Periodical Political Post *80

Queer News

  • Seven transgender people murdered in the USA this year, 116 world-wide
  • For the first time Hepatitis C surpasses HIV as cause of death in America
  • More than 2,000 people marched in Hong Kong’s annual gay pride parade
  • Gay teen targeted in Ohio school beating caught on camera speaks out
  • Anti-gay forces still trying to keep California from teaching kids queer history
  • St. Petersburg passes “gay propaganda” law to “protect” minors from queer
  • Catholics rather end adoptions, foster care than providing them to same-sex couples
  • Three kids kicked off the bus because one them happened to be bisexual

Other News

  • Queer-friendly government loses general elections in Spain, national conservatives win 
  • WikiLeaks suspect Bradley Manning gets first hearing after 17 months in confinement
  • UK’s jobless youth told to work without pay for profitable retailers or lose benefits
  • 10-year-old girl commits suicide because kids at school called her a boy and a slut
  • Police gets pepper-spray-happy at protesters: sprays 84-old woman and college kids
  • U.S. Congress says pizza is a valid substitute for vegetable in school meals
  • Surveillance: The state wants to know what you’re up to. But why do we let it?
  • Teacher proves that not all bullies are students, gets filmed doing it
  • Man who wanted to assassinate Obama says he’s second coming of Christ

14 thoughts on “Periodical Political Post *80”

  1. Seven transgender people murdered in the USA this year, 116 world-wide

    Interesting way of headlining the story considering what the story actually says: “Most of the murders of transgender people TMM recorded this year occurred in Latin America – 29 in Brazil, 22 in Mexico, 11 in Venezuela and 10 in Columbia, as well as murders in 10 other Latin American countries.”

  2. I’m really proud of Zach for speaking out. He’s a really courageous kid and I admire him greatly.

    That “teacher” in New Jersey is the bit of news that disturbed me most. It’s one thing to see kids bullying other kids, but to see teachers bullying kids (in the classroom no less) infuriates me.

    Oh, and you know money rules America when pizza is classified as a vegetable in schools.

  3. “Oh, and you know money rules America when pizza is classified as a vegetable in schools.”

    You are absolutely correct. And now our government has produced the most expensive “vegetable” on our tables now. Or does it represent the most bribed “vegetable”? Just imagine what 2 teaspoons of tomato sauce/paste/ketchup can do for people! Or is it better — since it’s actually substituting the good nutritional vegetables they should be eating.

    I do remember when I was in school, that NONE of today’s crappy processed food was ever served — but then again, I also know they served canned veggies also which isn’t a whole lot better.

  4. Many good posts here but half were “not in service in your area.” I was able to view the video of Zachary on other links. I was honestly struck by how really good looking and truely sensual and likable Zachary really is. Where were the likes of him when I was young?

    No doubt Zachary provoked a sleeping monster within that bully who on a deeper level had similar, initial reactions to Zachary that I had but could not accept those thoughts and feelings as his own. I wish I was a student in that classroom as I would have done some serious damage to that bully which was my way while in high school. Only this time I’d be trying to score points. Zachary is damn hot. I love to listen to and watch him talk. I don’t believe I’m alone here.

    1. No, you’re not. I quite agree. When I first saw that top pic of Zach I was like “WOW… he is /so/ cute”.

      I can’t imagine someone even willing to bash in that sweet face.

      I hope his attacker will get a more severe punishment than just being expelled, because I don’t think that someone who behaves like that in public really cares about what the school thinks.

  5. “The city of St Petersburg has passed a law which puts in place fines for people who promote the LGBT community to minors.

    The new law passed by 27 votes to 1, having been introduced by the ruling United Russia party.”

    Ok, I need a list of minors in Russia that includes their addresses, as many fliers promoting LGBT interests as I can get my hands on, and someone to donate some money for postage…. if they can get to me, they’re more then welcome to fine me all they want.

  6. I was stunned by the responses to the article on the “Bisexual Youth Kicked off Spokane Bus.” Instead of a victorious cheer for the bisexual victims who stood their ground, it has been turned into a sounding board for transgender issues. Typical dismissal of bisexuality. No wonder I still haven’t come out of the closet.

    Perhaps we should just remove the B from LGBT entirely. Then gay, lesbian, and transgender people could get all the attention. The intolerant taunting from within our own community is discouraging and nothing short of alienation.


    1. I don’t know about you Randy but for me, growing up bi was very confusing. In the 50’s and 60’s few thought it even existed. My boyfriend and I both had girl friends but we were the best kept secret in town for three years in high school. The confusion and the guilt really tore us up. I always felt it had a lot to do with my inablity to commit to a relationship. I had these long periods when I was attracted to girls and then I would be attracted to guys. In those days there was no one to talk to. I am also still in the closet and being bi has a lot to do with that. But at 65 who wants to distroy years of friendships.

      1. Thanks for sharing. I can feel your pain Bruce, and I’m sorry to hear that you had to go through such a rough youth. I agree it can be quite the ordeal coming out at an older age when people already have certain expectations of you. It’s a very awkward and discomforting situation to be in. So I know it must not be easy for you.

        I personally avoid telling gay people, because for whatever reason they are the one’s who practically always object and think it’s freakish. Most of my straight friends have no qualms with the idea, however, even those who don’t understand entirely what it means, so I’m out of the closet to several of them.

        Still inside I spend a lot of time contemplating why I had to be given this punishment. It’s very confusing and depressing, esp. in this day and age to still be the outcast, when everybody left and right is arguing about tolerance. Even gay people, who are persecuted on a regular basis, still have a very large community and a very strong voice to fall back on. So I’m now starting to come to terms with the fact I may have to either stay in hiding indefinitely or pretend to be gay or straight.


        1. Thanks Randy. You are the first exchange I have had with anyone re: the bi situation and experience. Your comments make real sense to me.

  7. Again a very good collection of news. What struck me most was the very well written article about surveillance, with very good comments too. It shows how we in our society are continuous trying to control each other. Horrible.

  8. I love that thing about unpaid labour to “gain experience”. Of course, it’s a government initiative. Hearing the words “government initiative” always makes me shudder.

    1. Yer, I marked that down as another reason I’m glad I don’t live in the UK.

      We have “interns” in the US that generally work for little or no pay in a low level position in their chosen field for experience, but no one would willingly accept an internship at a grocery store.

      Yet another example of how these entitlement programs of various governments give them a reason to control your life. Pisses me off that so many here want them on the level Europe and Canada do….

  9. “Catholics rather end adoptions, foster care than providing them to same-sex couples”

    So much for looking out for the children. When it comes down to it, children need a loving home. But I guess some people think same-sex couples aren’t able to produce such a thing.

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