers; inventive and funny, cute and clownish as well as powerful, brutal and cannibalistic. In truth, had Cheetah gotten pissed off at Tarzan, we’d be reading about Cheetah, King of Apes… Chimpanzees are far stronger than Man. Man has built a mighty ediface of belief and material to prove to himself his place in the cosmos. It takes very little effort to track his bestiality through time to now. It never ends. No matter the reason, excuse or provocation.

      The world is as it is. I will admit most who read this will balk, deny and obfuscate, apologise but it comes down to the wealth of history and pre-history as found in archaeology, palaeontology and biology. All imbued in cultural bias and still usually handled professionally. Meh… that is a whole different multi-threaded subject, and just as fascinating. :D

      1. Randy, I don’t mean to be peeing in your pocket but I find you so facinating. Your father was an academic and you had the good fortune to grow up in an intellectually stimulating enviornment. What do you do for a living? Do you teach at a university?

        1. Thanks, Bruce. I have not heard that phrase before ‘…peeing in your pocket.’ Wonderful imagery!!

          I did grow up in a family that were free thinkers. Not intellectuals until my father graduated as a PhD in History. His father was a man of all trades, high school education and had a love of the law. These were what are now called Liberals and ‘Socialists’. My Father’s Mother was the first woman to enter and graduate from the University of Chicago, the Oriental Institute. My Mother’s Mother was a strong, well educated woman of the twenties, and a regional Girl Scouts Leader. She was a believer in Women’s Rights. Mother’s Father came from what is now Poland, Prussia at the time, a German from a working class family. He just escaped WWI and could not speak English. He was a High School freshman. On graduation, he was the Captain of the Football team, wildly popular and well spoken. He put himself through Harvard Business School with an MBA.

          I wanted to be a Historian in Classical History or Classicism. My languages were poor and my real talent lay in Anthropology. I got my BA at UNM in Albuquerque, with a major in Anthropology/Archaeology, History and a minor in Philosophy. I went to SMU in Dallas TX after we moved there in 1981. I work two years towards a research PhD, with no Masters, I worked for a short time as an Archaeologist doing Contract work in the Southwest. But in 1984 I left to take care of our new baby. In 1986 I became a part time coder on a Mainframe system coding forms for insurance forms. by 1990 I was a systems programmer on an IBM VM/SP system. I stayed in computers, IT, email systems programmer, and general PC/MAC help desk analyst. In 2000 I was retired young with an unknown illness. Disabled in 2001.

          I have never stopped trying to learn, to read up on things. I try and stay in touch with Archaeology though that is way out of my league now. My other interests includes Osteology, Folk Lore, Theology; Physics as it relates to Astronomy, Particle Physics and Quantum Physics; Biology and Physiology of Humans and Animals, primarily Canis Lupus; Occultism, Spiritualism ; Music, primarily the Baroque, Harpsichords and Oratorio. I studied Traditional Classical Bujutsu (Aikijujutsu, Jujutsu and Kenjutsu), Chinese Northern Shoalin Long Fist; Ch’ien Taijiquan, Yang Taijiquan and various forms of Wrestling at a young age.

          I am now writing gay fiction – science fiction, comics based on Japanese Manga, and drawing them.

          Ummmm hope that answers your question. >^_^< The more one knows, the better one understands, ne?

          1. Yea, you answered my questions. Thank you so much. You are so incredibly talented. As I have said before, I am a fan of yours.

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