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    1. 1. it could be an error. neutrinos are difficult to measure as they have neither negative nor positive charge.

      2. even if it is true, the difference is so small that most if not all modern sciences that relates to C (speed of light) can safely ignore it.
      (like highschool physics teachers telling you to ignore air friction)

        1. Take two aspirins and call us in the morning, give or take 60 nanoseconds to account for speed of light variation in the arrival of “morning” :-)

      1. The actual difference may be small, but it puts one basis of modern physics in question: the theory of relativity.

    2. Einstein was a smart man, but if you could ask him about his theory of relativity, he would say that he could be wrong.

      1. Or we could be the sneaky species that we are and restate Einsteins’ theory as:

        C is the maximum relative speed that an object can travel when affected by all 4 primary dimensions… ^_^

        Or like in Futurama, simply increase that number.

  1. Proud of Germany for reelecting Wowereit, ashamed of Germany for letting the pope address the Bundestag, while the the latter is much stronger.

    1. It’s not “Germany” that elects the Lord Mayor of Berlin, but the population of the city. And if you take a closer look at the politics of Klaus Wowereit and the things he stands for in Berlin (e.g. privatization of public property), I’m afraid there’s not much left to be proud of except him being gay.

      1. So he wants to privatize mafia’s ( = government’s ) stolen property? WOW! Even more respect to him!

        1. Obviously you have no idea what public property means. Common goods, to be enjoyed and used by one and all …. ok, it’s probably useless to start a political lecture, and maybe you’re really happy hanging out in a private shopping mall built on formerly common ground.

          Only one question …. if the government is a mafia, then Wowereit as head of government is the godfather, isn’t he?

          1. Of course he is!
            But there are different degrees of Evil.
            Stalin is much worse than Putin ( although Putin is not better than Stalin)
            Obama Ben-Bush is much worse than Osama Ben-Laden (although Osama is not better than Obama)

    2. Even Putin spoke at the Bundestag and if there had been enough time probably also Muammar al-Gaddafi would have had the opportunity as well, sooner or later.

      Wowereit on the other hand has proven to be a useless piece of faggot party shit. While he is rather on the left wing of the SPD, his progressiveness is fully exhausted by being gay and having coalitions with an anti-democratic party while doing pretty much the same the conservative party would have done as well.

      1. I suppose you speak of The Left if you say “having coalitions with an anti-democratic party”. That’s nonsense. Their stated aim is a “socialistic democracy” and if you think that’s anti-democratic you should make sure never to travel to Denmark or Norway because both have parties with the same goal in their governments.

        It’s sad to see how well the propaganda by the Christian parties against The Left worked. But if you ask people to find anything that’s actually “anti-democratic” in the party programme of the Left they always fail to come up with anything (Spoiler: because there is nothing).

        1. Yep, they decided to write “socialistic democracy” in their programme, just in the same way the NPD does not call itself “NSDAP” or “bunch of nazis” – so if you manage to read through their programme, you’d probably find nothing either, while they are certainly a lot of steps farther away from being democratic. They just need one mediocre lawyer to find the right words to be on the safe side there.
          With Gregor Gysi they even have a good one which is why a part of the party considers him fascist.

          To see what’s in their minds you don’t have to listen to the conservatives – just listen to the discussions within the party. We live in a time, where capitalism clearly showed its limits of what it can do to secure the average life quality. Social security is going down the drain. In Berlin the rents are rocketing up. And all this party can talk about is whether it was okay to build the wall and shoot people who tried to cross the border – while allowing the people who are entirely in favour of shooting people in their middle. And whether it is okay to congratulate Castro to his long successful fight. It might be just a small fraction of the party, nonetheless they are tolerated and allowed to keep the party in some limbo between useless debattes stalinism vs. leninism vs. maoism, avoiding showing a clear direction because they would immediatly fail as a protest party (as shown pretty much everywhere where they got into power and do exactly what the social democrats do).

