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Half-male, half-female butterfly hatches at Natural History Museum in London


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  1. The articles on the riots are completely wrong! These people are rioting because they are scum!

    1. The article makes a valid point though. Would the media cover the social ills of te city if it were not for the violence?

    2. No David, it’s the police who are scum! Every time I see a pig getting torched with a petrol bomb, I open a bottle of champagne to celebrate! And between Greece and London recently, I’ve been staying pretty tipsy.

      1. Turns out you’re right Dino. The independent commission states that the police were the cause of the riots. Of course, any observant person knows the police are scum.

        “Police investigators have found Londoner Mark Duggan did not fire at a police officer before being shot dead in the incident that sparked riots across England.
        The Independent Police Complaints Commission said there was no evidence that a gun found at the scene of the fatal shooting had been fired. The bullet found lodged in the radio of an injured police officer was police-issue.”

        1. The commission stated no such thing. It said that the gun had not been fired, but that doesn’t mean the police were unjustified in shooting him.

          As for the rioters, I’d have some respect for them if they were marching on government buildings and police, but most of these people are just plain thugs terrorising local families and businesses., stealing and destroying private property. Fuck them.

  2. I’m curious, when someone in the UK refers to a black person do they mean the same thing someone in the US does (someone of African descent)?

    I ask because I keep running across references to the riots being started by poor black youth, yet I’d always been led to believe that the UK didn’t have the same sort of racial tensions between blacks and whites that the US does. Also because, in the videos I’ve seen, all the rioters appear to be white.

    1. those rioters are all in it for the lulz… having fun with fire, violence and being creative with street furniture.

      1. Thank you for your enlightening answer, but I fail to see how it pertains to my question.

    2. A concise answer to your question, Sixie: In England ‘Black’ has a broader meaning than in the US – more like the US ‘colored people’ – and includes Pakistanis, Indians, Bangladeshis, North Africans and Afro-Caribbeans as well as Negroes, whether recent immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa or of longer-standing. I suppose in US parlance you could imagine something including niggers and spics (or African Americans and Latinos – as Black can be used either neutrally or pejoratively, and England most certainly has the same sort of racial tensions as the US, just against this larger group). On the other hand, after the first night’s rioting in Black areas, white ‘yobs’ (who suffer the same cycle of poverty and joblessness, and police harassment) have joined in too. (Interestingly, ‘yob’ is supposedly back-slang for ‘boy’, long used for all males of color by their white colonial masters, and thus none to subtly drops white underclass youth into the same category, and demonstrates the same contempt!)

      1. “Interestingly, ‘yob’ is supposedly back-slang for ‘boy’ …”

        And they left school just before they could learn how to properly spell the 3-letter word, “boy?”

        1. [quote]In England ‘Black’ has a broader meaning than in the US – more like the US ‘colored people’ – and includes Pakistanis, Indians, Bangladeshis, North Africans and Afro-Caribbeans as well as Negroes, whether recent immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa or of longer-standing. [/quote]

          Not sure where you get your information from, Bodmin. It’s not standard to describe Asians as black in England. Only Africans/Afro-Caribbeans.

  3. @Sixle see comment above from Andre. It has now been reported that an investigation has revealed that the gun shot that started the riots was fired by police. It is the police that have been the cause of all this mayhem for killing an innocent man.

    1. That may have been the trigger, but I can guarantee you that the cause is much deeper then the killing of a single man.

      Just like the acquittal of the police that beat Rodney King was the trigger of the LA riots in the early 90’s but it was a long history of police brutality against black folk that was the cause.

  4. The guy who police killed didn’t fire the bullet that hit a cop. It was a bullet from another policeman. The cops killed an innocent man. Cops are fucking bastards.

    1. Innocent might be a bit of a stretch. Innocent people don’t carry loaded handguns, not in the UK at least.

      1. He had a penis too, but that doesn’t make him a rapist. Fuck the UK. The world has already taken enough of its shit.

  5. the majority of rioters are just scum who’ll end up in prison eventually.

    and the guy that was shot was a gang member with a loaded gun. oh so innocent.

  6. History is full of examples of how to deal with the unruly, the unhappy, and the just plain misbehavin’. Consider Emperor Caracalla’s chastisement of Alexandria, Justinian’s punisment of the Nika rioters in Constantinople, the Boxer annoyances in Peking, Nicholas II’s allowing of the Russian army’s heavy artillery to shell 1/3 of Moscow into rubble in 1905, General Dyer’s enforcing the “No Meetings!” order at Amritsar in India, and the contemporary classics at Tlatelolco, Kent State, Tiananmen Square, and right now all over Syria, Libya, etc. ad nauseum.

