Periodical Political Post *82

Queer News

  • U.S. student given 90 days juvenile detention for attacking & beating gay kid
  • Australia’s ruling Labour Party finally (kind of) supports marriage equality
  • 13-year-old boy denied admission to school because he is HIV-positive
  • Russian deputy prime minister wants ban on gay protests & marches
  • Nigerian senate passes bill mandating prison for gays who marry
  • Church of Scotland will follow “will of God” by opposing same-sex marriage
  • Gay bashers found innocent despise photo evidence of their attack

Other News

  • Not even blatant election fraud can save majority for Putin’s party in Russia 
  • Canada’s secret police to government: we need torture to keep country safe
  • Swiss government says downloading leads to sales, so we’re keeping it legal
  • Copenhagen decides to fight gangs by removing its cannabis prohibition
  • Best selling products in America’s Black Friday shopping orgy were guns
  • 13-year-old handcuffed & hauled off to a juvenile detention for burping in class
  • 7-year-old may be punished for sexual harassment after kicking bully in the balls


Breaking News: Some Bullshit Happening Somewhere

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17 thoughts on “Periodical Political Post *82”

  1. Overall I find these news stories interesting but the one about Canada bothers me. I am from Canada and I would not call our Intelligence Service a “Secret Police”. They are purely an information gathering service and have no powers to arrest or detain. Whoever wrote that particular blog entry has a political axe to grind with the government. I just wanted to point this out so that people don’t think Canada is backwards and arresting random people or whatever.

    1. It wasn’t just a random blog post, it’s an article by the Montreal Gazette, a Conservative paper. And the article is based on a leaked letter (which you can see in the article) sent by the former head of Canada’s spy agency.

      Also the CSIS is “conducting operations, covert and overt, within Canada and abroad” so they’re not just gathering information, they’re an active security service like for example the CIA.

      1. The link to the MG article would have been a better one to use in the OP. The article on Boingboing looks about as reliable as an article in Weekly World News.

        1. I agree with Sixle on this one. Posting the Gazette copy would have appeared much more legit. I do feel I must correct you Josh. The Montreal Gazette is Centre/Centre-Right in Canada but is not a conservative newspaper. For that, please see the National Post or Sun Media.

          Also, there is a difference between being a spy agency and a secret police. Secret police implies that the agency works within the country to gather intelligence and then detain people. CSIS does not have this power. Any information leading to detainment of Canadian citizens within Canadian borders must first be brought to a court and then it is the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, as the National police force, that arrests and detains. My point is, there is a difference and to call CSIS a “secret police” does not do it justice.

          PS. I study Political Science, that is why I’m picky about this :P

          1. In Europe centre-right = conservative but political terms are used differently here at times (liberal means market liberal, not socially liberal here for example) so… fair enough.

            As for the secret police term: I just took it from the linked post on BoingBoing which has, as far as I know Canadian & American staff, so I blame them :p

  2. Re: •Best selling products in America’s Black Friday shopping orgy were guns

    Hell Yeah! The J&G Sales company (a large guns & ammo & accessory wholesaler) had Saiga .223 rifles on sale for an almost unbelievable $299! I got mine! And a bargain-priced case of ammunition as well. At Sportsman’s I found a great 3x-9x compact scope with an illuminated P4 sniper reticle and AK side-rail mount for it -all at a great price. Free Shipping too!

    Next warm clear Sunday, after church of course, my friends and I will be off to the range! (Pima County, AZ built and maintains a very nice public shooting facility at the Fairgrounds.)

    P.S. Just checked J&G’s site – they still have ‘em! Get yours while you can.

    1. I really wish I could buy guns, but the UK sucks and makes them illegal :(. Fuck Liberals, Fuck Europe.

      1. Over the Counter or thru the mail to your favorite gunshop – all you need (besides the money) is a valid ID and a clean criminal record. Lock & Load!

  3. I see the churches in Scotland coming out on top in 2012 over same sex marriage but they should know it won’t remain that way for long. As Uncle Bob once said, “The times they are a-changin”

    Scotland will have gay marriage soon. I remain hopeful.

  4. ‘7 yr. old boy kicks bully in the balls’ is sexual harassment.
    Absolutely ridiculous. How in the F do you call that sexual harassment?
    We have got to have the most stupid country in the world.
    Absolutely stupid and I really feel sorry for the bullied boy in what he now thinks about all this.
    So sad. It really is..

  5. Ah yes, the lovely police force in Albuquerque (for that matter, the lovely public school system in Albuquerque too). Where not only do they arrest kids for the the the stupidest stuff (and don’t call the parents first), but they also handcuff elementary school kids while waiting for their parents to arrive.

    I really home someone or a court system or judge would put the police force & school system in their place over this crap!

  6. Swiss government… man, you seem desperate when its about that topic. The swiss has no media industry and virtually no market so of course they don’t give a shit. Same applies for taxes of foreign countries, the money of african dictators and nazi gold: As long as the Swiss gets something, those greedy little bastards will agree to everything.

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