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Argentina became the first Latin American country to legalize same-sex marriage. They join a small international club of countries where gay couples enjoy the same rights as heterosexual couples.

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  1. Two comments:

    1. You can make a good argument that Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and the Netherlands, as well as the other northern European countries, France, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand have a higher true standard of living than the United States, even though they are more highly taxed. The usual measure of the standard of living, average personal income, does not take into account the high health care costs of the United States, or the incredibly inequitable distribution of income. Also, while we have cheap gasoline, we also have inefficient vehicles, longer distances to travel (well, longer except for Canada and Australia), and poor public transport, so we end up spending as much or more of our income on basic transportation costs. While much of the U.S. has cheaper housing than Europe, but not necessarily cheaper than Canada, Australia, or New Zealand, the crowded areas of the Northeast Corridor (from Washington D.C. to Boston) and California have comparable housing prices to Europe. Even though the U.S. is the least taxed of Western industrialized countries, we do not necessarily have a higher standard of living because of that. Try telling that to your typical Republican (and most Democratic) voters, however.

    Two: The United States should be one of the countries where same-sex marriage is legal, since it is legal in some states and Washington D.C. and some other states recognize those marriages. Because marriage laws are determined by the state governments, instead of the federal government, it will probably take many years until same-sex marriage is legal in the entire United States.

  2. In Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Washington, D.C., marriages for same-sex couples are legal and currently performed. It’s not the entire country. But it’s getting there.

    1. @Scott (2) & @ForswornHero:

      Get ready for ANOTHER fight in that arena sometime in August. I am 99.5% certain the Federal Judge will rule AGAINST Prop. 8 (Same-Sex Marriage in California). Then, of course, the –>FAR RIGHT religious freaks will freely spend their millions of $$ to take it to the Appellate Court and continue their million-dollar HATE trail all the way to our Supreme Court where by that time [and more court battles will have been won by gays as well as our military will FINALLY totally repeal its gay ban], it will be anybody’s guess how this conservative court will rule on it.

      1. Well, I called this one. As I stated, the wealthy religious hate-mongers have started the appeal of this one — and they started Tuesday night before this judge’s ruling — they already knew they would lose this battle.

        Judge Walker’s opinion was so detailed and correct, it would only take a pure judicial idiot or religiously hate-filled judge (and we have plenty of those in America) to overrule his opinion.

  3. I feel very fortunate to live in one of the aforementioned countries, and I look forward to many more eventually joining the club. It will be a long road there for most, but they’ll come.

      1. but thats wikipedia ;) i could go on and chaaaange that XD

        though marriage is not obligatorily legal, civil partnerships are, and that is the new form of marriage in the new world.
        Two points for that… In the good old us of a, the northern states (older british ones) are generally more welcoming to gay marriage and relationships, whilst the south (the george bush strong holds of texas) are much more against homosexuality. – – Civil partnerships can be controlled by the area, not the country, so gay people in new york can get married (*snap*) like that, whilst gay couples down in texas would need to consider it

        Secondly, marriage is a very bad word for relationships… and securing one and others love for eachother…
        Seen as marriage is a very christian (done in church) sort of thing, as i said, a very religious thing (so is islam, and the other main stream religions) … and homosexuality does not beg well under religion! Infact, they’re like to squabbling siblings, because as one says “God made us, and he made me love man!” the christians then say “well God made Adam, Adam then was blessed with Eve to love! and That is how it should be!” … a never ending struggle. Civil partnerships are not religious, but are just as important, and could become as popular as more celebrities take upon it… Such as how it rose in general awarness when Elton John had a civil partnership…

        Sorry if what i’ve just said is confusing … my brains confusing XD …

  4. I can’t understand that prohibition. If a couple want to marry…what’s the matter? I think that the marry is useless but…the people do it and we should be the same rights.

    It’s unnatural?? Bullshit!! The ultimate point of Law is not the NAture order but is aimed at integration and not exclusion of anybody in the legal system.

    About religion…oh God…It seems that we live in Middle Age…

  5. The judges putting kids away for profit should be sent to prison themselves with a guarantee of a daily ass raping.

    1. in “england” :/ well, britain, but i think scotland a northern ireland are abit more reveared than us, and so dont have it as legal…

    2. Gay marriage is definitely not legal in England. What you probably mean are civil unions which don’t give you all right of a straight marriage.

      1. they are legal to fight for, you may request one through the church, some gay vicars and members of the church of england (generally more senior) are gay and married, and they arnt in prison?