    So, grasshoppers, you see, we don’t have to put up with it. When mischief captures the imaginations of unwashed ruffians, resulting tying up traffic, littering, jaywalking, loud swearing and other unseemly indiscretions, it is only matter of shooting a few, or a hundred, or a few hundred, or a thousand, or a few thousands (depending on just how unseemly!) , until tranquility resumes.

    I don’t charge a nickel for my world-saving ideas, I give them free, out of love.

  7. Just because you have a penis doesn’t mean you are a rapist, although some women think so.

    I can’t think of a country that so deserves these riots more than England. This is pay-back time for the the raping of the third world that they carried on for several centuries. It’s called Karma.

    Horselips, you can kiss my brown asshole. No charge for you!
    In case you haven’t noticed, this is a worldwide revolt against authority which has just begun. There is a lot more to come. It ain’t over until the fat lady sings.

    1. If you believe “this is a worldwide revolt against authority” your not just dreaming -you’re hypnotized! The rioters are not revolutionaries – but creatures of the nanny state. They are socio-economic gigolos -sustained by liberal entitlements. They are not going to overthrow authority at any level – certainly not Her Majesty’s government. Any attempt to mess with the Monarchy would draw a rather rough response from a whole lot of very dangerous men in cuirasses & jackboots, kilts, red coats and bearskin caps. You do not want to fuck with them. No siree.

      As for Britain deserving these riots – yes – they do – not for imperialism or but for liberalism, multi-culturalism, and politcal correctness. If not for the British Empire, many of the sainted savages of your ‘third world’ would still be in the trees, lost in the stone age – living in caves or mud & straw huts, and eating raw meat in the dark. As an American, I am grateful for British colonialism, and the civilization we learned from it. To think, we might have been French or Spanish….egad.

      As for kissing your brown asshole. Is that a proposition? I hope so. I haven’t been with a man of color in quite awhile. Hell yeah I’d kiss it – and a lot more too if you’re game. Keep in touch there big boy.

      1. You’re a scary man with scary ideas, it’s a good thing you’re just posting on an internet blog and running with intent to hold office.

        1. @Pieman
          There are a couple of really nutty posters here and horselips is one of them. One wonders where the hell they come from and what kind of bizarre lives they lead. Very freaky.

          1. Oh, I’ve been around these parts for at least a year or two now. I guess I should learn to ignore these people by now, huh?

          2. Can’t handle an occassional politically incorrect reality check seasoned with a little hard-boiled sarcasm? I’m not ‘nutty’ – I just have a profound sense of the obvious.

            FYI – my life is hardly ‘bizarre’ or freaky. Probably much like yours. I have great kids, a good job, some very good friends, a few lovers – ya know – the ususal.

            1. “Being politically incorrect” is just the battle cry of those who want to be uneducated assholes with no repercussions. We’re not picking on you because you’re being “politically incorrect”, we’re picking on you because you’re wrong. There’s a difference.

            2. HMMM. I see a few ad hominem attacks, but no direct challenges to anything I have said.

              BTW, ALFRED, your “worldwide revolt against authority” has already collapsed. Loyal British subjects have organized, and are rapidly taking back the streets and restoring order -even cleaning up the place. Perhaps you shouldn’t jump too quickly to your poorly thought out conclusions. Read it and weep >>> E II R.

            3. This happens in bits in pieces, in the same way that the entire global empire of the British was eliminated 60 years ago. It is the same way that the USSR got bit-picked to death. And it is exactly the same thing that is happening to America with its adventures in all the countries in which it is now waging wars. It it heading to its domestic ruin in the process.
              Just wait, horselips, you’ll see. The living will come to envy the dead. The writing is on the wall.
              But this time it will be more global and universal in nature. Giant interlocking systems that we have created are of the most fragile nature. There are so many negatives that exist today that it is impossible to predict what will actually trigger it all. I’m betting on water, and then oil. But mayhem will reign leading up to the bitter end.

            4. The common thread between the upset in Britain and elsewhere – notably Greece – is the grim reality predicted by Margaret Thatcher -socialism fails because sooner or later, you run out of other peoples’ money. And when governments run out they either borrow more or print more. And when the national credit card is maxed out – the SHTF. Too bad most of the world’s social safety nets were founded on wealth-destroying taxation and appropriation instead of wealth-creating privatization.

              One, and only one, county in the USA -Galveston County, Texas opted OUT of FDR’s Mother of All Ponzi Schemes – Social Security – and set up a privatized retirement system. Their seniors get 2 1/2 times what SocSec retirees get – and it doesn’t cost the local government a dime. And there’s no talk of reducing benefits or extending the age of eligibility. Capitalism WORKS, socialism doesn’t.

