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  1. Concerning the U.S. Homeland Security ‘Pre-Crime’ detection scheme. Hasn’t this been in use for a hundreds of years. You see a minority and blame him for crimes the police feel he will commit in life. Isn’t this why so far over 17% of DNA tested people on death row by the “truth project” ended up being innocent of the crime they were sentenced to death for. In Tx we have a saying “Texas, we always get our man. It may be the wrong man but we get him”!

  2. as I read down the list, the one that caught my eye were the “let women die act” and male cheer leader suspended. Suspended for a kiss? Are you f’ing kidding me. Homophobia these days. -_-

    1. I actually get more and more happy over that i live in Sweden.
      Yes we have some homophobia, but nothing like in the USA…
      I hope things get better there soon.

  3. It took us ages but we will have a government shortly.
    Luckily there is little homophobia here or it would take a lot more time to make one

  4. Di Rupo will be the world’s first openly gay prime minister?

    What about Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir of Iceland, or don’t lesbians count as gay?

  5. @floriannowski …
    yes we finally have a government, plus, elio Di rupo n’est pas si mal, he’s a wise man, une fois :p

    1. Thats true, finally a good prime minister, better than Bart “frituur tdraakske” Dewever. Who says Flemish and Walloon people can’t have the same opinion :p :)

      1. Whatever you may think of Mr De Wever, he has spoken the truth: there is no majority on the Flemish side. I do not expect this government to last long, do you?

        (Can anyone explain why every comment I make is submitted to moderation? Am I doing something wrong?)

        1. @ Asiffeta: That’s maybe true, but it’s always better to have this government than none at all. I just don’t like the fact that Groen an Ecolo aren’t part of it, they were aside from Dewever the winners at the elections. And we also can’t forget who got us in this situation in the first place. With the early elections.

  6. congratz to mmy southern neighbours :) about time… now it’s time for us to get a decent government as well…

  7. @floriannowski
    Omg! this country is so surrealistic …
    they’re talking about the language as it’s a terrible thing.
    It’s before everything just economic: if they wanted us to speak both flemish and french, they’d do bilingual schools and that’s it. and we never hear about the german people living çn belgium, they could complain more

  8. As a resident in Belgium, I must say it is nice to live in a country where people are so little prejudiced. Except when it comes to Walloons vs. Flemish, but I guess every country has this kind of conflicts that makes but little sense to foreigners…

    1. I would really like to know how many foreign people can understand the situation in our country. I even dare to say that less than half of the Belgians can understand it

    2. Belgium was invented by the British, who were always obsessed with the idea of Balance of Power in Europe; in this case, the idea was to prevent the Kingdom of the Netherlands from becoming too powerful; the new kingdom had the added advantage of giving Victoria’s uncle Leopold a job!

      It is now coming apart. One wonders how long it will last.

  9. Poland is changing! After years of rule of Catholics, now we have a new, open political movement. Tolerant, anti-church and modern.

  10. Aren’t most police generally unarmed (not carrying side arms) or is it just the UK and Norway?

  11. And the good news is that the Norwegian police doesn’t panic but stays sensible and refuses to carry arms!

    that the labour parties push for gay marriage in New Zealand was helped by a campaign called LegaliseLove,

    a campaign i helped organise and on october 20th we march on parliament so please spread the word

  13. @floriqnnowski
    It is extremely hard to explain the situation we got in belgium to foreigners. My swedish cousins asked me once what entitees federees and zntites federales mean… Euh.
    If you too want to explain belgium, theres a lil video on youtube called ” do you want to know more about Belgium? “

  14. “Many individual Catholics have told me they will not be following their leaders against the issue of equality for same sex marriage.” Good for the Catholics! Stand up to your hateful leaders!

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