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Proud Kids of Gay Parents at last Year's Stockholm Pride

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I know that in this paranoid world, you never approach a small child who is by herself, take her by the hand and walk out of a store with her in search of mommy. But I am not 14 years old. I am not Edwin. Last week, Edwin went to the Burlington Coat Factory store on West Colonial Drive with his mother. He saw a 3-year-old girl without a parent. If he had it to do all over again, if he could see the cops, the handcuffs, the TV cameras and the jail cell all awaiting him, I imagine the last thing he would have done was try to help her. But he did.


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  1. I really appreciate these posts. I don’t get these news stories anywhere else but here. Thank you Josh. That said, reading them often makes me feel like banging my head against a wall. It’s so frustrating to see some of this.

    1. We are living in the middle of such a phenomenon right now. We know what the past has been and we can predict what the future will be. That is history as we know it. So we cannot help but believe that human beings are incapable of understanding each other. Therefore Human is the most stupid species in the Animal Kingdom !

  2. Oh noes! I loved that McDonalds commercial. Well at least we know that industries are considering their Gay Market commercials in the US. Next step, airtime.

    1. Tortoise, I think you have the right idea seeing the good there. I see a different reality but I still hold hope. Maybe Pandora’s box is our hearts weathering each day until all we hold within is hope.

        1. No, it is called a metaphor (a dead metaphor in fact).

          I have no idea what is in your heart. ‘Our’ is meant as in the general condition, all of Man etc.

          Hope that clears the misunderstanding up.

          1. I see. I took it literally as in every person individually holds hope. Because that isn’t always true. :P

    2. we’ll have to make the gay market larger than the homophobe market haha, sounds like we have some campaigning to do

  3. The NPR report on the border shooting mentioned this, “According to the statement, the group surrounded the agents and began to pelt them with stones.” Look at it from their perspective, surrounded, being pelted by stones, not knowing if the attackers are armed, what else could they have done?

    1. The video footage showed that this statement was BS, they were not surrounded, nor did the kid ever make a step onto US grounds.

      1. Fair enough, I hadn’t seen the video. Still, the kid threw rocks at cops, what did he expect to happen?

        1. Yeah. Just like in Palestine, the Gaza strip. Death for throwing stones. That is considered illegal (usually) in the US. Mostly it’s a factor of how well your family is regarded by the community. If it’s a rich kid the cop will lose his job.

          1. Providing he uses excessive force. If some rich kids tosses a rock and the officer shoots when he could have uses less than lethal force he’ll probably lose his job. In this case the kids were too far away for the agents to do anything but fire.

            1. Anyone throwing rocks at me stands a very good chance of being shot. An armed society is a polite society.

      1. i think alot of people that vote for them vote because of other values too tho. of course there are the fanatics like that, but i think there are alot of people who aren’t opposed to gay people but are financially conservative.

        a party that is socially liberal and financially conservative, like the libertarians is what can finally replace the republicans, atleast thats what i believe

        1. If I was financially conservative but socially liberal I could never in my right mind vote for someone who supported this bill. If I didn’t like the democrat or any of the third-parties I probably just wouldn’t vote at all.

        2. I don’t really care which party is in power. Neither do a damn for anyone but themselves. Two party system my ass. All I ask from any of them is a little human decency. Go back over the last 50 years and honestly tell me it matters who is in the majority. Since Carter the cost of running for national office has exploded exponentially, into the millions of dollars. So either you are independently wealthy, and of the top 2%, or you have to accept money from groups and industry, which now can give money openly to a favored candidate. So much for the common man serving.
          Money rules (as always) and power corrupts. If Libertarians can show they are different, then you have my vote. As it stands, this is a farce, with all this polarization as a smoke screen to keep the numbed masses from realizing it. If Eisenhower only knew that the military industrial complex was the tip of the proverbial iceberg… he’d have made his warning stronger, or given up.
          Now these enormous churches are pushing their political agendas without censure. I hope we can keep this insanity out but I have seen enough in the past 45 years that tells me, Right or Left, people are simply unwilling to think for themselves and believe anything Rush Limbaugh or Keith Obermann says.

          When someone says “If you don’t vote, don’t complain about the system.” I respond, “I cannot and will not participate in a corrupted system. My duty as a citizen is to speak out and protest, and if that makes me ‘anti-American’ in the sight of my fellow citizens, then so be it. If I am wrong… I’ll admit as much. But the proof is before us everyday… all you have to do is look at history. Something most people rarely do and learn something.

          I am so sick of this crap on both sides, I could just implode (so I don’t hurt anyone else).

          Rant over.

  4. On the 14 year old who tried to help the little girl, I hope he has a good attorney but I fear his life is going to be a very different thing from what television and teachers paint it. We live in a society besieged by paranoia. Laws are implemented to coddle that fear, not to solve or deal with the terrible problem.

