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  • School Spy Program used on US Students contains Hacker friendly Security Hole

A controversial remote administration program that a Pennsylvania school district installed on student-issued laptops contains a security hole that put the students at risk of being spied on by people outside the school, according to a security firm that examined the software. The LANrev program contains a vulnerability that would allow someone using the same network as one of the students to install malware on the laptop that could remotely control the computer. An intruder would be able to steal data from the computer or control the laptop webcam to snap surreptitious pictures. The vulnerability was discovered by researchers at Leviathan Security Group, who began examining the program after customers who saw media coverage of the Pennsylvania case expressed concern that the program might be exposing their employee computers to intrusion from outsiders. The same software is used by many businesses to monitor and maintain their employee laptops.

The Lower Merion School District in Pennsylvania is embroiled in a lawsuit and FBI criminal investigation over use of the LANrev software. The cases involve allegations that administrators spied on students through the software installed on 2,300 school-issued Macbooks. Read on…


11 thoughts on “Periodical Political Post *53”

  1. Breaking News: The rest of the world leaves America behind in the dust about gay rights. More at 11.

    1. Obviously you know nothing of human rights and the condition billions of people live in everyday.

      1. Yeah, like most of the poverty-stricken American popula- oops, I mean, everyone in America is rich because they work hard and followed the American Dream (TM) USA USA!

        Not like that matters, your argument is a strawman anyways. I was complaining about one specific facet of human rights and you thought I was attacking all of them. Whatever, you’re still an arrogant mindless prole.

  2. Politicians and our wonderful government has broke the Constitution ever since it was written. America was built on the greatest Public Relations Campaign ever.
    And people buy into it lock, stock and barrel.

    I desperately wish to live somewhere else. I have no way of doing it. We are rapidly sliding into a very repressive society which, if you take the voting results and social polls seriously, most Americans welcome to make them safe in a world that has never been, and never will be safe.

    1. I like how you identify “somewhere else” as the place you want to live. People have walked from coast to coast in the US. What is it that’s stopping you from leaving? Canada is too cold? Mexico is too dangerous? I think your stupid and lazy but not sure which is your dominant trait.

      1. No.. I am disabled and cannot. Boohoo. I should die and get it over with, eh ya Schmuck? Somewhere else? Well, such as Germany, Sweden, or Denmark…. none of which mean a thing to the point being made. You act and say precisely the kind of insensitive, puerile puffed up, and testosterone soaked nonsense in rebuttal to ideas you don’t like that I have come to expect for most Americans.

        Love the country or leave it. Bull SH%T.

        Insult me all you want. I could care less. If you cannot be civil, be silent. Or at least try to sound more intelligent than your shoe size.

  3. I love how the Portugese PM was acting all butthurt about having to sign a law he personally disagreed with. Well tough luck, my friend, this is why we call it a democracy.

  4. och god i was so fucking angry of Skinheads attack Slovakia’s first gay pride parade… my girfriend got a bit injured i thought i was going to kill them or something… brainwashed idiots… (i love the way that man in video is saying: “These are ours morons”)… and i am so glad for portuguese and denmark´s gay couples :) (and i am really sorry for my english…) …

  5. Sophia nice to see someone from Slovakia on here :P. Yeah I agree, it was very disturbing, my friend was there thankfully he ended up well, but some people weren’t that lucky.

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