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  1. you missed a BIG ONE. the United States Senate repealed Dont Ask Dont Tell. that is a HUGE achievement for the U.S. and political posts shouldn’t, just as the news, shouldn’t be focused on the negative, in full, but the postive such as such an event, which has hurled the gay community into the 21st century as a modern and nationally respected community.

  2. So, one of only two positive items is about the Taliban? You’ve got to be kidding me…

    Btw, if you read the whole article at the link, you’ll find (after the quotation marks in the headline, which apparently were felt to be unnecessary here) this:

    The Taliban – who are fighting the Kabul government – have made no public comment on the issue.
    Female MPs greeted with disbelief the Taliban’s supposed softening of stance on schooling for girls.

    Roshanak Wardak, a member of parliament from the central-eastern Afghan province of Wardak, told the BBC: “The Afghan government is saying that, but it’s not true.

    “I don’t believe in this because in Wardak we have six Pashtun-dominated districts and all the girls’ schools are closed and have never been open. There are only schools open in two Hazara-dominated districts.”

    Marman Gulhar, MP for the north-eastern province of Kunar, was also sceptical.

    “This is not true and it will never happen,” she told the BBC. “The Taliban will never be ready for that [girls' education].

    “In fact they are fighting against that. The girls’ schools are closed and still are closed.”

    But what do women know, anyway. So…yay for the Taliban, right?

  3. It is so hard to be vocally opposed to Israel in the US. Every time I try to bring it up, people just don’t understand. We’ve (American’s) have been bred to believe that that land belongs only to the Hebrews, when that’s far from the truth. Even the Torah says they invaded, just because “God said they could.”

    Give Palestine back to her people!

    1. We did not invade, we returned after a long period of exile in Egypt.

      and if you’re so concerned about taking land from “invaders” and giving it to original people who lived there, then get the heck back to Europe and give northern America back to the native Americans who were there before your ancestors showed up 200 years ago.

    2. Lucas, what about the young Israelis born in that country just a year or two ago? Should they now be forecefully removed and displaced once again? Of course not, and you’ve obviously ignored that.

      Furthermore, say what you want about Israel but it is the only country in the Middle East that protects gay people from discrimination, has huge gay parades and gay nightlife, and recognizes gay marriages from other countries. Cross the border to any other country and being gay is punishable.

      I always find it humorous how gay people criticise Israel… Israel is the only country in the Middle East that would not consider you a criminal for being homosexual. I wonder how that makes you feel?

  4. Most of the worlds problems be solved if
    the culprit /the wrongdoer be sentenced
    to a public spanking. Where via internet
    cable / satellite television the spanking
    televised shown to a Worlwide Audience.

    Thus it be for the people’s of nations as
    whom should appear brought to account
    on the SPANKING channel // politicians
    found guilty of corruption // as corrupt
    police officers /as be religious fanatics
    whom make others lifes an misery with
    their halfbaked crackpot ideas / beliefs.

    Of course the aim but to teach a lesson
    not that of brutality /thus the spanking
    be done in using ones hand /upon bare
    buttocks. /There be no use of canes or
    belts etc etc. The aim of the spanking
    towards a cure in their behaviour / the
    punishment not aimed toward brutality.

    Simple Rules // the spanking should not
    be of such a force that it leaves bruising
    or be of such a force that it draws blood.

    As being downright perverts that enjoy
    torture/pain /punishment. An spanking
    for them /only bringing forth pleasure’s
    thus their punishment.They will only be
    able to watch while others be punished.

    ps. the spanking should not go to other
    extreme/ being of a such gentle nature
    where gives pleasure /than punishment
    thus the force an spanking be balanced.

    1. Honor and shame ceased to have any real meaning in the western world long ago…. there are times when I wonder how many would recognize either if they saw it.

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