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  1. This is very sensationalist. I’ve like this website because of its broad, uncensored display of current news. Your headline abbreviations have gone too far; you have ventured into the tabloid arena. I love your honesty, please stay true to your roots.

  2. Doesn’t everyone know that Boy Scouts are taught how to start fires without matches by “rubbing two Boy Scouts together”? Good practical knowledge that will serve these chaps well in the future. Don’t knock a good thing.

  3. Everyone, please stop referring to the Boy Scouts of AMERICA as “the Boy Scouts”. They are just one local organisation. That local organisation is anti-gay. So are the Boy Scouts of Saudi Arabia. In Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, …, scouts are an open and inclusive youth movement dedicated to tolerance and mutual respect.
    Whenever you leave out “of America” when (rightfully) bitching about the Boy Scouts of America, you are being very unfair.

  4. Hold your horses. Gay marriage in Brazil is still a controversial issue, and the ruling in that case, though it sets an important precedent and whatnot, creates no binding jurisprudence. Which is to say, that couple has been allowed to marry, but there’s nothing officially keeping judges from taking different decisions in similar cases. :B

  5. Re: the artical on the christian university requiring staff to declare heterosexuality, this sounds awfully niave. If everyone was honest about their sexuality to include premarital and extra-marital sex, would the university even exist?

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