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Bad Cop, no Donut!

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27 thoughts on “Periodical Political Post *58”

    1. What can anyone say? This is indefensible. All the furor and hoohah over the First Responders, and rightly so, and then in their hour of need the Congress does this?

      Pathetic. And disgusting. Your representatives are all bought and paid for wearing superficial masks of Party Politics.

  1. Josh, why aren’t you mentioning the Swedish manga translator who was found guilty for possessing lolicon, or that written child pornography in Sweden is not illegal “as of today” (according to the cops, who seem to be the ones writing the laws in this banana republic).

    1. maybe he’s not heard of it, if u have news like this and you want it to be posted on the MB blog u should prob send the news to josh :) hes not an omniscient gay news god thingy XD

        1. I’d like to be able to say that I “definitely” know that Josh wont put a bias on Sweden, but…. well to be truthful I think its a possibility XD but hey the fact that he hasn’t heard of it is still more likely!

  2. I love it how you think people give a crap about your political views. They come for the pics and the links.

    1. The political posts are actually the ones who got–by far–the most “likes” back when we had these little stars to rate posts.

    1. What he said was very good and correct. But, this is “old news” — it’s now nearly 2 years old.

      What is good news [so far – and this 'war' is far from over] is there is now a FEDERAL RULING that Prop. 8 and everything about it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Of course, all the religious hate-mongers will spend their million$ to continually fight gays with their absurd thinking that “their will” must be and will be done.

      The one thing that troubles me deeply is that it took ONLY ONE Federal Jurist to find this hateful law unconstitutional, when California’s all SEVEN (7) Supreme Courts Jurists should have opined this way a year ago. Six of them didn’t only because each and every one of them who ruled in favor of same-sex marriage were threatened with a religious-funded recall and of course, when a “public servant” reaches a 6-figure salary (and for nearly life appointment), they easily threw our constitutional rights to the wind just to save their collective asses and salaries.

  3. Most cops in the U.S. are stupid bullies. That’s why they become cops, to continue their bullying ways as adults. Of course there will always be the gay guys with cop fetishes who will defend them.

    1. The way I see it, there are 3 types of people who become police or other authoritative types of careers:

      1. Like Big Gay Al said, bullies and/or those who get off having some position of visual authority over the masses.

      2. People who genuinely wish to help others and this is one of the best ways to help society in general (if they truly wish to help others).

      3. Criminal types who want to use the cover of police and other authority figures so they can do as they please — steal, injure or even kill “in the name of authority” to get away with it.

  4. This abuse of the Taser is more than enough reason to recall their use. These are not non-lethal weapons (an interesting concept) when they kill. These deaths are premeditated not accidental, and should be treated as such. It is no different if the officer had beaten the man to death with his night stick or flash light, neither of which is considered a lethal weapon.
    My sympathy for the police under constant fire wanes as I read this shit. No amount of explanation or apologies should suffice. If a human being is killed, whether a kid, homeless person or judge, they deserve to be fought for by the city, state and federal prosecutors office.

    This nonsense is outrageous. Does hypocrisy have no bounds any more?

  5. Reason:

    I love it how you think people give a crap about your political views. They come for the pics and the links.

    I’m with the other people up there, I like the politics far more than the pictures. So… Suck it bro, as the kids say

  6. I enjoy the political posts too, though I notice some of the stories are a bit old. I noticed one in the last political post that was from 2008 =/ Not that that means it doesn’t have relevance of course….just a little outdated.

  7. the irony
    my sister wrote “bad cop not donut” on her backpack in junior high and she got sent to the principals office and they called my mom to tell her to pick her up so my mom came turned the backpack inside out and told her to get back to class

  8. I could not think in any line of reasoning that might lead to believe you have authority in deciding whether two consenting adults can or cannot marry…

    1. Religions & religious-affiliated governments don’t operate with reasoning. They just want absolute power over everyone they can.

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