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  1. I come from Belgium and I can assure you that our arch bishop indeed made these statements! >< He also said that pedo priests shouldn’t be hunted if they’re already retired O_o Can you imagine that? At least most people here don’t agree and campaigns are started against his statements, so it’s not all that bad then…

    I also agree with Kevin though, this planet sucks, I was reading some news articles yesterday and one after the other handled about rape, child abuse, hate campaigns and the like… It’s very depressing :(

  2. Yours is an interesting blog, Josh, an’ no mistake…

    I don’t necessarely agree with everything that you write, but that is neither here nor there. I think that I may be moving towards the point where I will write something about human sexuality, but it won’t be here and it won’t necessarely be the obvious, either.

    Kevin: “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.”

    That’s what they want you to think. Just hold your nerve. Things is both movin’ an’ changin’….all the time.

    1. “Things is both movin’ an’ changin’….all the time. (Love your punctuation)” I agree and this site helps to promote that. It really is a most interesting blog. Hats off to you Josh.

  3. Well, if you find one with life sustaining atmosphere, has all lifestyles allowed, no hostile environment, great infrastructure, and everything is free much like Star Trek, oh and an ability to get there…let me know, I’ll go with you!

    1. “Well, if you find one with life sustaining atmosphere, has all lifestyles allowed, no hostile environment, great infrastructure, and everything is free much like Star Trek, oh and an ability to get there…let me know …”

      NASA has spent billions upon billions attempting to find another place and go there to learn of its environment. What a waste, when all they had to do was just ask Hollywood where and what and how about that far off place ………

      As early as 1950, Hollywood has discovered … and filmed for posterity for mankind to study ….
      “Destination Moon,” “Flying Disc Man from Mars,” “Flight to Mars,” “The Man from Planet X,” “The Thing from Another World,” “Unknown World,” “When Worlds Collide,” “The Lost Planet,” “The Twonky,” “The War of the Worlds,” “Stranger From Venus,” “Target Earth,” “Conquest of Space,” “Forbidden Planet,”

      And they even have these “documentaries” for various groupies:

      For those who love the boobies:
      …….. “Fire Maidens from Outer Space,” “The Astounding She-Monster,” “Devil Girl from Mars,” “Attack of the 50 Foot Woman,” (for those who like their boobies REALLY BIG)

      For those who ‘own’ a Sunday morning pew:
      …….. “She Devil,” “From Hell It Came,” “Monster From Green Hell,” “The World, the Flesh and the Devil,”

      For those male oriented:
      …….. “The Invisible Boy,” “Teenagers from Outer Space,” “Indestructible Man,” “The Incredible Shrinking Man,”

      And, one of my personal favorites, straight from the sewers of Los Angeles: “Them!,”

      So, just take your pick! When you get back, let us know how it all went!

      ‹(•¿•)› ‹(•¿•)› ‹(•¿•)›

  4. Not all of the news is bad. And we already knew that 79 countries are in the 11th century when it comes to Human Rights. The UN is a paper puppy… it’s pointless. The idea was on the right path but this simply shows that a dream (nightmare) of a global ‘nation’ or government is a disaster looking for a place to happen.

    Fumanchu is right. Change is always occurring. There is no stasis, even though Conservatives pray from it constantly. We move forward a step at a time. Imagine what it was like to live in America in 1910…
    But I also feel as Kevin does and have for sometime.
    This world is almost more than one can stand.

  5. Gay and in Houston here…

    Just read that article about the kid in Pearland, which is basically SSE Houston. And I’m furious. I’m tired of this.

    1. I know, Nick. I lived in Houston until 2002. This sickens me and makes me want to carry a gun for the first time in my life. If someone is going to shoot me for being gay, I damn well want to go down fighting.

      It’s hard to constantly be angry and enraged. Im feeling burned out and just want to leave it all.

