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  1. Remember kids, if you are in america, you can be dragged from your beds or off the street for being different. But don’t worry; I heard those orange jumpsuits and hoods were sliming and the beatings and piss keep your skin looking young.

  2. I pity all you Americans, it seems that for being a regular gay person you will be – abused by teachers with handcuffs as a child, strip searched by out of line cops on a non existent charge, branded a pedophile for being queer, have your love potentially criminalized, have your leg broken by cops for eating a taco and wind up in jail for 75 years for filming the people commit the police brutality.

    1. Your poor writing skills notwithstanding (you do use the same written English that we do, right?), all of us can see you delight in reading about a few incidents and then blow it out of proportion to fit your mood. You really need to get back to your Bar-b and attempt to cook yourself some grub — don’t forget to down about a gallon of your so-called beer to wash it all down.

      1. Don’t take personal offense to the fact that America is a police state. If somebody came up to me and said “The UK is a country run by racist, homophobic, classist authoritarian wankers” I wouldn’t throw bad stereotypes at them, I’d agree with them.

        (Americans are not in any position to slag off the beers of other countries.)

      2. But the fact of the matter remains true and that is that if you you don’t conform in America, you are a pariah. The epidemic of bullying in the USA is a part of the “control” factor. When peer punishment (bullying) fails they call in the authorities. First the counselors who will try every trick in the book to extract conformity and obedience even to the point of massive drugging of children, and when that fails, the police, the courts and the prisons.

        Along the way, some are killed and yet others take their own lives. The survivors of this barbarism grow up to create an adult society along the same principles. I see it even in what is now called “gay society”. A pecking order has evolved much to detriment of anyone who refuses to conform, is eccentric, original, or near the margin.

        1. Your statements would hold true in any country in the world, not just the US. It’s part of human nature to be scared of anyone different from you because, until fairly recently in history, anyone that was outside the norm for your culture probably was dangerous.

          Luckily, most of the world has become rich enough that we’ve started moving away from that, though we still have a long way to go.

    2. Heh, I’ve always gotten more shit for the bands I like then my sexuality…

      btw What the hell is a “regular gay person”? I’m not sure I’ve seen one unless you’re referring to the stereotypes inflicted on us by straights….

  3. Josh, please don’t use a libertarian site as one of your sources ever again, it offends me kthx

        1. *Scans the thread*

          Since everyone’s so eager to be offended, I can gladly give you all something worth being offended by….

      1. I find the beliefs of libertarians offensive because it encourages selfish behaviour and is naive okay!!!

  4. You know, people are sincerely dumb in America, and our climate is primitive in terms of egalitarianism..but I do find myself asking sometimes: is it that much better in western Europe?

    I mean, I would love to live in a country that implements clean energy, good public schools, and great healthcare…but it really does seem too good to be true sometimes. I find it hard to believe. However, if someone from one of these countries (not UK, gtfo) could vouch for how good the quality of life is, I would consider it.

    On another note, why are so many people so hostile to Libertarians when at the root of their ideology, they fight for the freedoms homosexuals strive for?

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