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    1. Before there’s too many “I’m sorry” feelings toward this obvious Al Qaeda supporter, remember and think about what Al Qaeda would do/have done to any American they catch. They just killed 10 aid workers (and some of them weren’t Americans) in Afghanistan without batting an eye — and they were there only to help the medically less fortunate.

      I think too many people are getting caught up in the fact he was young – 15 when caught. He was still helping out the cause of these religious freaks against us (not that we’re perfect, by any means). But I have very little feelings toward this guy — and if he’s released, I guarantee he will just go back to Al Qaeda and continue his hatred of us.

      Not quite, but still similar in a different light, is Pakistan’s flooding disaster. Does anyone remember that immediately after 9/11, news cameras showed hundreds or even thousands of Pakistanis dancing in their streets and celebrating after watching our Twin Towers collapse (and learning that it was Al Qaeda that did it)? And, now, guess who is doing most of the help for these people (not the same ones dancing, to be sure, but still of the same stupid religion that denounces us at any chance they get) — U.S. MARINES and other military services and providing U.S. FOOD & MEDICAL SUPPLIES to keep them alive and help them rebuild their communities.

      Think about that before you cry too many tears for this guy.

      1. Maybe if we didn’t blindly support Israel and invade and occupy middle eastern countries we wouldn’t have these problems.

        1. The arrest of that ‘kid’ was way before we went into Iraq — so that’s not an excuse. As for Israel, I agree that we shouldn’t blindly support them as I don’t think they are any ‘angels’ of any sort either. But, again, just because one country supports another country, it’s no excuse for them to commit stupid terrorist acts against the supporter; they need to confine their stupidity to just the countries they have the initial problem with. But, again, Israel just stole ‘their’ country [land] in 1948 so the fighting should just be between themselves only. Maybe when they’re finally finished, they will finally realize that there’s no fucking god after all.

          1. Americans are too worked up about 9/11. 3000 people tragically lost their lives on that day, that’s about half as many as are killed by gun crime each year. Oh, but they’re mostly black people so it doesn’t really matter. That second amendment certainly is something to be proud of.

            1. So, Brit, how many of you over there get worked up over the subway bombings? I’m sure quite a few. So you don’t have much to talk about regarding terrorist activities.

              And you’re quite right about the number killed by guns. It’s pathetic. And the two primary reasons of most of those gun killings is either one drug pin vs another or some kind of religious-based aggression of anti-this or anti-that. The reason it’s so many black people is because so many blacks are involved in one way or another with drugs or similar crimes (not that there aren’t idiotic white guys killing each other also).

              That 2nd Amendment isn’t a bad thing, it’s just the idiots who want to interpret it for their own gain is the problem. And again, it’s usually involving something of drugs or some stupid religious aggression.

            2. Actually, no one gets worked up about the tube bombings; the very next day people used the tube to go to work, and just a few weeks later comedians were even making jokes about the bombings in shows.

              Terrorist incidents are bad, yes, but we get on with life as soon after as possible, because the British mentality is that if you let them affect you then the terrorists win.

              What happened on 9/11, and countries reactions to it, can never be used as an excuse for your own people to go against human rights etc, because then you become just as bad as Al Qaeda, in fact you become worse, because you’re commiting torture while thinking yourselves morally superior, which is a dangerous ground to be on.

            3. “Actually, no one gets worked up about the tube bombings”

              Really? … That’s what the families who lost a loved one would say or told you? Or what the families who had a loved one seriously injured told you?

              Get real, Brit. And what’s that eruption? Your dim witted head exploding?

      2. Yes, the boy no doubt should be held as a POW for being with Al Qaeda. But don’t you dare blame all Muslims. 20% of the AMERICAN CITIZENS who died on 9/11 were Muslims, and we don’t even have the courtesy to let that exact community (the upper Manhattan Islamic Community) build a community center where they want to.

        1. I do blame the muslims … but I also blame the jews, catholics, protestents and any other fucking stupid religious idiots. It’s always my god this, your god that …. what it all boils down to is “my god has a larger penis than your god.”

          And I think you’re greatly exaggerating the number of muslims that got killed on 9/11. I simply don’t believe that large number.

          Guess what? There aren’t any fucking gods so therefore they have NO penises …. and can’t use any magical penis to control anything. So all of you religious idiots, get fucked!

          If I had my way, I’d VACATE EVERY FUCKING CHURCH — NO MATTER WHAT PENIS RELIGION IT IS — and then ban everyone from being STUPID about these invisible ‘gods.’

          RELIGION IS THE SINGLE MOST FOUGHT OVER CONCEPT IN THE HISTORY OF MAN — PERIOD. Every major war and countless billions of what could have been good people have been murdered — for what? All in the name of some stupid ass religion — again, “one ‘god’ is supposed to have a bigger penis than the other ‘god.’ If you religious idiots would just get over that and start sucking each other off, you’ll make more friends instead of this crap that’s going on all over the world today.

          1. actually most of these wars were fought only in the name of religion, but the root causes were simpler such as land, trade, or power/influence

            and i agree with enfilade, many Americans get way too worked up about 9/11 and we have given the families of the victims too much sway over decisions

            as far as israel, biggest diplomatic mistake of the 20th century, IMO, but it doesn’t matter. our support of israel, influence in Saudi Arabia, invasion of Iraq, etc. are all just smokescreens. these are extremists. no matter what we do, they will hate us.

