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  1. and in other news, yesterday my right wing ruled government passed a law severely limiting the ability of left wing non-profit bodies from receiving funds from foreign governments.

  2. This is the first time in my life I can recall ever seeing a headline specifically about a bullied bisexual person. Maybe progress is finally being made.

  3. Todays Headline….Man gets life without parole for LOOKING at forbidden photos
    Headline in 30 days…..Coaches Sanduskey, McQueary and Paterno get 90 days probation for the rape, torture and screwing up the lives of 9 or more innocent boys..
    The moral of these headlines…….Life is like a sh*t sandwich, The more “bread” you have, the less sh*t you have to eat!!!!

  4. “America has the chance to finally get a sane sex education bill, will they use it?”
    Of course not.

    “U.S. Man gets life in prison, no possibility of parole for looking at forbidden pictures”
    Meanwhile Casey Anthony walks free.

    “University head coach gets fired for covering up child rape, students want him back”
    Goes to show where their priorities lie.All those students ought to be ashamed of themselves.

  5. Joe Paterno did not cover up the allegations against Sandusky. He passed along an accusation he received from a graduate student to the school administrators, one of which was a vice president who oversaw the university police department. The administrators committed perjury before a grand jury and covered it up and they will face charges for it.

    There is a lot of misinformation about this case. Paterno is only being punished because he’s the face of the university.

    1. If Paterno had really cared about what happened he would have went straight to the police, not just the administration or campus police. All the Faculty and staff in these places protect each other and there jobs at any cost. Bottom line is kids were abused and there is no justification for that.Sanduskey should have been fired when the administration 1st knew of it. waiting 15 years and all knowing what hapened makes them all guilty.

  6. The tranny in Detroit isn’t the only LGBT person to have been burned (literally) recently. Scotland, Ireland, Iraq, Africa, Texas, and San Francisco have all had instances in the last month or so of gay men being set on fire… most of them after being stabbed and beaten.

    The video from Africa of a (supposedly) gay man being beaten and set on fire seems to have been the inspiration for the other… I can’t even think of a word foul enough so I’ll just say “incidents”.

    I don’t know if there’s a group or groups promoting these actions on a WEB site or social network, but I’d urge everyone to be a little more aware of their surroundings and keep your wits about you where ever you are in the world. I have a feeling there will be more LGBT individuals attacked in this manner before it’s over.

  7. Why do some people always have to use the word tranny? Perhaps fag is the better way of saying gay man too? >_<

    1. Because I’m good friends with quite a number of MtF transsexuals and “tranny” is the word they commonly use to refer to themselves. It’s a shortening of a longer word and not derogatory in any manner.

      Why to some people always have to be so quick to take offense at things that are not offensive? Perhaps they don’t have better things to worry about?

      1. sooo… it’s not like the word nagger (chinged cuz there’s prolly someone who feels like his Dick is being stepped on (Dutch saying)) where only other naggers can use it?

        1. Actually, it’s quite different.

          With the exception of prettyangelboi, I’ve never heard anyone complain about “tranny” whether they’re transsexual or not and it’s used quite frequently by both. Use that other word around black folk in the US and you just might find yourself in the hospital.

          Honestly, there’s no word that’s inherently offensive, it’s how they’re used and the intent behind them. If I REALLY wanted to offend and piss off transsexuals, it would be much easier and much more effective for me to use language that would be allowed on any forum for children then for me to use any common slurs.

            1. Thx for sharing! Rereading that thread brings back a LOT of memories :) Still my fave forum for openly TG talk.

          1. So indeed, fag is an acceptable shorthand to describe queer men so long as it is used in a neutral context. Thanks for the clarification. I’ll use that from now on.

    2. “Perhaps fag is the better way of saying gay man too?”

      Not in my opinion. “Fag/faggot,” just like “queer” is just as offensive to me as both were used ad nauseam to describe homosexuals/homosexuality to the ignorant [redneck] heterosexual (or repressed homosexual that was too afraid to admit it to himself which became, instead, self-loathing).

    3. Btw, if you find that word to be the most offensive thing about my original post, I seriously have to question your standards.

      When a word used innocently by someone that means no offense trumps the beating and burning of an individual, there’s something HUGELY wrong with the picture.

      1. You are the only one who is even prolonging the debate from a one sentence reply in which I voiced an opinion. Sounds like somebody is insecure.

  8. I always did question the entire concept of how having child porn on your computer was really bad. Yeah it’s illegal but it’s not the worst thing in the world, plus I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who have pictures and don’t do anything themselves, they have never and most likely will never actually touch a kid but we’ll always have the “pedo-hunt” people so I don’t see this one getting fixed any time soon.

  9. It is good that the students at Penn State supported the coaches during this sex scandal since it is obvious that they are all the victims of a witch hunt. I know all these men will be acquitted in court.

    The real message from all the hysteria in America is that anyone over 18 shouldn’t get near anyone under 18 under any circumstances and for any reason whatsoever. If they do they will run the risk of getting arrested. Leave the kids to fend for themselves. It’s the only practical thing to do given the circumstances.