              Historically, we have already passed through the Age of Barter (goods exchanged for goods), the Age of Precious Metals (goods exchanged for gold, silver or gems), the Age of Money (goods exchanged for “backed” facsimiles (currency) representing precious metals) and now we are at the end of the Age of Credit (goods exchanged for I.O.U.s). As the economies of the USA and the EU unravel, and desperate people radicalize and then organize, Ammunition will become the next medium of exchange. Lock & Load!

            5. I really hope you’re right and my observations are wrong. But calling me a “fucking nutcase” without factually countering my conclusions isn’t persuasive. Perhaps your ad hominem attack stems from wishful thinking – living in denial of the dangerous signs of the times that surround us.

            6. horselips you get nuttier and fruitier with each post you make. now you are really hilarious. he-he

            7. Fruitier? I doubt it – Lately I’m queerer than a $3 bill. It doesn’t get much fruitier than that. All it takes is the mere thought of being perched in the throbbing loins of a teenage boi and…….oh never mind.

              Nuttier? Maybe so – but still waiting for factual, or even theoretical refutation of my positions.

              Hilarious? Hell YEAH! – The show must go on!

            8. You must be very bored with your life horselips if you spend all of your time glued to your keyboard writing neurotic replies ad nauseam here. And your endless logorrhea finally exposes you for the fraud you are.

            9. Logorrhea = Fraud? That’s a leap of faith worthy of a Cardinal – or at least a Bishop.

              As usual, NO FACTUAL REFUTATION of anything I have offerred, just the logorrhea of ad hominem attacks, ad nauseum.

              Someone as judgmental as you are should have much much more to offer…

            10. Why even bother wasting one’s time refuting anything you write horselips? You do the best job of that all by yourself. In fact, you are living proof of the old adage “Give him enough rope and he’ll hang himself”.

              You comment above about yourself “I’m not ‘nutty’” is about as funny as it gets! Is that the proof you offer of your sanity? Not only are you totally ‘mad’ horselips, but you are a nitwit too.

            11. “Why even bother wasting one’s time refuting anything you write horselips?”

              Why bother indeed. Because you can’t. I will hold to my anti-socialist position, and my criticism of the rioters until I am shown some rational alternative point of view.

            12. @horselips,
              There is no purpose to make any “rational” points to someone who is irrational as you. We are not here to waste our time with people like you. Take a hint, and buzz off.

            13. I second that motion! Take the hint horselips. You are completely irrational.

            14. Holy shit! I just don’t believe you horselips. You’re like a piece of bubblegum stuck the bottom of one’s shoe.

  8. Wow – what a spirited dialog about the sins of the United Kingdom and racism and who is really to blame for a variety of failings in the modern world… Post On!

    Don’t know if it is allowed [sorry if breaking rules Josh, Please No Spank ;)~ ] but the link below is to an MSNBC post several past the item listed, and speaks more directly to [some of] the reasons for the “unrest”

    Last paragraph is perhaps the most telling / saddest.

  9. Re: London Riots

    Just finished watching some news and they showed some disturbing video. The video showed this young (around 20?) black guy throwing rocks or something at the police. Then an older gentlemen (looked to be around 55-60?) was talking to this younger guy — they said he was trying to talk the younger guy out of throwing more things at the police and to settle down. Then the younger guy just hit the older man with his fist and walked away. They later showed some of the businesses that were vandalized and looted. And then they pointed out something interesting: The ONLY business on that particular block of the street that was left untouched from vandals and being looted was a BOOK STORE.

    Now, some of you may think this riot is from some idealistic viewpoints. But what I’ve been seeing these last 4 days including this video clip just shows common thuggery and opportunists with their looting and destruction of the local businesses. This is classic mob mentality — nothing to do with making a political/environmental statement

    I don’t know the root cause of all this, but if you protest about unemployment and then destroy the businesses and their buildings as well as their equipment and inventory, they can’t and won’t hire any new employees. That’s pretty much elementary knowledge. Also, you don’t make an idealistic statement to the “status quo” with vandalism, looting and burning of the buildings. That’s the way I see it.

    1. Nothing disturbing about it at all PenboyX2. In fact, this is long overdue. Burn baby, burn.

    2. I never thought I’d agree with you but I do. There is nothing political about what has been happening.

  10. Its just a bunch of criminal scum rioting, there is no legitimate cause. They are going to steal and destroy because they can and it is fun for them. They attack private property, not protest against government.

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