          2. I can’t disagree with you. But you have a very immature view on it. If you believe that religion is the source of world conflict, and in doing so, you shout expletives and stereotypes, and suddenly you’ve become just as pathetic as the people you are ranting about. You are not the exact opposite. No matter what group any one human belongs to, whether it be a political, religious, or social group, it always involves some form of excluding someone else. Yes, that goes for atheists too. The only ones who aren’t in the business of excluding others are hermits, for they exclude themselves voluntarily. Do you understand? You are no better than any religious person, just because you claim to see through the God philosophy.

            I don’t claim to be religious. Nor do I pray to a God. But I do acknowledge the concept of God. Sir, regardless of what you think, God does exists. He exists in the hearts and minds of billions of humans, gone and past. For all we know, a similar “God” concept may exists in the hearts and minds of all the animals on Earth, or of all the beings beyond Earth, if any do truly exist. So, no, I do not believe in God the father, I do not believe in Allah, I do not believe in Yahweh, I do not believe in Buddha, and the list goes on. However, I do believe that God is the ultimate embodiment of the human race’s understanding of free will. Humans have experimented with God for since the beginning. We have used God as justification for war, as a reason for charity, as a reason for political decision, as an almighty judgement on one person (in which a human claims to “hear God’s” intention, and the other humans follow). Is there ignorance surrounding the concept of God? Absolutely. Is there abuse involved in the God concept? Of course, that’s what the Church is for, claiming to know God’s will. Did Jesus exist? He very well may have, and what a damn smart man, too bad the rest of the human race can’t quite match his integrity. But regardless, countless people have tried. Some of those people left scars, some strayed. But what you have to remember is this: many haven’t strayed. There are millions of people, in every religion, who live generally very moral lives because of what they consider “faith”. Is it always right? No, doing good because of fear of eternal damnation is sick, and ignorant, but what’s the alternative? There are people out there who truly cannot justify morality in any way other than relating it to God. Maybe you just haven’t met a lot of people, maybe you don’t know a lot of Catholics, or Muslims, or Jews. I’m only 16, but I know a lot of people from all different faiths, and most of them are generally very good people, with intelligent and respectable assertions about their religious beliefs. What I have almost always found, is that they are always a lot more accepting than the stereotype of their religion, especially Catholics. I grew up in a purely Catholic society. There are certainly those who fit the stereotypes perfectly. There are also those who couldn’t be further. Then there are those who are in the middle. And you know what? The same can be said about every human. Because, simply put, stereotypes are just another way of dismissing people, and a lack of care for who they really are, and in effect, all you’ve done here is all they’ve done: excluded each other.

            You know, probably the smartest thing that any of those “religious idiots” have ever said is “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” You should consider it…

  1. great vids eh! but not here in the UK, I’m not really into copyright law, can someone explain to me why?

  2. All of this just makes me sad. I could get up in arms but it makes no difference what we think. It’s going on and will continue to go on.

    I remember being taught two wrongs don’t make a right. That is obviously no longer valid. And it really doesn’t matter in the long run. Someday people will decide this is the wrong way and we will swing back the other way. No thought going on, or real rational discourse, just knee jerking and sabre rattling. Its very human. Heh. Im beginning to thing that the dreams of the 60’s were a drug induced illusion.

    Our world works just fine with big corporations destroying the lives of millions of investors, stealing hand over fist and being bailed out with no reform in sight, because big business supports our economy.

    Taser that old lady, that child or the diabetic who is too sick to get up. Who cares? At least it affords the cops so light entertainment. And blow away the guy walking across your yard because he could be out to get you, somewhere in some dimension, and again, who cares. His family can always sue the shooter into poverty in civil court whether he was defending himself or not. We dont need these namby pamby ideals. We have Laws and Guns and the right to use them.

    I say let the Right have all control and see what happens. I’ll laugh my way to debtors prison. They screw it up as badly as the Left but at least the Right has the guts to make the Left sound soft, which they are. Soft and dishonest. Well they are all dishonest so it really is the pot calling the kettle black.

    Honestly… who really cares? Do you guys? As far as I can see there is not one place in the world that is free of violence, prejudice, hatred or big govt/business running the show. I’d love for you to prove me wrong. I mean definable, replicable, documented proof, not just homilies. Of course, this is just my opinion which means as much as anyone else’s. Not a damn thing.

        1. :P I only scanned over the first two paragraphs, so that probably has something to do with it.

  3. We may get Jon Stewart one day later here, But I love how gay friendly The Daily Show is.

  4. I don’t get how people can link the acts of religious extremist with the rest of the moderate believers and then go prancing around pretending that their generalized statements are logically valid.

  5. Josh, holy shit, the mall that was in the headline “Fear of US teenagers” is in my hometown!!! I hang out there with friends all the time, I’ll be there tommorrow! What a small world. Anyway, it’s only effective two dasys a week, and for like four hours at a time. And they really don’t enforce it…at all. I’m 16, look no where close to 18, and still have gotten in with friends every time.

  6. Glad to see that the justice system just keeps making so many good decisions these days. Nothing like having your civil rights violated AND the folks behind get away after all.

  7. Oh Josh, you’re so funny. People with even the dimmest of wit can see your bias. Among the stupidity of all but one of your posts, it takes a very primitive person to dump on those who would protect you. Why not try to help move civilization to Type 1 and stop helping to keep us here at little ol’ zero, silly?

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