Queer News

  • HIV-positive Americans at risk of sex offender charges and imprisonment
  • Hungarian civil rights groups protest “Family Defence” bill excluding queers
  • Catholic group trying to sabotage anti-discrimination bill in the Philippines
  • Black lesbians & transgender men live in terror in parts of South Africa says HRW
  • School suspends teens who bullied Jamey Rodemeyer into committing suicide
  • Californian Ranger bravely tazes harmless trans woman in the crotch
  • Marvel Comics adds another queer character to its super hero line-up

Other News

  • Secretive committee decides over indefinite detention without trial for U.S. citizens
  • Pentagon offering free military hardware to every police department in America
  • English riots were “a sort of revenge” against power abuse by the police survey finds
  • U.S. agency supported Mexican drug war to make the case for gun regulations
  • 5-year-old diagnosed with ADHD handcuffed and charged with battery on police officer
  • Church in the state of Kentucky voted to ban interracial couples from church activities
  • Facebook security flaw allowed access to Zuckerberg’s (and your) private photos