    2. Yes, Nick, absolutely insane. And in attempt to cover the excuse of a gay come-on, the perp and friends(?) put up a false Facebook page (while Josh was still missing) that said part of his, Josh’s, interests was ‘men’.
      And, allegedly,the perp is another undocumented alien, from Belize, who had been kicked out of HIS home and had moved in with another family. Our world just keeps getting sadder and madder every day. I told my parents I am now seriously considering selling my home and taking my little girl and Aaron and moving to the mountains/Colorado. I know I could stay in our family place in Carbondale until I could find a place of our own, even if I had to move all the way down valley to Glenwood Springs. Not that it would be any saner there, but it is a damn sight prettier than Houston is. I just need to further explore the job market in that area, but I am sure I could find work in my field there.
      After all, I am starting to lose faith in humanity. :( How fucking sad, ’cause I am usually much more upbeat and positive than this.

      1. Good luck! Aside from the obvious beauty (and it IS beautiful — especially at the peaks of Autumn — I adore the Aspen trees, right after Maples and Oaks — that area can be just as red-necked as any bible belt area. I know, I’ve lived quite a bit of my childhood among the mountains of Colorado. My step-family is from Leadville, just a “stone’s throw” from Glenwood Springs. And we lived a “stone’s throw” towards the east along I70/US6 but still west of Denver. I’ve had to drive MULTIPLE times between Denver and Grand Junction and I’ve detoured many times into some of the cities and small towns along the way to enjoy the sights.

        Don’t think for a second that you won’t encounter prejudice of your lifestyle, especially since you have a young daughter and she will go to one of those, how do I put this nicely, well, less than gay friendly schools. And when all of you are together at restaurants, grocery and other stores, you will encounter the weird stares and whispers, I can pretty much guarantee.

        Sorry to rain on your parade and I wish you well, but I’m just trying to give you a necessary dose of reality regarding those “beautiful mountains of Colorado” because I’ve lived it there (and I’m in no way effeminate — to draw those stares).


        1. Penboyx, it has not changed and grown worse here. The front range is more rednecked now with all the midwesterners from Iowa, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Missouri and Kansas flowing in since the mid 90s.
          In a general poll in 2006, Colorado was found to be the least friendly place to visit. In Denver, there is more tolerance as a big city with universities should show, but it is still very conservative. Outside of Capital Hill area, most gays are quiet. I was surprised at the number in Longmont, a real pit of a town to the north, and Boulder has become yuppie haven. The town has priced the hippies out and that has spread up into Nederland and across the front range to Longmont. Even Loveland is now becoming less inviting, if it ever was.

          But what disturbs me is the amount of internal prejudice against gays with HIV and agism is alive and well. I was certain the community had come together and as 1997 it had by my experience, but now the walls are up. Im in south Denver next to Aurora *bleh* . My son says its because I dont go out much, at the same time saying the cliques are very strong. So I don’t know. I moved here in 2001 remembering 1997 and this is not the same place.
          I should have gone to Albuquerque but Ive heard the gang violence is bad there too. *shrug*

        2. Pen, I/we have been going there since I was a child of 8 and Aaron has been there for full summers with us for almost as long. I have to say that I know that there are probably as many rednecks there as in Texas. We have biked thru Leadville many times. It is not much of a town to look at but the ride is an extremely tough but breath-taking one, both visually and literally. We ride in and around Aspen/Carbondale/El Jebel often. We have partied a bit in some of the Aspen clubs once we got old enuf when there. Only once have we had any trouble at all. This is not to say that the prejudice is not as prevelant as you say it is because all I personally have experienced is several weeks of summer and a couple over Christmas. I am sure that full time residency would probably make a difference. And I also am in no way effeminate. I am not a little guy. I stand 6’4″ and weigh in at 190 lbs,although that weight does look a bit lean at that height. Plus I am very able to take care of myself. I am not afraid of fighting at all. I am most probably just rantiing anyway. I have a job I love here as well as a pretty decent, if older home here…and most likely my ‘rents would still pitch a fit if I took Sarah 2000 miles away from them. But it is still a damn shame what goes on in our country as far as treatment of gays go.

          1. I wish you luck wherever you move to (or stay put). I said what I did mostly because you have a school-age daughter and I wanted to give you some reality as to what MAY occur if the locals see ALL of you together in typical public venues. Also, there WILL BE times where she will (with pride I know) say to SOMEONE that she has “2 daddies.” And if you’ve been following the threads in here or the news for sometime now, that’s all it takes to create a public storm of Gays v. the religious. So, as long as you and your partner are aware of this, again, more power to all of you.

