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  1. What is wrong with this world? When I read the headline about outlawing gayness and porn I thought it sounded ridiculous. The article itself hashed absurdities such as black families were more close tOgether during slavery! Wtf? Also the article where Azad states being gay is a disease. It is true what they say though. The world is run by dinosaurs.

    1. I wouldn’t get too upset about michele bachmann (failure to capitalize intentional), her bid for the nomination is about as likely to happen as Stephen Colbert’s was when he “ran” for the nomination.

      If her role as nothing more then a jester to boost ratings for television wasn’t obvious before she signed that ridicules pledge, it should be now. With all the outrageous claims and ludicrous promises one makes by signing it, anyone who does sign it is committing political suicide.

      1. As much as I would love to agree with you on all counts, I’m not sure you can fully grasp how deep the religious stupidity is throughout this country — and even more so during elections.

        1. You aren’t a gay, goth, Marilyn Manson fan that attended a religious high school, worked for four years at an amusement park, and ten years at a five-star hotel without being fully aware of all the stupidity there is, religious or otherwise. Hell, I once told jerry falwell that his existence was proof that god doesn’t exist when I had a run-in with him outside a MM concert.

          I’m also well aware that despite the media exposure they get and their loud mouths, the religious right is nothing but a small minority. Extreme views are called extreme for a reason: they’re far outside the norm.

          You won’t catch me saying that bigotry isn’t a problem, but popular opinion in the country is decidedly against bigots. If you disagree with that, take a look at the history of the KKK (the History Channel did an excellent documentary on it if you can find it)…. we’ve come a long way from the days when they controlled the country.

          1. “[I]… attended a religious high school …”
            I did attend a religious high school. That’s why I am so well-versed to the religious “double-speak” and purposes — I know it as soon as it starts.

            “Hell, I once told jerry falwell that his existence was proof that god doesn’t exist when I had a run-in with him outside a MM concert.”

            I love that!

            “You won’t catch me saying that bigotry isn’t a problem, but popular opinion in the country is decidedly against bigots. If you disagree with that …”

            It’s not that I disagree ….. but did you actually look at the “popular vote” for Presidency during the Bush years and in 2008 — how close it was for Obama (popular, not electorate)? That’s what I mean by all that religious stupidity.

            “the religious right is nothing but a small minority”

            It’s not as “small” as you seem to think, otherwise those election totals wouldn’t be so “close.”

  2. After reading the some of these painfully stupid stories, it is obvious that now, more than ever, every American needs a Battle Rifle (.308), an Assault Rifle (.223 or 7.62×39), a Tactical Sniper Rifle (MOA at 300 yrds), a 12 Ga. Shotgun, a Service Sidearm (9mm or better) and a Concealable Handgun, along with optics, accessories, spare parts, and plenty of ammunition for each.

    The 4 facts of life are these: 1. We’re surrounded by idiots. 2. They’re in positions of responsibility. 3. Nobody is bulletproof. 4. There is no problem that cannot be solved by the adequate expenditure of ammunition.
    Please God, don’t let it come to this.

    1. Unfortunately (no offense to you at all!) i have to agree with you on all counts. This is a sad, depraved and mixed up country (world) we live in. I too pray that it does not come down to combat tactics, but one never knows.

  3. I hadn’t heard much for the push for transgender rights In Ireland, mostly because there isn’t many transgender people in Ireland, enough for a rights bill thought. Good to hear it.

  4. “North Carolina Pizza Hut kicks man out for wearing a dress”
    they had EVERY RIGHT to kick him out.
    his shoes didn’t match the dress…

    1. Yea Dewboy… and with those Thunder Thighs, I would have thrown his fugly ass out too! I think the bitch was all sweaty too… Ugh!

  5. “U.S. internet providers to slow down web access for copyright violators”
    I couldn’t access the article, they (the NY Times) wanted me to ‘sign-in’…

  6. it never ceases to amaze me how much government(s) love power, and love to use it against their citizens…

  7. Outrage grumble grumble grumble moan gripe

    I like Political Posts, and it’s nice to be informed, but they don’t have quite the same effect they used to have on me. It’s almost not shocking that people can suck this much.

    1. “Outrage grumble grumble grumble moan gripe”

      No no no… this is more accurate:

      Babble babble, bitch bitch; rebel rebel, party party; Sex sex sex, and don’t forget the violence; Blah blah blah, got your lovey-dovey sad-and-lonely; Stick your stupid slogan in: Everybody sing along!

  8. Whats wrong with us? What is so bad about gays? I don’t get it. This is like the same thing back in the US back in the 50’s and 60’s with racial discrimination. I just don’t understand how people could hate us so much because of something we didn’t even choose to have.

    1. It’s more about them and their own insecurities then anything about us. We’re just the scape-goats.

  9. Internet Censorship in the UK is already happening. T-Mobile’s mobile broadband service currently has ‘inappropriate’ content blocked. And you need to prove your age by entering your credit card.

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