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  1. Re: The Masterbation Paster, that’s how it was in the 50’s. Masterbation was thought to lead to homosexuality. That would explain all the homophobia about our fathers. As if they never did masterbate or go beyond. in lets say a circle jerk, etc, etc. We were all a member of the First Baptist Church of Ceres, California. It was that good ol time religion. How in the hell did any of us live through that?

    1. It was easy to live through. When they told us that you go mad if you jerk off, or go blind, or it makes hair grow on the palm of your hand, all my friends and I wanted to see if this was true. So we all jerked off a lot. I mean we really put this to test. We were jerking off several times a day. Some of us were going 10 or 12 times a day, and sometimes we would do it all together and to each other. And we did this for years and still do. See? There is nothing that cannot be proved using scientific methods. OK? Put it to the test we used to say.

      1. Go mad, go blind, hair in the palms, I had forgotten all of that. Kind of made for an exciting time of experimentation. Should I, will I, if I? In the 50’s the homo thing was exciting even though I was heavily sheltered and protected from sexual exeperiences. But the late 50’s and early 60’s seemed to bring on the dark cloud of religious doom as I was about to enter puberty.

  2. All these periodical political posts prove that J. G. Ballard was right when he said:
    “The advanced societies of the future will not be governed by reason. They will be driven by irrationality, by competing systems of psychopathology.” -J. G. Ballard, letter, 2003

  3. I just gotta luv the Cyprus story, and god bless the British!
    “According to the Cyprus Mail, former finance minister Michalis Sarris, 65, was one of the three arrested. The other men were aged 17 and 30-something.
    Unlike Cyprus, the Northern Republic still has British colonial laws against homosexuality.”
    I’ll bet that 17 year old was really hot stuff! Oh, and did I mention, god bless the British.

      1. It’s the very first article under “Queer News” above. Click on the link. I guess the former finance minister likes boys. Hard to figure out how the 30-something dude figures into this. Maybe a 3-way? Sounds like some political vendetta to me. I mean a former cabinet member gets busted even considering the frickin’ laws the nutty British left behind?

        1. it’s easy to blame the british for what we did in the past. don’t confuse it with modern britain though.

          1. It’s still the fault of the British for introducing it into the law in the first place.

      2. Never mind, I read it. How many outdated laws like this are still on the books around the world?

  4. Masturbation can be a form of homosexuality?
    So how I always knew, THE WORLD IS GAY!
    Good-(hand)-job minister. ;)

    1. Well maybe it’s not so shocking if you compare the numbers. 45.5 percent barebacked, but at the same time 42.3 percent had sex with their relationship partner in the last year. Possibly they’re in a long term relationship, have been tested and know they’re safe?

      1. Hmm, that’s an optimistic & convenient explanation. Well, I guess there is some truth about it, but probably by far not enough.

      2. I hate to have such a negative outlook, but the cheating numbers makes the percent who had sex with their relationship partner kind of suspect. I’d hate to get to the point where I’m suggesting protective sex even in an exclusive relationship but… stuff happens. The question becomes do you trust them with your life?

  5. @”Leading Republican candidate for U.S. presidency says being gay is a choice.”

    Why do Republicans prefer candidates for Presidency, who prefer, not to read?
    Could it be, that the leading Republicans prefer candidates, who are not reading a lot, cause they are easier to manipulte.
    Herman Cain just spreads hate against gays, and he cares a monkeys – what sience has to say to his dumb ignorance.

    1. Miles wrote:
      ‘Why do Republicans prefer candidates for Presidency, who prefer, not to read?’

      Perhaps he read David Halperin or some other Queer Theorist. In ‘One Hundred Years of Homosexuality’, Halperin clearly says that sexual orientation is a choice.

  6. The extreme religious right, which have taken over the Republican party in the US, are just as dangerous to the gay community and to the majority of Christians as the extreme Muslim Taliban is to the Islamic religion, All Christians do not agree with them. Some denominations are far more open to gays than others. We may not agree with, or desire to live their life style, but, knowing it is not a choice, we should open our hearts to them just as any other person. If being gay were so evil, why did not Jesus address the problem? The gay community has fluctuated around 10% of the population since time began. We just hear more about it these days. We must not classify all Christians as gay haters.

    1. your comparison of extreme rightwing “Christian haters” to extreme muslim haters is something that occupies my thoughts too.
      It is somewhat strange, that the ultraconservative Oldtestamentariens and their dumb sympathizers, the bullies, can be easily compared to muslim taliban.
      Both groups do great damage to their societies, and, what is even worse, both these groups hinder the fulfilment of the strive of people on the issue of equal rights to all people.
      It is astonishing, that especially the ultra rightwing “Christians” are so close in mind with the ultraorthodox Muslims.

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