            The ONLY reason I mentioned “effeminate” is that because I was able to see the rednecks through “their eyes,” meaning, ONLY that it (thankfully) wasn’t directed at me, personally, and they would behave around me just as they would around anyone else. I don’t know anything about you and your partner, but IF he is or even appears to be in the slightest, they can be quick to pick up on that … just like hyenas circling for their prey and jeering all the while.

            Of course, you will still find a good number who support you and your family unit. Again, good luck.


            1. I understand completely what you said. i have no complaints about that at all. Thanks for the good luck wish.

  6. Seriously now ………

    “The head of the Catholic Church in Belgium has said that AIDS is “intrinsic justice” for homosexuality. He is also said to have called homosexuality a travesty of nature.

    His spokesman Juergen Mettepenningen resigned over his boss’ remarks, AFP reports. At a press conference, Mr Mettepenningen said of his former boss: ‘Monsignor Leonard at times acts like a motorist driving on the wrong side of a freeway who thinks all the other motorists are wrong.’ ”

    I find it rather pathetic how the catholic church (among others if it so be) and all those catholic priests, bishops, et al, can condemn homosexuality when, if you study the nature of sex, they are actually subliminally condemning themselves, apparently without either realizing it or acknowledging it.

    Let’s look at this. How many purely heterosexuals are able to, and willfully, live their entire lives without any opposite sexual encounter? All that I’ve ever seen and read about is at least one time or another within their lives, they just can’t keep it in their pants, regardless of any limitations. Even the leader of the free world couldn’t do it (Clinton — but he still was a good President — he just had a libido that even the Secret Service couldn’t contain). And if you intend on living your ENTIRE life without any opposite sex, what’s left (besides the obvious — your hands, but they also severely condemn that)? And we all know that it can become necessary for homosexuals to refrain from sex for a myriad of reasons during their lives, not the least fighting off desire. Because of societal attitudes and legal implications, so many homosexuals will simply just refrain and be chaste to preserve their freedom.

    So I contend that pretty much all religious emissaries that demand chastity of themselves and their others, they are really just homosexuals in the ‘holiest’ of all closets. So, to say that ANYTHING is “intrinsic justice for homosexuality” or that “homosexuality a travesty of nature,” they are actually wishing that upon themselves — all for the ‘good’ of their church and religion — just to maintain the control they so desire of the masses.

  7. I see that now I am the brunt of infamous PenboyX – No disrespect to you…but I am quite familiar with NASA and their ability to spend millions and even billions of dollars on various projects to hunt for planets with life sustaining atmosphere…worked at Kennedy and worked for several General Contractors there and in Huntsville AL…oh and I have seen and watched several of the movies you list above….so I gather you don’t want to depart this world of ours in order to find Utopia but would rather stay here among the disinterested few…or am I off the mark on this one?

    1. Wow. I didn’t know it was that difficult to grasp the humor of your initial request and my response. And I’m pretty sure that you won’t find any “utopia” anywhere away from this planet also — but, by all means, go ahead and try.

      All I can say is when I finally “depart this world,” it will be into a fire-pit as I don’t see any advantage of using up a wooden box with it’s frilly linings, along with what little clothes I will have left to rot away before the inevitable maggots take their toll (and damn sure it won’t be any ‘god’ or other asinine ‘everlasting life’). So, it will be ashes for me — much more compact and environmentally “green.”

      So I don’t really know which “mark” you’re looking for. I usually deal with reality and then try to complement it with a good healthy dose of humor when I can.

        1. Right …. but WHERE will the Starship U.S.S. Enterprise take you next? And wherever it is, how’s the sex there? Or, with a crew of 430, 14 science labs, an observation deck, a massive lower deck which included main engineering, and a shuttle bay, is there a reason to go to another Galaxy and instead, just stay on board? Oh, but wait, damn it, there’s no putting green.