  10. Oh, here we go. I knew it wouldn’t be long before the child rape enthusiasts showed up. If you look above, you’ll notice there was a reason that story wasn’t included in the “Queer News” section. You call it a witch hunt, but you’re just making the assumption that all of those 12-year-olds wanted to have sex with a dirty old man. For someone who supposedly loves children so much, it pains me to see you have no real concern for their welfare.

    1. The hell with the kids. These guys have had their long and illustrious careers ruined by this. Not a single person has been found guilty in a court of law. Everyone thought Michael Jackson was guilty too. And he was INNOCENT. The rabid mob thought O. J. Simpson was guilty and he too was INNOCENT. Watch out who you are wagging your finger at.

      1. I’d be very careful about comparing Michael Jackson with OJ Simpson as far as their trial outcomes are concerned. No one with any real intelligence would believe that OJ was “truly innocent.”

        And the jury that let OJ go? If you look at the makeup of that jury, it became clear just how “star-struck” and totally ignorant they were — only 4 hours to deliberate a trial that took nearly 1 full year to put on (with overwhelming evidence against him)? Not to mention an equally “star-struck” judge presiding over that trial. Get real.

        1. INNOCENT means INNOCENT. OK? You get real! You make yourself out to be a judge and jury which is a delusion of grandeur.

          1. Where did you get any of your “learning?” Did you not see that my use of “innocent” was in quotes?

            In any court of law in the U.S., the word/concept of “innocent” is never used. The words/concept are “NOT GUILTY.”

            And as far as my take on that trial, did you not see any of it (it was the most public of any murder trial)? I would be willing to bet that no less than 75 out of 100 people you meet and ask if he was guilty or not guilty (not “innocent”) — would easily call and find him guilty.

            So, you need to get real.

            1. No! I didn’t see the fucking trial. I have better things to do with my life than to gloat over the fantasies and delusions of media spectacles staged for the status quo.
              The only people who count in determining if someone is innocent of charges brought against one is the JURY you fool. I hate to tell you this, but what you think it irrelevant in this matter. Get over it PenboyX.

      2. If he’s acquitted, that’ll be one thing. I wholeheartedly agree Michael Jackson was the victim of media craze and his own acquittal should have put the matter to rest. But at the very least, this coach stepping down pending investigations and a trial seems like the only right thing to do in this situation.

  11. Why are people upset at Paterno? Even the State Attorney General has said he followed the law. I’m MUCH more upset that a 6’4″ Graduate assistant (in the prime of his life) walked in on a 10 year old boy being ass raped and didn’t stop it!! That man still has his job, but Joe gets fired? There’s something really wrong here.

  12. Don’t get near a kid under 18. Cut them loose and let them find their own way. That is the safest thing to do. People are going hysterical when they even think about anyone under 18. Actually, maybe it would be a good idea to bring back some of the old laws against homosexuality just to be on the safe side.

    1. Hopefully, you’re just being sarcastic. In many states the Age of Consent is 16. Bring back sodomy laws? Sure, let’s make it illegal again for gays to have gay sex. Let the police once into your home for whatever reason, be able to beat and drag you to jail because you’re got caught in a gay sex act….sounds like a plan to me…in Hell.

      For adult mentors & educators to not have access to minors is a serious loss of a wonderful resource. The fact that bad things can happen is just a reflection of the human condition. Because cases like these still cause huge media hysteria, it shows how rare they really are.

      1. It’s sarcasm, used in an hyperbolic effort to equate adult-minor relationships with consenting adult-adult relationships. No one here would seriously want to separate minors from opportunities to learn from adults as mentors, and I doubt there would be many here who argue 14-16 aren’t reasonable ages of consent. But pretending adults should separate themselves entirely from minors in an effort to “protect” them is only missing the point entirely that raping a child is neither consensual nor justifiable by law.

        1. From the accounts I read so far, the minor boys in question were under 16yrs of age. I’m not in a position or feel the inclination to argue what age boys can consent to sex with an adult. What happens in Britain for example, doesn’t seem to apply in the States. And it varies from state to state and the ‘rules’ even change if it’s gay sex.

          In the accounts I’ve read, it’s not clear if anyone was ‘raped’. Rape implies that the minor was forced into a position of sexual submission (read anal sex), by a more powerful person. It automatically becomes a ‘rape’ charge to the adult if the minor is under the Age of Consent.

          Agreed however, that if the coach used his position of power & authority to have anal sex with a minor under 16yrs old, it’s technically rape by law. What the assistant coach who walked in on them really saw, is unclear.

  13. That is ridiculos when in some countries having real sex with 14yo is okay while watching that same 14yo being naked on computer screen is punishable.
    It is even more ridiculous when someone who hasn’t participated in taking pictures in any way (not paying) gets life in prison while just killing someone gets few years. Like where are our priorities? Is that a message to start to kill to get lighter sentences?

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