    Is it really worth you life and wellbeing to stop and aid a child who might be in distress? We used to complain bitterly about how people in New York City would ignore the violence that occurs right in front of them. Maybe they understood something we are only beginning to see. Justice IS blind… common sense is no longer common, and it is better to turn away than to help a stranger in need.

    What a sad cold reality we are making for ourselves.

  5. Never underestimate the stupidity of the U.S. public. Among western advanced countries, the U.S. has the most ill informed, and laziest readers.

    1. I’d be very careful with anything posted by this guy on reddit (as some commenters there already pointed out). Plus he already deleted his reddit account.

    2. The Orlando Sentinel is not a haywire, extremist wingnut paper. I think you can take Mike Thomas at his word.
      The police sound like automatons.

      Apparently the concept of common sense not applying because America has LAWS is taken quite seriously.

      1. No one has a monopoly on the truth. Just saying. You’ve got to be skeptical of everyone, these days. I mean, the Orlando Sentinel is probably more reliable than…Reddit, but still.

        1. Skeptical yes, but facts gathered at the scene and backed up by witnesses, participants and video tends to weigh in Thomas’s favour.

          Common sense tells us the kid was doing what some kindly soul taught him, as I was taught as a child to render aid when I could, be the Good Samaritan, oh and trust Policemen. Pfffft.

          If the kid wanders away… the mother is arrested for abuse. It is not worth it to be a good Samaritan now.

    3. To me it is interesting just how much confusion was quickly brought into what was happening. Its a perfect example of how people can witness the same thing and come to different conclusions of what happened.

      And its these final conclusions that will effect this 14yo probably for the rest of his life.

  6. “God saves porn shop, chooses to smite Jesus statue instead”

    This title’s gonna have me giggling for days….

  7. 14 y/o Edwin tried to do the “love thy neighbour”-thing. And what did he get? Praise? No, hand cuffs!!
    I think the problem with the US isn´t that its so awefully f”’ing christian, I think its that american christianity doesn´t know shit about christianity – its nothing but hateful stupid biblethumping insensitive… well… STUPIDITY!

  8. idk josh, that “14 year-old boy arrested for taking toddler girl by hand in search of her mom” kinda seems like he took the girl…..

    unless the video is misleading, i wouldnt really want to stand there and defend him

    1. He did… after telling his mother he was going to do it.
      Why did the mother leave the little darling alone? If she were returning an item to a shelf, take her along… rather than leave her for even a moment in a busy store. I guess it is natural to think ill of the kid.
      The Laws are so tight now, that any child in trouble is a permanent sex crime label just waiting to be smacked on.

      1. While the laws are a problem, esp when it’s the letter of them and not the spirit of them that’s upheld, a far bigger problem is everyone’s paranoia of victimization.

        If you care too much about the wellfare of a child, you’re labeled a pedophile or a kidnapper but if you keep your distance you run the risk of child neglect or child endangerment charges.

        If we could learn to see the grey rather then just the black and white, things would be much better…. not just where kids are concerned either. Think about it, every issue in the US is ruled by the extremes with so very few people willing to consider if there might be some middle ground that would be a better solution.

        1. I agree… the grey is better. It has only been in the last 5 years that my own views have swung wildly. Im neither right nor left. I see it as a function of control. The more people the greater need to control what is used and what is done, like on the Internet. Liebermann’s new bill to conserve and protect the virtual space in the US is a means to control it. Ostensibly giving the President the power to shut it off from the world in case of emergency. Just as the Patriot Act, the once temporary measure to allow increased spying on Americans to weed out terrorists, has become law and is used for other reasons such as tracking down drugs and child porn… all good reasons except that it violates our privacy, and our Bill of Rights. The Conservatives of both Parties have wanted a way to cull the internet as other countries have done (often unsuccessfully) for all good reasons, but it will mean also restrictions enforced on what we choose to see and read, and having our use monitored and recorded as many ISP’s do now. However I was not aware that the Constitution could be turned off in emergency or suspended in parts to allow the President and the Congress power to save the country in times of war and emergency. Since I typically scoff at conspiracies, I missed that one. But I have had to admit that the often overused ‘where there is smoke, there is fire’ is starting to hold some meaning. Paranoid? Most likely… and in spite of that, your words have made me pause. Thanks for the dash of cold water. I will try to see the middle road. It may be less travelled so perhaps I’ll see my way better. :D

  9. being an Indian I sometimes thought that we were a way behind USA and other first world countries in acceptance of Homosexuality but I am noticing from the regular news updates here that its same and sometimes worst in cases of rules and regulations for how to behave with kids like that 14-year old boy handling a toddler to her mom news… :(

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