Queer News

  • Seven transgender people murdered in the USA this year, 116 world-wide
  • For the first time Hepatitis C surpasses HIV as cause of death in America
  • More than 2,000 people marched in Hong Kong’s annual gay pride parade
  • Gay teen targeted in Ohio school beating caught on camera speaks out
  • Anti-gay forces still trying to keep California from teaching kids queer history
  • St. Petersburg passes “gay propaganda” law to “protect” minors from queer
  • Catholics rather end adoptions, foster care than providing them to same-sex couples
  • Three kids kicked off the bus because one them happened to be bisexual

Other News

  • Queer-friendly government loses general elections in Spain, national conservatives win 
  • WikiLeaks suspect Bradley Manning gets first hearing after 17 months in confinement
  • UK’s jobless youth told to work without pay for profitable retailers or lose benefits
  • 10-year-old girl commits suicide because kids at school called her a boy and a slut
  • Police gets pepper-spray-happy at protesters: sprays 84-old woman and college kids
  • U.S. Congress says pizza is a valid substitute for vegetable in school meals
  • Surveillance: The state wants to know what you’re up to. But why do we let it?
  • Teacher proves that not all bullies are students, gets filmed doing it
  • Man who wanted to assassinate Obama says he’s second coming of Christ