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D.C.'s Catholic Church blames the Gays for abandoning its Foster Care Program After threatening to end its adoption and homeless services programs in Washington D.C. if the City Council approved gay marriage there, the catholic church’s charities unit is indeed dismantling its foster care program because they fear the city might somehow "force" the church to officiate gay unions and recognize same-sex partners of employees. However, maybe this has turned out for the best. The children, their families, and even the program’s semployees have found a new home — at the National Center for Children and Families, which is not affiliated with any religious institution. Which means these children will still have the services they very much need, without the intervention of a church that abandoned them to uphold discrimination and seeing how church institutions have sexually & physically abused thousands of kids it might be for the better.



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  1. it’s no wonder that it seems like the people in other of the world view the U.S. as a collective bunch of idiots. i live here, and from the inside it seems like idiocy that seems rampant in the judicial / legal system is usually a front for worse aspects, such as blatant dishonesty, vested interests, et al.
    truthfully, sometimes the words from others around the world commenting here on this blog about the US hurts. but, geeze, i understand.
    lol, just please get it that because the politicians are sometimes dishonest / idiots, that isn’t necessarily a good cross-section representation of the populus.
    at least, f**k, i hope not :-)
    LOVE this blog, for real.
    btw, Josh, any news on our local boy, John Robinson?

  2. These articles are so disheartening. It seems like we’re making some great advances as a race, and then… not so much… I keep thinking, what the fuck is wrong with all these people?

  3. Die Überschrift “CDU & FDP ignorieren Petition” ist etwas irreführend, denn:

    “Die Bundesregierung hat angekündigt, dass das Gesetz nicht wie vorgesehen angewendet werden soll. Es sollen keine Netzsperren im Internet installiert werden. Damit folgt die Regierung bereits Heines Position, die für ein freies Netz ohne Hürden kämpft”

      1. Bleibt zu hoffen, dass die FDP da nicht mitspielen wird, so dass das Thema erst mal vom Tisch ist.

  4. Australia – liberalism triumphs again!
    British Schools – liberalims triumphs again!
    France. Who cares. It’s France.
    Lithuania – elections have consequences.
    Patriot Act – Thank God and just in time.
    Spyng – Planned Parenthood and peace groups have nothing to do with parenthood or peace – PP is about abortion – period -and peace groups are about the progressive agenda. Both bear close watching.
    Texas – the blood samples donated were de-indentified. no problem.
    Citibank -it’s their bank. not happy? take your business elsewhere, and let ‘em know why.
    Iceland – hurray for free speech!
    Piratcy – shiver me timbers! i’m a pirate!
    Homeless -the war on Xianity continues. i hope the d.c. council taxes its citizens to death.

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