      2. You mean Civil Partnerships, and they do give same-sex couples all the same rights as marriage does. It’s one of those separate but equal things, the only difference is Civil Partnerships cannot be religious events.

          1. I know you didn’t create the map (least I don’t think you did) but whoever did, perhaps they wanted to just show marriage, but I can’t help but feel the map gives a sense of underappreciation for the UK’s civil partnership, as if it’s not good enough to have any recognition. At least Wikipedia highlights where civil partnerships exist.

            And come on not being able to say you’re married is just sematical rubbish. A rose is still prickly even if it was called a banana. When a civil partnership does become equal in legal respects to marriage it doesn’t matter what it’s called.

  6. I haven’t read the new… but just for reading a part of it… I can say BBC lies, the first country that legalized Gay Marriage on Latin America, was Mexico, on the First days of March of this year.

    1. Mexico City was the first CITY to legalize same sex mariage in Latin America, however the entire country has not recognized this union yet, which Argentina has. That’s why Argentina is the first COUNTRY to recognize same sex marriage in Latin America, and not Mexico… :)

      And btw hurray for the countries and cities that are making this revolutionary change, wish the entire world could see how tolerance is far better than discrimination…

      1. Yes, it’s Central America, but BOTH Central and South Americas are considered (both regionally and politically) LATIN America (your first clue: it’s the LANGUAGES!) :-))

        1. @FallenAngel – Just to let you know, according to the Roman-Scheme of Laws, when a City inside a country legalizes, for example in this case, Gay Marriage, it IS recognized in the hole Country, the fact here in Mexico it’s that you can get married and get recognized in the whole Mexican-Territory, the fat is that you just can get Married in Mexico City. LoLz Btw… I added u to Facebook, I am from Mexico City too… LOLZ

          @Danny & PenboyX – According to the CIA World Fact Book, Mexico is considered as North America. That’s why Mexico is into the “greatest” invention of America… NAFTA – ” North American Free Trade Agreement” Lol.

          1. @fperalta – Yes, you are quite correct. Sorry about that. I keep seeing the country of Mexico just another part of the “snake” land between USA and South America that I just conveniently consider them all Central America …. and because they are so similar to the rest of Central America in their people, language and lifestyles (as far as I’m concerned).

          2. I didn’t really get your point, it may be recognized in the whole country but you can’t get married in every state. However, at least our main city recognizes same sex marriage. Yaay! :)

            Oh and got u on FB! ;D

  7. re the Gallup survey, it’s interesting to see Israel which is a developing country with many problems ranked so high in the list, maybe because it’s relatively familial, or alternatively people here simply don’t know anything better…
    also interesting to see Germany and France ranked low. it kind of goes against the theory financial security buys hapinnes

        1. “The first gay couples in Germany have tied the knot after a new law came into power allowing a form of gay marriage. ”

          They are talking about civil unions which are not gay marriages. The goal is to give gays the same rights straight people got and civil unions don’t do that.

  8. They forgot to include Denmark. It is also legal with full adoption rights for gay couples.

    1. Actually, the map at the top SHOWS and the caption STATES Denmark. Josh is pretty complete in his ‘database.’

  9. Male circumcision is also genital mutilation, with no medical benefits whatsoever for the vast majority of those mutilated for life in this way. And it’s hugely popular in some western countries, even amongst those of no religion or those whose religion does not demand it…

    1. @Rimmer – Generally, you are correct. But with some males, circumcision can have very good medical benefits – e.g. those that have foreskin so tight that it can’t retract over the glans and cause serious infections. There are other medical benefits, for a few other males also, but again, in general, I would agree with you.

      And it’s not just Western countries that have it done without any religious context.

    2. Please don’t insult the victims of vaginal mutilation by comparing their trauma to an inconsequential snip.

  10. Just move to Canada!
    But not the east coast! whatever the hell you do!

    My thought is that why worry about it when weddings and stuff cost thousands upon thousands of dollars, if you let a whole new spectrum of people get married, theres an extra couple million moving around.
    It only seems like a good idea.
    And the churches idea of saving everyones souls just needs to stop. seriously?!

  11. Marriage is a decaying institution (in France,a majority of kids are born out of wedlocks)which was meant at keeping a couple together against all odds, for the supposed benefit of children.
    I personally find it strange that gay couples are willing to give up their freedom, and be forced to face legal and costly proceedings, when they wish to break up.

  12. I’m happy I live in a country where gay marriage is legal. And even though all couples that have already gotten married are mature guys, I’m proud of them. They’ve been struggling for 10+ years to achieve that right.

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