      1. I have a question for you…are you a “Professional Photographer or Videographer”? The reason for the question is your handle “PenboyX” could it mean you use or have used a Pentax? Regardless, would enjoy seeing some of your work if you are…no hidden meaning here just curiosity.

        1. Pentax = PenboyX. I like your logic, but no, that’s not it. I didn’t even think about that because I don’t have Pentax equipment although I’ve always considered using a Pentax 6×7. I’ve always liked that format. I settled with 35mm because it’s so portable and for 95% of my work/sales, it’s good enough. ** Maybe it should have been NikboyX? Nah, doesn’t have a good ‘ring’ to it — PenboyX does. :-)

          I’m a still photographer by trade. I ‘dabble’ in videography, but to be honest, right now, it’s just too expensive to get the primary equipment (cameras) for doing the quality that I would insist of myself. I do have a couple of good consumer models (the “old, by now” Digi8mm) though that I play around with. I also sell vintage mens items through online auction sites like Ebay which is fun. I find it very interesting how insignificant items of our past (60s — 80s) still have the attraction of so many. Just because we “advance” in technology, doesn’t mean we should abandon the previous methods or just toss out items that hold so many memories for all of us. I believe in recycling these items …. and making a few $$ too.

          ** But I totally respect and always had an interest in 6×6, 6×7, 4×5 formats and equipment and what they can do. And I truly am in awe at what Ansel Adams accomplished with his 4×5, 5×7 and 8×10 landscapes and nature (in B&W no less!!).


          1. Thanks very much for the response – much appreciated. I too loved Ansel Adams and even Frank Lloyd Wright because of the beautiful photos taken of the homes he designed.

            My love of course is Nikon – Nikon Photomic TN 35mm w/50mm NIKKOR. Grew up on that one as well as my two Yashica’s one a Mat EM and of course my Hassey w/80mm Carl Zeiss. My mainstay is my D300S all digital but still love to go back to my Tachihara 4×5 w/150mm Rodenstock…use that mainly for Architecture and Landscapes.

            Thanks for the response and when I go to Berlin and meet with Will McBride at his studio…I am sure you know who that is…he’s lived here in Germany since 55. Love his paintings but way to pricy for me and of course his sculpture as well – again way too pricy.


  8. almost all those changes suck but i dont care we will rule over this world one day as the promise of the white rose grants it

  9. No it wasn’t difficult at all to see your humor just wanted you to know there is at least one who sees it a little differently – this world of ours that is. However, I too look for reality and try not to put too much spin on words used in this forum. Don’t get me started on “life-ever-lasting” that’s a discussion for those who really understand “life and it’s meaning”. Just so you know, I wasn’t referring to “death” but to “leaving” under whatever circumstances you can conjure up from your movies you quoted in order to find some Utopia out there among the stars. Of course we probably won’t ever see that happen at least in my lifetime, maybe yours though. Good bantering with you…or should I say discussing…enjoy your day or evening…

  10. Way to go, Méjico. Hopefully the Senate will approve the amendment o/

    I’m probably just being alarmist, but I find a little bit disturbing that the potential chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee thinks the gods are going to clean our own mess so therefore we should not be worried about it ._.

    1. “probably just being alarmist, but I find a little bit disturbing …”

      You’re not alone. That’s just another example of religious stupidity. And just to pull something out of thin air …. Even if someone DID believe in that nonsense …… since “he” hasn’t done anything about cleaning up our mess THIS FAR ……. how/why would ANYONE actually (seriously) think that “he” might/would do anything about it way into the future ….. you know, when the job is even MORE DIFFICULT to do? From all I can surmise, he’s been pretty damn lazy so far and I’d think if he had ANY ability, he would at least TRY when the job is EASIER …. you think?

      It’s time to start planting a whole lot more trees.

  11. Nobody beleives in god seriously well i never believed but whatever everyone who still believe in him simply point at him for a reason to live to be pardoned or to put fake rules stopping us from doing this and that so basically we use him for excuses isn’t that right

  12. Sometimes you get tired of all the violence and corruption in your country and then… this. Makes me think that my country will eventually be the place i want my children to live in.

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