          So I guess you are right – they are not really anti-democratic. They are just a chaotic bunch of characters which keep the left (and i mean: the real left, not The Left) from getting anywhere.

          i would imagine that socialsm in denmark or norway means something else than trying to rebuild some failed system from the past. Here they obviously don’t get over it and are incapable of modernising themselves.

          1. I think it was comrade Jesus who said once: “Speak, so I can see you!”

            So please, speak some more! It’s interesting to see the world you live in … a little bit frightening, but really interesting.

        2. Social democrats don’t go far enough, as in they don’t fight capitalism, so they’re bad.

  2. I would like to know where Sally Kern got her studies and research? When people start quoting research and studies as fact. But do not tell us where to get a copy of that studies or research, and not even tell us where it was done. It seem to me that they more interested in politics and pushing their agenda, and not serving the people they elected them.

    1. What do you really expect from the millions of religious whack-jobs? After all, it’s [their job] to turn real facts and science into biblical “idioms and facts” that can’t possibly make any sense on their own to anyone even remotely intelligent of logic and common sense.

      She has to attack gays with those false figures because, you know, it’s not “cool” to say that the 100,000s (and more) of Africans have died and are dying daily as well and truthfully acknowledge they are actually heterosexual or (for the children) assumed heterosexual. After all, [for them only] only the heterosexuals were “made” in the image of “their god” — right?

      That doesn’t play well to the media and, of course, their “flock.” It’s time for their “flock” to publicly denouce their shepherds how baaaaaaaad they really are.

  3. R.I.P. Troy Davis. The first step to the inevitable abolishment of the death penalty here in the states.

    1. There was NO DOUBT about the guilt of TROY DAVIS. The media only reports cherry-picked facts. Davis had a full-blown evidentiary hearing last year in front of a neutral judge, who upheld the conviction. Also something you didn’t see in the news, the jury that sentenced Davis to death consisted of seven blacks and five whites.

      Injustices do occur in every legal system. This WAS NOT one of them.

        1. Of course we should. Any lesser sentence dehumanizes his victim. Only when we value the victims so highly that we execute their killers is true justice done.

      1. First, there were LOTS of doubt about the guilt of the guy!
        A number of witnesses who testified at Davis’ trial later recanted their statements. It’s interesting that prosecutors had no problem accepting their testimony when it implicated Davis, but when those same witnesses later claimed to have been coerced and said that they lied because that was what police and prosecutors wanted, suddenly those same conveyors of truth had become “unreliable.”
        Second, If even Troy Davis is guilty he is not guilty of murder. He didn’t murder anybody he just killed a cop. Misconduct maybe but not a crime.
        I’d fine him $ 20 for polluting a public place.

      2. Robin501:

        The media only reports cherry-picked facts. .

        Yep, the media is part of a giant conspirancy against death penalty. They’re all undermined by communists, islamic fundamentalists and Amnesty International, and their aim is to destabilize western democracy and dehumanize the victims of criminal assaults.

    2. “The first step to the inevitable [abolishment] of the death penalty here in the states.”

      Hardly. You obviously know nothing about the American South. I wouldn’t be surprised if they increase the numbers being executed after him.

  4. Dave Evans of deserves being sued alone for using stolen photos (also mine) to make money on his site. Great, a big company with lawyers in down under does sue him.

    Hope he gets a huge bill!

  5. about Serbia situation.. I have to say it, and it might sound wrong – but Serbia has other issues and they are huge. Unhappy people do not get chance to go out on streets and say their opinion, and that is why they use Gay parade – “Pride” for that. It’s not time for “Pride” when country is struggling all over the place.

    Other part of the problem are “gay -activists”. Serbia has huge issue with gay activists. Those guys don’t care about human rights, they do nothing to help gay people. The way they act, the way they speak – they only make problems. One of them, Predgrag Azdeljkovic, after “parade of love” last year said “There you go, Belgrade lost virginity, suck it”. in my opinion that’s not share-love message, at least outside porn movie. Gay people in Serbia would be better without “human-rights” fighters like Jelena Karleusa and predrag Azdeljkovic!

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