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  1. Sexual violence against men, including rape, is under-reported, poorly addressed… It doesn’t help that in Belgium a woman was cleared of all charges in a case where she was prosecuted for the rape of a man, in the words of the Belgian judge: “the woman has not penetrated him, therefore we can’t speak of rape.” It’s paraphrased but it was said.

    1. Actually any physical violence against men is under-reported, including domestic battery and hate crimes (usu. classified as aggravated battery). I’m no expert on non-U.S. laws, but I imagine in many jurisdictions genital penetration is a litmus test for rape charges. Ugh.


  2. I am glad that charges have been laid against the attackers of the gay man in Texas. I just hope they stick. It was clearly a hate crime so it’s disappointing that it won’t be processed as such because of a technicality.

    And that Michigan “anti-bullying” law just makes me sick.

  3. Hey, anyone have ever thought in post some good news too? News that would make us more happy? News that show that we are winning this battle, little by little, with lots of losses, but winning!!?
    I don’t know, maybe it don’t mean nothing… I just guess it would be good ‘-‘

    1. remember when the unhappy frowning people around you turn you and your life upside down, all you see are smiles!

      idk, for some reason you just helped me form that creepy disassociated thought.

    2. The problem is that if you post the good news it could land you in the pokey. Each day sex becomes more demonized. Actually there should be no laws against sex, only laws against violence, threat of violence, fraud and the like. Then you might hear some good stories. This is not a revolutionary idea at all. One of the greatest legal minds and jurists of the 20th century wrote about this at least 80 years ago. Until then, gird yourself for an ever increasing number of horror stories.

  4. Right-wing conservatives are a plague on humanity. They cause the problems in this society.I’m not saying it’s just them and only them,but they certainly are a big part of it. The right-wing is a hate group.

  5. Interesting to see my country on this blog. But the situation there on LGBT rights is far, far more complex than one might think.

  6. Notice – Wednesday – November 20, 2011
    Headline in Michigan Paper. State Senate adopts Comprehensive anti-bully bill.

    “State Senate Republicans abandoned an anti-bullying bill that had been dismissed as a “license to bully” by Democrats, and on Tuesday instead adopted a more comprehensive version already approved by the state House……” It appears that this bill will go to the Governor soon to be signed into law. The earlier religious provision which prevented students from being punished for stating there religious beliefs…. was scrapped. Sometimes it takes those of us in the rust belt to come around. But thank God they did!

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