Periodical Political Post *83

Queer News

  • HIV-positive Americans at risk of sex offender charges and imprisonment
  • Hungarian civil rights groups protest “Family Defence” bill excluding queers
  • Catholic group trying to sabotage anti-discrimination bill in the Philippines
  • Black lesbians & transgender men live in terror in parts of South Africa says HRW
  • School suspends teens who bullied Jamey Rodemeyer into committing suicide
  • Californian Ranger bravely tazes harmless trans woman in the crotch
  • Marvel Comics adds another queer character to its super hero line-up

Other News

  • Secretive committee decides over indefinite detention without trial for U.S. citizens
  • Pentagon offering free military hardware to every police department in America
  • English riots were “a sort of revenge” against power abuse by the police survey finds
  • U.S. agency supported Mexican drug war to make the case for gun regulations
  • 5-year-old diagnosed with ADHD handcuffed and charged with battery on police officer
  • Church in the state of Kentucky voted to ban interracial couples from church activities
  • Facebook security flaw allowed access to Zuckerberg’s (and your) private photos

10 thoughts on “Periodical Political Post *83”

  1. If the laws are not valid for everyone, they are valid for no one, just simple logic.

    What the hell is going on in the U.S.A.? After the Patriot Act and Guantanamo Bay (Western Worlds’ first concentration camp after W.W.II) new laws are prepared for indefinite detention without trial. You first say to someone: ‘the law is not valid for you’ and then put him in jail without trial or any possibility to defend oneself.

    This is what the hysteria about pedophilia and terrorism have in common: the most stupid laws ever made.

  2. After reading these and previous periodical news posts i think that whoever said that human beings are civilized is a complete DUMBASS and should be corrected!!! We are not civilized!! animals do not bully, kill, mame or harm another animal without provocation. They do not call each other filthy names,taunt tease or cause another to commit suicide and then laugh about it. My dog does not care what kind of car i drive, how much money i make, what clothes i wear or what other human i love. My “uncivilized animal” loves me without condition. That is why i love him more than anything or anyone else!!!

    1. You have a lot to learn about the undomesticated animal kingdom, but I must agree with you – dogs rule! I do what my beagle tells me to. Go ahead -try to separate a boy and his dog – knock yourself out – can’t be done!

  3. First, even if a poz guy is wearing a suit of armor I’m not going to bed with him. If I have sex with a guy who deceived me about his HIV status, he might just get a bullet for that and no court in the country would convict me. Self defense is always legal.

    Hungary, Philippines and SudAfricav -so much for cultural equivalence.

    School suspensions – under the law, not much else can be done. Suicide is a singularly final act, and the reason given in the ‘note’ may or may not be exactly right – maybe if post-suicide psycho-analysis was possible…

    California Ranger – Hey bitch! Do what you’re fucking told. The last thing a cop wants is lip and resistance. Just follow orders, and call your lawyer in the morning.

    Marvel – so what. I’d like to see a Tea Party and a Zombie character.

    Indefinite detention for US citizens – welcome to assymetrical warfare. The government is sworn to protect the Constitution from ALL enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC. POWs can come from anywhere, and are always held for the duration of the conflict, so as long as terrorism exists, I say hold ‘em.

    English riots – Tacitus warned us, “it is a bad people that need a lot of laws.” The UK is planted thick with laws and cameras and hi-tech surveillance. Must be something wrong with those people – either for needing all of that, or electing its proponents.

    Fast & Furious – we NRA members have known all along about Obama’s intent to foster ‘back-door’ gun control by any means necessary. Nothing a totalitarian-progressive does surprises me anymore. Unless he does something right.

    A 5 year old kid who kicks me gets his ass whooped – and good. The cop showed remarkable restraint. He did what he did to get Mommy’s attention – she’s the one who needs straightening out.

    KY Church – read the 1st Amendment, “…or prohibit the FREE EXERCISE thereof.” End of story. Don’t like it? Find another church or start your own.

    Facebook – I don’t go there, or to Twitter, or any other social media so I couldn’t care less. If you’re not happy with facebook, close out your account and start your own social site. Zuckerberg’s one and only care is $$$.

    1. Question, did you go out of your way to try to find the second side of each story?

      Or are you just naturally this way?

      1. Neither. These stories are chosen to shock us, or otherwise elicit an emotional response – usually outrage. I am simply without exagerrated sensitivty. People who are easilly offended are far more offensive than whatever it is that offended them.

  4. The reaction of most people to the cuffed 5-year-old boy story is scary to me. How lucky I am not to have grown in this time!
    In fact I can identify with this child. At 4 or 5 year old I had bitten the hand of my teacher. I have no memory about it, but I guess it must have been quite violent because ten years later some old comrades would still have a vivacious memory about it. Yet nobody made a fuss about it. (Of course I imagine my parents had made it clear to me it should never happen again).
    I guess now I would have been diagnosed as a dangerous child, put under severe medication and maybe even ousted from the standard school system. And people would have applauded to the bashing of a future criminal.

    But you know what? Through my childhood I never got into a fight afterwards, nor have I been been violent, either verbally or physically to anyone. I’m always calm and keep a cool attitude even when people around get violent, angry or hysterical. Yet you think you can judge the future of a 5-year old by one bad attitude? You think repression is the only sensible way to treat with rebellious children? Truly, I think you’ve lost all contact with reality, and any humane consideration!

  5. Horseshitlips:
    It would be redundant for Marvel Comics to have a Tea Party and Zombie character, They are both brain dead douche bags !
    Regarding the Kentucky church. This is not a 1st Amendment “Free Speech” issue. It is blatant racial discrimination ! Which is covered by the Civil Rights Act ! Perhaps this Kentucky church excluded this couple because they are not 1st cousins ?
    Watch something besides the Fox Made Up News channel. It has obviously turned you into a Zombie !

    1. Of course it’s racial discrimination – but that’s irrlevant. Unless you’re a government agency or a licensed business open to the public, the Civil Rights Act doesn’t apply. The First Amendment TRUMPS any Congressional act.

      If you, in your private life, choose not to break bread or sleep with people of a different race, are you in violation of the law? Of course not. Do NOT confuse discrimination with personal choice and freedom of association.

      Entities licensed by the government (busineses), as well as the government itself are covered by the law, but not private organizations.

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