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14 thoughts on “Periodical Political Post *81”

  1. “Six deaths linked to bad HIV advice give[s] by evangelical churches in UK”

    That should read:
    Six deaths linked to bad HIV advice given by evangelical churches in U.K.

  2. “Fox News viewers less informed than people not watching news at all”

    That’s not news…. that’s common sense.

    1. How totally f***ing bogus!

      They use a sample of 612 people in New Jersey and they are gonna extrapolate from that sample that Fox News’ usual prime time viewership of 2.5 to 3 million people per night is uninformed? That is simply horse shit.

      A credible survey would have sampled from across the nation. But you see this kind of survey all the time — the results are pre-decided by the size of the sample and the locale were the survey is conducted.

      I watch Fox News most nights. I also read the New York Times every day, and watch MSNBC. If I had to choose only one, I’d go with Fox News.

      Yup, this was a political post, alright. Nothing but BS on this little item.

    1. very true. Further to that, ACT was actually a liberal party when you look at most of their policies. Banks and Brash being involved indicate that the party is headed to the right… but not too far, what, with their recent call for legalisation of Marijuana!

      The linked article and comments are riddled with misinformation and blatant lies. The fact is, any citizen, PM or not, has the right to report illegal activity to the police. Key did not request the seizure of any recordings from the media – that, based on the complaint, is the prerogative of the police. The court ruled that the conversation was private. The media drama over censorship was unreasonable based on the facts.

      The irony of the entire situation? National would have easily won the Epsom seat anyway, and found themselves in the same situation they’re in now, sans Banks. And the awfully unfortunate outcome of the whole situation? Winston Peters. imho he can fuck right off.

  3. One has to wonder if those church leaders aren’t laughing up their sleeves about the gay deaths they’ve caused. Christian ministers? Methinks not. Spawn of the devil, most likely.

  4. I feel sorry for the guy who will have his life ruined by being on the sex offenders list, just because he had consensual sex. Age of consent laws seriously need to be revised because they basically say anyone under the limit isn’t capable of making their own minds up about what they want, which is total BS.

    1. The story of the Canadian guy who hooked up with the teen using the grindr app on iPhone is very scary. Obviously the teen was gay or bi and loaded the app with the intention of finding sex partners. That’s what it’s for. Now I wonder how safe anyone is getting anywhere around teens at all whether they are gay or straight. I think even looking at Milkboys might be problematic for anyone over 18 and it may even be illegal for those under 18 in many areas of the world. It think thngs are getting worse by leaps and bounds and I am thinking of not coming to this site any more.

    2. Here’s the stupid thing: Age of consent is 16, no jail. Law changes that age of consent to 17, now you’re a criminal. The numbers are so arbitrary.If the age of consent is 18 in one country and 15 in another,does that mean the 15 year olds in the second country are more mature than the 15 year olds in the first? It’s all so very nonsensical.

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